Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Blank Bible by Jonathan Edwards!

I have been waiting eagerly for this volume to be released. I've read so much about it and it sounds just awesome. This volume will most definately be on my Christmas list - even if I get just this! There's some dispute over the price it seems. Quite frankly you compare it to some of the things we would willingly part with that kind of money for, and there is just nocomparison! Here's what Yale University Press have to say about this mouthwatering tome:

"In 1730, Jonathan Edwards acquired a book-like, leather-bound manuscript containing an interleaved printed edition of the King James Version of the Bible. Over the next three decades, Edwards proceeded to write in the manuscript more than five thousand notes and entries relating to biblical texts (though paradoxically he called the manuscript his “Blank Bible”). Only a fraction of the entries has ever been published.

This volume presents a complete edition of the “Blank Bible” accompanied by an informative introduction, multiple appendices, and an extensive index".

Oh to become a Bibliophile like Jonathan Edwards! Oh to prick my body anywhere and bleed Bible like him!

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Mark Kouri said...

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Mark Kouri