Friday, November 10, 2006

The Charles Simpson Leadership Conference 2007!

Sorry things remain quiet around here blog-wise. Internet connection still isn't up at home so I can only blog at the hospital or when I go in with Scott to university. Rest assured I am still as busy as ever transcribing "The King and His Army". My dad and I have also achieved something of a breakthrough with my mission to convert Ern's audio messages from tape to CD!

We are working with a programme called "Nero" which looks great for ironing out poor sound and echo. I have managed to record the whole of "Thy Kingdom Come" - Ern's awesome message from the Kansas City Shepherds Conference onto my laptop. I am now working on editing it and hope to get it onto CD over the weekend. I am told I will get quicker as I get more au fait so I will keep you posted.

My main aim for this brief update was to say that I received information about Charles Simpson's Leadership Conference in April 2007 next year! The theme is "Resolving Conflict" and the speakers are Charles himself, Bob Mumford and Ken Sumrall (in the picture above). It is my hope to go. I think being at the conference with men who knew Ern so intimately could be an awesome spiritual experience.

Hope to resume normal blogging soon!

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