Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love the Bride ... The Bridegroom Does!!

What an awesome, awesome statement:

"God's people are a radiant church making themselves ready for the return of King Jesus. We need to have a fresh and clear revelation of who we are in Christ and where we are going in His purposes for our lives as a church. God has always longed for His Spirit and His Bride to be united ... We live in the age of the Spirit. We live in the reality of the ‘poured out’ Holy Spirit who lives and breathes through the Church to Make Jesus Famous in this world ... We are His beautiful bride, we are anointed by His Spirit living in us, we are a powerful & radiant people. To attain to the fullness of Christ, we have to live in the overflow of the Holy Spirit" - Gavin White.

A Question God asked Me This Morning ...

I was quite taken aback this morning. I'm expecting a rather rough day of confrontation at work today between myself and the collegue I have mentioned in the past. So when my alarm went off and I hopped out of bed and headed to the bathroom to shave, I was NOT expecting God to speak as He did and ask me what He did. But I am so glad He did!

He reminded me of these two scenes that I have witnessed:

1. From "Together on a Mission 2007":

2. From Eastbourne:

And then He said this:

"Son - if you stood before 5, 000 leaders all lined up and ran down them touching them as Rob did ... what do you think would happen?".

I've learnt now that when God asks a question, it's not because He doesn't know the answer and it's usually to reveal something in my heart. And I've learnt honesty is usually good when answering the King of Kings!! So I said;

"I don't think anything would happen Father".

He replied:

"And why do you think that? Are you any less righteous in My sight than Rob Rufus is? Are you any the less accepted in My sight than Rob Rufus? Is the Holy Spirit that is upon you any less powerful than He is upon Rob Rufus? Am I any the less eager to use you to touch thousands and millions than I am Rob Rufus? Or is it ... that you have received less than Rob Rufus and so have less to give? Or are you more proud than Rob and fear more that nothing will happen than he?".

I was quiet for a moment and still am quiet as I type this. I fear that the Christian world is still stuck in "celebrity status mode". Or Rob would call it "guru mode". And God would have us break OUT of that! God has given many awesome Ephesians 4 Ministries to the Church - and I mean the world-wide church. My heroes are men and women like Rob, Terry Virgo, Dave Holden, Dave Devenish, Julian Adams, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Ern Baxter, Larry Tomczak, Charles Simpson, John Piper, Wayne Grudem, Sam Storms, Don Carson and many more. But I must admit - because I am guilty of it too - do we come to conferences to hear these men and women (and they ARE just men and women) for answers that God has empowered us for?

I watched desperate people crowding around Rob in Eastbourne and I was so grateful for Graham Marsh reminding us again and again that it is JESUS CHRIST we are coming to - not Rob Rufus. If we go to conferences (and we could even fly to Florida) to go hoping for a miracle touch from a man then we may be sorely disappointed. And if that miracle doesn't "work" then we will blame the man - but if it does work we will praise the man. BUT! If we go to Jesus Christ - the Miracle Maker - and believe that it is His disposition to bless us for no other reason than His love then it's a whole different story.

There aren't enough celebrity men and women in the world to win China's billions or to change the Middle East's millions!! I can't call on a celebrity to come and radically transform the hospice by the power and the glory of God today. The SAME Holy Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is on ME today by pure grace - and through me (and through you) - can change the world TODAY. If ... we will just believe that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and it is His longing and His dispostion to bless us and to save the lost through the Gospel with signs and wonders following!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Joy of the Lord Being Your Strength!!

It's been an interesting week or so for both Pete and myself since the incredible Eastbourne Conference. Interesting being the operative word. The grace-hating spirit has really reared it's ugly head for us both at work and at home and it was a reminder to me of Rob's urging that we cannot jump from conference to conference for the spiritual highs and rely on that alone. We must walk continually - daily - in fellowship with the manifest Presence of God. I still haven't made up my mind yet about going to "Together on a Mission 2008". What's the point in being radical and planting radical churches if the glory of God and the manifest Presence of God doesn't accompany and overshadow what we do? So as yet Mark Driscoll still hasn't made my hit-list of must-hear speakers. In the past I used to go to conferences and seminars based on celebrity Christian speakers. As Rob Rufus said - we don't have that luxury anymore. The question is not - who's speaking but is God there in manifest power? Is that conference going to arm us to preach the Gospel not in Word only but power?

If the answer is - I'm not sure then should we be going? Could our money and our time be better well spent elsewhere? But I digress. Joy. Joy! The Bible says the joy of the Lord is our STRENGTH!! Why then did so many despise Toronto and the joy that it brought? Rob Rufus put me onto Heidi Baker but I must confess I haven't read or listened to much of her. So I was interested to see that she was speaking at a conference in Canada on God TV. Here's a clip:

Now if this awesome woman of God can speak at a conference and demonstrate the clear joy of the Lord and face trials such as her pastor's tongue and lips being cut out - then what chance would we have in facing similar trials WITHOUT that kind of joy? Rob Rufus said;

"The Church was never more in the will of God when they were no longer concious of themselves and were absolutely lost in the wonder of the knowledge and glory and bigness of God and the more sober the Church has got, the more out of the will of God they get and the less people get saved".

We need joy people! Pete and I spent a wonderful hour or so on the phone today speaking about grace and glory and Rob and every now and then joy would just consume us! In joy we can face any trial. In joy we can face any tribulation! I love Sam Storm's book; "The Singing God!". How do we get more joy? Get close to the One who is so so full of joy and at Who's hand is pleasures forevermore! I opened by talking about conferences. I want to sit under speakers like Rob or Heidi Baker who are so full of joy throughout all, that their delight in God is infectious!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Glory of God Filled the House!!

What more can be said?

"Then the temple of the LORD was filled with a cloud, and the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the LORD filled the temple of God. ... how will the ministry of the Spirit fail to be even more with glory?".

Rob Rufus on Florida's Part to Play in Hong Kong

I mentioned in my last post about Terry Virgo's comments about how revival needs to be grounded and rooted into the local church (Janelle Phillips also mentioned this). I was interested and thrilled to note Rob's comments on his return from his ministry trip to Europe among the Newfrontiers churches about Florida.

I haven't edited the comments at all - it's here in it's fullness. He said;

"I really believe (Ryan and Kylie) brought back something from Florida and we really want to just add it to us. You need to know - just in case people think that we are now building our church on the Florida Revival - we are not building our church on the Florida Revival! We are building our church on the foundations of an apostolic/prophetic foundation, upon the foundation of grace. Revivals are wild! And we endorse it and we empower it and honour what God is doing in Florida.

We cannot say that everything that comes out of Florida will be God. There has never been a revival where everything is God. There are weird things that sometimes come out of a revival - sometimes things of legalism there (not with Todd Bentley but with others). Some things Ryan has shared with me. In the middle of the United Kingdom while I was preaching, I said; "We celebrate the Florida Revival - we believe it is a flash point - but we don't believe it is just located to Florida as many don't believe that. We believe it is world-wide, we believe it is global. Florida is a kind of tipping point. But many places are breaking out now all over the world and this thing is on the move. It really is on the move".

There are some high-profile ministries that are now endorsing it and recognising it. I spoke to Terry Virgo while in the United Kingdom who heads up hundreds of churches around the world and he recognises that the power of God is there. They are genuine and there are genuine miracles. He is saying that as a movement they don't necessarily embrace the whole package - there are some things they would have questions about.

There's nothing wrong with having a few questions - there's nothing wrong with not understanding everything. Put some things up on the shelf. Everything must be tested but by and large I want to strongly say that God is on the move all over the world and what is happening in Florida IS God. There is no question about that. That is God. But everything that happens through different levels and different doesn't necessarily represent everything that we would agree with. Behind this passionate, enthusiastic face - there is a thinking mind! I am going to test everything through right theology and all of that - and all that I don't understand I will put on the shelf and I will wait.

But I don't want people to be afraid of deception because we have got to break that demonic thing where people believe that the devil has more power to deceive us than Almighty God has to reveal truth to us. The Bible does warn in a few places about "Don't be deceived in the last days" and counterfeit signs and wonders - but then it speaks a whole lot more about how to know what the truth is and how to be free in the truth and how to recognise the truth. So if you live in fear of deception, you are not going to step out into the miraculous. Y0u were never meant to live in the fear of deception - you were never meant to live in fear. So many Christians (even in Hong Kong) are so afraid of being deceived and they say; "I am afraid of being deceived". So you think fear is legitimate? Do you think your fear will protect you?

Job said the things I feared the most have come on me. You don't live climbing a mountain trying not to fall. You climb a mountain trying to get to the top. You are focused on getting to the top! You don't live in fear of being deceived - you live full of faith of getting revelation and of being so full of God and the knowledge of God's truth that the moment the counterfeit comes - you can see it. I am so sick and tired of Christians being put on the back foot on these things. I am not afraid of a false angel coming to me and trying to decieve me and appearing to me all beautiful.

The moment that happens I will discern; "Is this an anointing from heaven or is this an anointing from the demonic". If you can't tell the difference between an ugly demonic anointing and the anointing of Jesus then you need to get saved. In you and me there is an anointing and in meetings I can discern what is of the flesh, what is of God and what is of the demonic.

There has never been a revival - not one - where all three didn't manifest. Some people are pointing; "Look some of that stuff is fleshly - some of that stuff is demonic - that doctrine is a bit of heresy over there". Yes I know - but God is also moving powerfully! You will never have a revival where you can get rid of flesh, get rid of the demonic trying to come in. In Azusa Street Revival they had psychics prophesying in the middle of the meeting! In the mid-80's in the Kentucky Revivals they had 20, 000 under the power of God and at the same time they had pimps running around and making whiskey in the middle of that.

Every revival has weird doctrines that come in and strange things that happen. The most weird thing is when there IS no power, no one is getting saved and NO miracles are happening! I would rather have to sift through some of the weird stuff, theologically sift through it, than have nothing happening and sitting in the boat of religion and sitting and criticising everything happening.

I think the people who are most qualified to discern whether a move is a move of God or not are those people who have been in moves of God.There are people who are trying to judge this move who have never had a move.

I think if someone says "That's not God and those miracles are countefeit and that's not God" - I want to say to them; "That's fine - that is your right to judgebut show me YOUR miracles, show me YOUR signs and wonders, show me YOUR move!". "Err ... I don't have one". "Then shut up until you do!". There too many cryptics sitting on the bank and doing nothing and finding fault with what God is doing.

I want it to be registered that I don't agree with everything I am seeing in Florida and it's not up to me to tell you everything - but I tell you this. It is a move of God. Todd Bentley is a man of God. God is moving in mighty signs and wonders! Our focus is not on Florida - that thing will fade sooner or later. But it is not going to fade around the world. God's on the move".

God is on the move!! This isn't the time to be fearful, scared or apathetic. Let's be excited - be hopeful - and above all let it enthuse us to go out and proclaim the living glorious Gospel to the lost! Because God is attesting the preaching of the Word with signs following!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Terry Virgo on the Lakeland Revival!!

And finally - here's the positive thoughts! It was indeed worth waiting for.

Terry Virgo began by drawing parallels to the 1994/95 refreshing from Toronto and this aspect of the "transferrability" of the anointing. He said;

"It was something that could be ‘caught’ or ‘transferred’. People who attended certain meetings became ‘carriers’ of a kind of ‘spiritual contagion’ which subsequently broke out elsewhere".

I must admit this is something I am learning about and owe much to Rob Rufus and Terry for this. Rob spoke in Eastbourne again about the anointing and how transferrable it is. But this isn't a "new" thing. Terry said;

"It would be true to say that this has been a mark of historic revivals. People visited the 1905 Welsh Revival for instance and, on returning home, found that God’s presence had accompanied them in an extraordinary way".

I like Terry's teaching on the "manifestations of the Spirit". It would be safe to say that it is the manifestations that cause the biggest excesses on both sides in any revival. The cynics and skeptics get turned off by them - and I would venture - scared by them. Those who embrace the revival sometimes judge the work of God on WHETHER they manifest the Spirit. Both excesses are wrong. Terry writes;

"What were often referred to as ‘manifestations of the Spirit’ (and sometimes very strange they were) were in reality not literally ‘manifestations of the Spirit’ but the different ways in which people’s bodies responded to the Spirit’s activity. Various phenomenal responses were noted when the Holy Spirit’s presence seemed to be strong. Some fell, some shook and some laughed. Some seemed to happen in an involuntary kind of way; others perhaps were imitation. The pressure to conform on these occasions can become very great".

But as Terry says - what matters not is how great or small the manifestations are or of what variety they are but;

"What influenced me most significantly was not the extraordinary physical manifestations but the extraordinary lasting change that I observed in the lives of people I knew".

It staggers me that so-called people committed to the Word of God - the Bible - seem to forget this clear and blatent fact;

"I was drawn to Acts 10 where the Apostle Peter was in a trance (!) and saw a vision (!) and heard an audible voice (!), as a result of which he followed Cornelius’s representatives who had themselves been instructed by an angel (!). Upon arrival at Cornelius’s house, Peter began to preach but was interrupted by such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that he had to give way to his hearers who were suddenly overcome and speaking in tongues and prophesying (!)".

And HERE is the fact. HERE is what we must face;

"Virtually every feature in this extraordinary story was outside of my experience – but all were clearly Biblical".

If we are to see an increased mark of signs and wonders and miracles then there's something we must - absolutely must remember. Todd Bentley must remember it. William Branham forgot it to his peril as did many of the other healers in the 1940's and 50's;

"We often imagine that God’s gifts are proofs of holiness or marks of maturity given only to the most advanced Christians to demonstrate God’s approval of their spiritual progress. But this isn’t the case. God’s gifts aren’t rewards!".

This is why Rob Rufus's teaching on the gift of righteousness is SO absolutely vital and such an important foundation to ensure this outpouring of the Spirit doesn't wane and end like it's predecessors before it. It's a gift! It doesn't make you more holy because the holiness that we have is not our own anyway - it was imputed to us as a gift! We are accepted before God BECAUSE we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. If we start from that position, then we will be under no illusions that whatever gifts God may use in us come as GRACE not because we have earned that blessing.

Terry ends on a very similar - and indeed vital note to Janelle's thoughts when she visited Lakeland. It's ALL about the local church!

"What shall we do? We should go on preaching the gospel, praying for the sick and committing our lives to the local church where things find their right setting and safety. Some who testify to a powerful surge of blessing now in their church through contact with Lakeland, say that this is not happening to them in a vacuum, but in the context of healthy local church life where eldership oversight is clearly in place, Biblical foundations are already established and a longing to reach the lost with the gospel is already in focus. Praise God! This is how it should be".

Terry's conclusion shows the importance of experience and how older godly men can teach us so much in the wider body of Christ. I have been puzzled and intrigued as to why every time something different happens in the church such as this outpouring - there is a rush to declare oneself. Some say they are for it (I guess that's been my temptation. I've been so hungry to see God move in power for so many years - could I be in danger of accepting anything just because it's new and it's breaking the status quo that the Church is stuck in? Maybe). Some say they are against it. Some say they aren't interested in it. But Terry said;

"It seems to me that we do not have to take a stance simply dismissing what is happening as a circus or to only demonstrate alarm at the dangers that seem inherent. Nor should we naively embrace and unquestioningly accept the complete package".

I can do nothing but utter "Amen!" to his final prayer;

"For myself, I long for the power of God to be released so that Jesus might be wonderfully glorified in our generation. I often pray the prayer based on the Apostle’s plea that God would grant us boldness while He Himself stretches forth His hand and that signs and wonders are done in the name of His holy child Jesus. I shall continue to pray such prayers and long for the coming of His power and the glorifying of His name with huge respect for the local church and I believe a God-given desire to be mutually dependent and not independent. I believe God will lead us on to all that He has for us and safeguard us from danger for His great glory".

Monday, May 26, 2008

Believe the Unbelievable!!

Whatever our personal feelings about Todd Bentley - his tattoos, his piercings or his angels - I feel so strongly that God is divinely and sovereignly keeping attention on HIM. HE is the miracle-working God! True there may be the counterfeit - flesh or the devil - which will be revealed by their fruits - but if there is counterfeit, then there is genuine. And that genuine is called a sign and a wonder to POINT to Jesus Christ and to the glory of God.

Cessationists and cynics may say; "What's the point?". You ask someone who has received a miracle what the point is. You ask the man sitting at the Gate Beautiful what the point was. You ask this lady on this video clip what the point is! You ask the hundreds who have stepped out of wheelchairs in this Florida Outpouring what the point is! You ask the hurting and the suffering and the broken who have had their lives met by the power of God what the point is! You ask the "ALL" that Jesus healed what the point was?!

Thanks to "Heat and Light" for this;

We are truly living in miracle days and it is getting harder and harder for cynics and skeptics to explain away what God is doing. That's why I love Rob's perspective so much - this isn't about Todd Bentley or William Branham or one man. This is about God getting His Church back and finally getting us to do what we SHOULD have always been doing - the works He did and greater works!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


When Rob Rufus first said this - I found it barely possible to imagine what New Covenant life would be like;

“Son you like many over the last few centuries have stood and seen the glory from afar. In fact son you have come to the outer edge of the glory – you have pressed against it trying to get in and you have prayed for days without stopping. You have gone night and day praying and fasting without stopping because you want to get into the glory. You have pressed your face against it in desperation because you know there’s more. But there is a peripheral fence that you couldn’t get through and supernatural crumbs have fallen over the fence – here a crumb of a sign or wonder and here a crumb of a miracle.

You have faithfully administered these crumbs around the world – just a little crumb here and a little crumb there. Here someone incurable in a wheelchair and told that they would die. You prayed – a little crumb – and they got out the wheelchair and years and years later of health. Here a blind eye opened – a little crumb – here a deaf ear opened and they got a new eardrum verified by doctors”. But He said, “Son it’s just been a little crumb and a little crumb but you are going to go beyond the peripheral fence and you will stand in the centre of My glory and you will radiate miracles effortlessly”.

BUT then I watched this video (thanks to Gavin White!). It was taken at the New Wine Leaders Conference in Harrowgate where Bill Johnson has been speaking;


Rob Rufus on Condemnation and Glory

Rob has made a connection between the effects of condemnation on our lives and the relating Presence of glory. I wonder where many of us register?

"To the measure you get rid of guilt, to that measure you will increase in the glory over your life. Much guilt = very little supernatural glory Presence over your life. Little guilt = much glory and supernatural open heaven Presence over your life. NO guilt = FULL New Covenant manifest glory to do the works that Jesus did and greater works over the life of the priesthood of the whole Church"

- Rob Rufus - "Fully Free From Guilt In Order To Be Fully Covered By The Glory" - City Church International, Hong Kong.

Why have we allowed ourselves to "religious-ise" condemnation and guilt as an acceptable thing and dress it up and call it "humility"?

Doing a NEW Thing!!

Although I've been working all weekend, I am so grateful to various friends for keeping me in touch with what's going on in Florida. I must make mention of the fact that two very important people have given their impressions for the first time on what they think of Lakeland Florida. I must admit I wasn't hugely impressed or thrilled with Terry Virgo's opening post - but I am assured on good authority by someone who was at Prayer and Fasting that Terry said;

"You need to understand that because in a minute I am going to be really, really positive!".

Thank God! It all sounded very eerily deja-vu-like from my past about other moves of God. So all those who aren't Todd Bentley fans and were claiming Terry as a supporter - hold on just a minute. Scott has also been "persuaded" into sharing his thoughts on Lakeland! Yes - I am to blame. But he is so different from me in that I sometimes feel like I need a cork to bung my proverbial flow of thoughts - he on the other hand needs his opinions bullying out of him. And I really appreciate his perspective - and I know you will too. He says;

"Think what you will about Todd Bentley, but this should not be swept aside, because these are miracles and this is revival... this quite simply is God. I'm always amazed when christians willfully refuse to believe what their mighty God has done and is doing".

Can it be argued that one of the problems (again) is that God is doing a "new" thing? I am from the generation who most remembers Toronto and Browsnville even though we weren't permitted to be part of either. So laughing, shaking and falling is very familiar to me. But healings, signs and wonders aren't! This is new! Is that the problem? Ern Baxter always warned that the biggest opponents to the current move of God would be those from the last revivals. Can we expect to see those from the former charismatic movement vigorously opposing Todd Bentley's styles? Surely just because it's "new" - is no excuse whatsoever. I tracked down this excellent quote from the mighty Jonathan Edwards;

"Some make their rule to judge of this work by, instead of the Holy Scriptures, is history or former observation ... if there be anything extraordinary in the circumstances of this work, which was not observed in former times, theirs is a rule to reject this work which God has not given them, and they limit God, where He has not limited Himself.

And we who live in those latter days where in we may be especially warranted to expect that things will be accomplished which it will be said, who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things?".

Let's remain open-minded and eager for what heaven has to reveal. Surely oh surely God has many, many surprises in store for climax of the ages! Final bit of news before I head off to work (and HOW excited am I!?) - it seems Pete and I don't have to worry about finding the funds to get to Florida anymore (unless God miraculously provides it of course!):

Don emailed me this;


Todd Bentley just said he will be coming to Birmingham in August -- NEC Arena!

He also just had John & Carol Arnott on stage, telling that Scott McDermott, pastor of the UMC at Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, told him that two angels visited him in his office. The angels had on backpacks, and told Scott that they were visiting all the revival spots of the 90s, to see if those places wanted a new outpouring. Those places that are hungry will receive fresh fire! Todd had John pray over those places, then prophesied over John that this anointing will be going back and forth between Lakeland & Toronto. Carol Arnott, shaking like a leaf, said the Lord told her - right then - that he is pouring salt into the 90s revival wells, to purify the water and bring forth a pure revival of love and power.

Have you seen the guy who is beginning to see through a glass eye, and whose amputated legs have grown an inch so far????

The glory of God was soooooooooo powerful tonight, that Roy ended up falling off his chair, most of the platform staff was totally blitzed, and Todd could hardly talk. Amazing miracles taking place tonight! GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Hearing the Voice of God and the Glory!!

Hear this ...

"Every believer should hear the inward audible voice of God. Jesus said; "My sheep know My voice ,,, The manifestation of God's glory is merely the appearance in the seen world of the unseen world of God. If the world does not see regular signs, wonders and miracles then it will not see the true nature of God for the true nature of God is to restore and replenish what has been lost".

Rob Rufus - "Friday Session" - Empower 2008 Conference in Eastbourne - 16th May 2008.

By the way ... the video sessions of Rob's incredible ministry in Eastbourne are now available HERE!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bob Jones in Lakeland Florida!!

I was very interested to see that the famous prophet Bob Jones went to Lakeland, Florida and was instrumental in giving an impartation to Trevor Baker. I saw more of Bob Jones's ministry to the Lakeland gathering the next night and he spent some time sitting with Todd Bentley on the platform and sharing some thoughts and visions. Here's two video clips - the first is an extract from the conversation that Bob and Todd have. The second is of a discussion between Bob Jones, Todd Bentley and Patricia King - three people that up until now I have been largely unaware of. You may not like them, agree with them - but you cannot deny all three have a passion to KNOW God experientially and go beyond a mere head academic knowledge of duty and obligation.

Here is the slightly longer video of the discussion between Bob Jones, Patricia King and Todd Bentley. Bear in mind this discussion happened prior to the outpouring in Florida. I love the vision, the passion and the desire for MORE of God. This hunger is a key element that Rob Rufus argues is essential in seeing more of God's power and Presence.

Finally I managed to get some incredible photos of a lady who was paralysed in a wheelchair and yet got up out of it and walked. Glory to God! These truly are signs and wonders!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why Go to Conferences ... ?

Sorry for the delay in blogging. I've just worked an almost 36 hour shift with no break due to a bed crisis (I'm pretty sure the European thingy on health would have something to say!). But I'm back. I woke up this afternoon from a night shift feeling DRUNK. I tottered out of my bedroom just loving the manifest Presence of God filling the flat. Ephesians has got a point. Who needs wine?! Anyway I have got so much of Rob's ministry that I am trying to transcribe I am suffering from overload.

Here's the quote I wanted to post:

"How many of you are so sick and tired about people speaking about kingdom and theology and church and church pattern and principles of the Kingdom and yet you never feel the honey of heaven on their words or that they have just come from the realm of glory and there is deep intimate love because they know Jesus better than they know another human being on the planet?".

For all the criticism and the flack that Rob may take (I've had a few emails expressing horror at the "Fire!" video I posted!) you cannot deny that this is a man who is passionately in love with his Jesus Christ. And he may not be lecturing on "Church Growth" or "Cell" or "Planting Churches" but I would cross oceans to touch his heart because there's something contageous about his love for Jesus Christ. You come away thinking; "Wow ...". Surely that's the point of any conference ... and indeed local church as Janelle pointed out so well.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back from a MIRACLE Weekend in Eastbourne!!

What a weekend ... what a God! I can't believe we almost missed it! Rob Rufus's ministry was, of course absolutely outstanding. But what makes him (in my eyes) an even more extraordinary man of God is that he is releasing the Church of God into it's full and complete destiny. What I experienced and encountered this weekend was all encountered without Rob's hands touching me. (I still haven't met him yet!). I am going to be posting a full report and all my sermon notes on the Rob Rufus "Grace and Glory" blog over the next few days.

PS: Can I strongly recommend the Kings Church Eastbourne website (and the church!). It really is an outstanding gathering of God's people. Graham Marsh (the senior pastor) seems strongly stirred by the glory descending this weekend and it seems the church is going to be stepping into a new realm of signs, wonders and miracles! Let it be so! They are a people of faith, vision and certainly one to watch. In a time when "glory and grace" churches are in short supply in the United Kingdom certainly - it's awesome to stand and worship the manifest glory of God and know I didn't have to leave the UK to find God is here! The website is a wonderful resource also - there's MP3's and videos to enjoy. I've downloaded John Hosier speaking from a few Sundays ago on "The Ministries God gives".

For now here's a taste of Rob preaching the Gospel on the Sunday morning at Eastbourne:

And the ministry of impartation of the Holy Spirit from the Saturday conference (particularly watch about 30 seconds in when he shouts "FIRE!!"):

Keep your eyes peeled!! Rob closed the conference by saying;

"Revival isn't coming to the United Kingdom - it's already come - it's here AMONG us!".

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Off to Eastbourne and to Rob!!

Well we're setting off to Eastbourne today!! It's been a bit of a battle to get there - a series of "coincidences" meant that I wasn't paid when I was meant to so we literally had NO money to pay for petrol or the train or a hotel and were facing the prospect of missing Rob in our own country! I got people praying (thanks Julie, Lydia, Don and Pete!) and although we had to miss last night we've managed to scrape together the money to get down to Eastbourne (it's about a 4 hour drive).

I must admit it's still a struggle to go because I am trusting my car (which since I overturned it is rather untrustworthy) and the loss of earnings (I could be working a night shift) and just time in travel. But when you look at the awesome benefits of going - it's NO sacrifice at all! Firstly Pete texted me with what I believe is a prophetic statement of what awaits us in Eastbourne;

"Florida and Hong Kong are coming to Eastbourne".

It's not just a conceptual speaker or a theologian! Rob carries such an awesome anointing with his ministry and what I love is that you don't quite know what will happen! There will probably be healings, there may be other manifestations of the Spirit like gold dust - but above all he carries with him the Manifest Presence of God. I KNOW that I KNOW God will be in that place. How do I know? Well Pete was there last night at the first meeting and texted me this;

"It was awesome! Rob concentrated probably all this year's grace messages into one message. He then prayed for condemnation to be broken and the glory of God to come. There was a real weight of God - loads were laughing for joy. He then called the young people forward and all these trendy guys and girls were totally drunk. He prayed for healing and 24 people raised their hands to say that they had been healed. There was only time for one testimony - a young woman who could barely hold her baby due to arthritis now free from pain".

Secondly why are we going? There aren't still many places in the United Kingdom where you cn go with real faith for healing. Scott has been crippled over the last two weeks with a back problem as well as his on-going eczma and we are believing he will see healing just from being in the glory cloud! I've also got some stuff I would love God to touch. So ... I can't promise word for word transcripts from my notes because I hope to be drunk and lying on the floor! But I will publish a full report with pictures, video clips if I can and what happens! And an interview with Scott if he gets healed! Sorry ... WHEN he gets healed!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Why "Spiritual Disciplines" is a Bad Name!!

I've been enjoying reading Jim Goll's book; "Dream Language" on my night shift last night and was interested to read the following paragraph. Some may argue that the term is just semantics but in the last couple of posts I have been increasingly re-horrified by legalism and I think the concept that Jim Goll offers is worth thinking through if it further rids our lives of legalism;

"Some people would describe journaling as a spiritual discipline. I prefer another term. Like many others I have used the phrase "spiritual discipline" for years to describe any habitual pactice we undertake to facilitate spiritual growth. When composing my book; "The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence", however the Holy Spirit said to me;

"You're not disciplined enough to have a spiritual discipline!".

That nailed me! "Okay" I replied surprised and a bit miffed (deep in my heart I knew He was right). He said; "These are spiritual privilidges". That put a whole new angle on things. I really like the phrase "spiritual privilidges" because that is what they are. Looking at them as privilidges rather than as disciplines completely changes your mindset because doing something as a discipline can sometimes lead to a performance-based mentality.

Doing the same thing as a privilidge however means doing it because you can do it, or because you want to do it - not because you have to do it to please God or stay on His good side". It becomes a matter of perspective, like the difference between saying the glass is half empty or half full. Praying, studying, fasting, worshipping - they are all amazing spiritual privilidges - with great benefits!".

It's a great perspective worth trying! The spiritual privilidge of reading our Bibles!! Of worshipping!! Of praying to God and knowing we are being heard!! Surely this should enable a greater degree of excitement to getting up in the morning!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Impartation for the United Kingdom!!

Whatever our "British" feelings about the Florida Outpouring we need to face up to the fact that it's coming to the United Kingdom! Trevor Baker - the leader of a church in Dudley - has already been to Lakeland and received an impartation of God. There has been some remarkable news from Dudley - they've been having meetings every night for 15 days. Gerald Coates and Ken Gott have both been to visit Dudley and have receieved awesome impartations of God. I am thrilled that senior national leaders are recognising that God is on the move and are seeking it out. So a couple of nights ago Trevor Baker was back in Florida while Bob Jones and Bobby Connors were present on the platform and gave a double impartation to Trevor Baker.

Here's what happened:

Bobby Connors prophesied;

"A FIRESTORM is coming to the United Kingdom! It's going to rage! We need to pray for the United Kingdom! It's going to come!!".

Are we ready for what's coming?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When You Find a Perfect Servant of God ... You're Probably In Heaven

I think I've been more worried about the complete and utter silence about the Florida Outpouring than anything else. Terry Virgo's probably one of the most prominent UK leaders who has a blog and he's said nothing yet about it yet (which is odd considering how one of his latest Firstline bemoans how disappointed he is that he hasn't seen revival yet). And the critics!? Remember how potty John Macarthur and Hank Hanegraff went about Toronto? So where - I asked myself - were the opinions on Florida? I think the most dangerous position of all is to be in what Ern Baxter called; "The paralysis of analysis" - essentially pure static because we are too busy and too scared to form an opinion.

Mark Heath provided the first link for me to the torrent of blogs warning that Todd Bentley is the anti-christ and so on. It seems that apparantly Todd Bentley has an angel that speaks to him called "Emma". That name apparantly is the name of some pagan god so it must mean that a demon is controlling Todd Bentley hence everything is bad about Florida? My poor older sister - she is called Emma too ... What is with that?! Can angels not have names? Gabriel? Michael? Lucifer? (I was going to provide some of the links to these posts but I don't think I will bother. You can find them ... if you really want to).

I liked a carefully open but cautious post that Janelle wrote - she is going to go but is wary of the excess and emotionalism. It's wise to be wary. Like her, I've never lived through a revival but I suspect that there will ALWAYS be emotionalism and excess in a revival. Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones wisely said;

"There is no problem of discipline in a graveyard; there is no problem very much in a formal church. The problems arise when there is life ... Problems are created by life and by vigour and the problems of the early church were spiritual problems, problems aarising because of the danger of going to excess in the spiritual realm".

I find it slightly odd that a sincere (I am sure) commentator on Janelle's blog can express "concerns" with healing and manifestations of the Spirit in Lakeland but go on to write that air conditioning is a gift from God. Who are we to decide what is a gift from God and what is not? I feel so deeply that we've got to be very careful here. When does "discernment" become "quenching the Spirit"? What's worse - the crime of "jumping on every spiritual bandwagon" or "resisting every spiritual bandwagon"?! How do we keep the balance? Is it enough to remain "open but cautious" - that all too frequently ends up meaning saying "No!".

It seems to me that the key concern with most people comes down to Todd Bentley himself. In short - he's an offence to some of these "discerners". I can get that. The man is short, ginger-haired and covered in tattoos with a piercing in his lip (and goodness knows where else). But let's be consistent here. Ephesians 4 makes it clear that the ascended Christ gives these people as GIFTS. And they are not perfect - and won't be till we get to heaven. Look back over the Word of God for starters. Let's try to put ourselves in the context of being under the leadership of each of these men in the Bible. What would we have blogged about them then?;

1. Moses. What would it have been like to be in the "Desert Outpouring"? Signs and wonders followed this man! We had to flock to him because he was leading us through the desert to the Promised Land! God had appointed him our leader. But then a whisper goes through the camp - a whisper of concern and discernment. "Did you know that Moses killed a man back in Egypt? He's a MURDERER!". Maybe we can forgive that because it was in the past. Even though believing that God can use someone with a criminal record - what about watching him hit the rock the second time in anger? And hearing the word spread round the camp that he was barred from entering the land. Hmm ...

2. David. What would it have been like to be in the "Israel Outpouring"? Such an exciting, militant time! God raised a shepherd boy up to be king (and imagine particularly if you were there since the time in the Cave ... the old crowd). But then! David commits adultery ... and what's worse murders the husband of the woman he slept with. And then goes on to have another child with the ... woman. Who is his HEIR! Surely that's unforgivable?! How can God call him; "A man after His own heart?!".

3. Elijah. Wow ... the "Prophet Outpouring"!! Signs and wonders and miracles again!! Raisings from the dead - exciting times. And the pinnacle of it all when Elijah's fan club is gathered at the mount to see fire come down from heaven in response to Elijah's prayer! What greater vindication that Elijah was a man of God!? But then Elijah disappears!! And the word begins to spread round the camp that he is a coward - was scared of a WOMAN - and has run to hide. Fear?! From a man that called down fire!? Fear - fire!? It doesn't add up!

4. Peter the apostle. Okay so maybe his beginnings wouldn't be quite to our taste (no theological seminary and a bit of a rough vocabulary) but the fact that Jesus Christ singled him out and said; "You are Peter and on this rock I will build My Church" maybe brought him some kudos. But then Jesus Christ called him "Get behind me Satan!". Doesn't that equate to a bit of church discipline? But then even worse the word gets round that under pressure Peter swore under oath he didn't know who Jesus Christ was. He betrayed Jesus Christ. But then even worse when the Holy Spirit had fallen and Jesus had gone back to heaven, it seems that Peter and Paul - the two leading apostles - had a fall-out. Because Peter started behaving like a JEW again?!

5. Paul the apostle. How can we follow a man who just days before his "conversion" was murdering Christians?! He stood by while our beloved Stephen was stoned to death and approved it. And okay if we overlook his dodgy beginings we do admit that he writes some good letters to the churches - very doctrinal and they read well. But why does he have to start talking about his "3rd heaven experiences" and go and not tell those Corinthians to behave?

I'm sure that I will have offended someone - but I hope my point's clear. Even in the Bible no man of God was perfect. So if we don't want to accept that God is using Todd Bentley or Rob Rufus - then WHO is acceptable? C J Mahaney? John Piper? John MacArthur? Okay they may not have tattoos or piercings or dodgily-named angels that we know about but surely they dabble in what Jerry Bridges calls; "Respectable Sins". Mahaney has admitted he is a proud man - yet no one has problems in following his leadership. No one even writes a blog criticising him.

I know the Bible says; "Be not many teachers brethren for theirs is the greater judgement". I always thought (and maybe it does) that the "greater judgement" came from God. Maybe I was wrong and maybe that was the Bible warning that the greater judgement comes from the church. All I am trying to say is in this Christian celebrity-obsessed culture, let's cut these guys a little break. NO ONE is perfect. But despite that the ascended Christ still continues to give apostles, prophets, evangelists and pastor/teachers. Maybe, just maybe God wants to use them - despite not being perfect. I for one am prepared to keep watching Todd Bentley and see what God may be doing with him!

Just 2 Days till the Eastbourne Outpouring!!

It's the United Kingdom's turn for Rob Rufus!! And how excited am I?! Scott and I are DEFINATELY going (there were some technical worries as to whether Eastbourne had received our booking!) and we are hoping and praying that Pete will be able to attend as well. Here's what Rob himself said about his visit;

(On the Florida Outpouring); "This is what Christians have been praying for centuries and into manifestation and the prophets are saying that it is contageous - it is tangible and it is transferrable. People have already taken it to dozens of cities around the United States. It is breaking out and they are having weeks of meetings every single night. It is breaking out in the United Kingdom. The prophets are saying it is going to break out in England and where do you think we are going?!?! I have already written to Graham Marsh where there are masses of people already registering for our Empowerment Conference where we are the main speakers. I wrote to him and said;

"I hear in my spirit that the great Eastbourne Outpouring is coming to England! Get ready! Tell the people we are going to see mighty signs and wonders!".

So our expectation is SO high! I can't believe it's just two days away!! I will report it in any way I can - definately type up everything I can see, pictures of what I can take and videos of what I can capture! Could it be that the fire breaks out in Eastbourne and spreads across our nation!? I had a dream about a tidal wave last year and I thought the coastline I saw was that of Brighton particularly in connection with Rob's visit to "Together on a Mission 2007". Maybe I was mistaken - maybe it's Eastbourne!!

Signs and Wonders in Lakeland, Florida!!

We've just been glued to God TV tonight - the sense of tangible anointing on that meeting was almost as strong as last night when I walked home listening to Ryan and Kylie's "Impartation Meeting After Florida Trip". And while I'm so grateful to God that the Holy Spirit allows me to sense a taste of what's going on in Hong Kong and Florida respectively, it makes me so much more desperately hungry that God should come and pass us by ... here! In the United Kingdom! But there were two incredible things I managed to catch on video from Lakeland!

The first was a clip that shows two people near the end of the clip that are OUT of wheelchairs and WALKING!! Let me just make a note to cynics watching. You will see two men supporting the first guy who is walking and it maybe that you think; "Oh they are dragging him and making him walk". I have had countless experiences of helping someone of that size out of a wheelchair and I can guarantee you 100% as a nurse that they were not "making" him walk. Someone of that size would need at least an arm linked right up to their armpit and far more effort on the part of those supporting. Those two men were simply there to support him. There was no chance they could move their feet! But ... they ... DID! This is happening! Here in 2008! We both looked at each other with tears rolling down our faces because God is healing people!

The second clip was so thrilling to me. I mentioned in the last post of how thrilled I am that Todd Bentley seems to share Rob Rufus's and Ern Baxter's eschatology - their belief that the glory of God MUST cover the earth as the waters cover the sea as the Scriptures promise. And this revival seems to be different from Toronto and Brownsville (I'm waiting to be corrected) in that there is a definite missional edge to this. Todd Bentley WANTS this to go to the nations!! So he called up people from the Middle East (mentioning Dubai) to be prayed for and demonstrated such a heart for the fire of God to sweep through every nation.

These video clips just act for me as "fire-starters". Life does bring trials and tribulations and persecutions of all kinds and it's all relative to us and what we are going through but these video clips remind me that God is absolutely eager and ready and willing to come "rushing like a mighty flood" and demonstrate and reveal His power! These video clips keep me hoping that I'm going to see Scott's eczma condition and his bad back (of the last 2 weeks) is GOING to be healed! And the children at my hospice ARE going to stand up and walk out of the hospice healed and have to be told they can't come to the hospice anymore because they DON'T meet the criteria!!

More Lord! Come! We're so hungry for you! Don't pass us by!! Jesus, Son of David - have mercy on us!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Such Hunger!! And it's getting GREATER!!

I'm so glad I'm not alone! I wrote in my last post earlier today about the fear of losing revival - the fear of losing the fire of God, the power of God (and it hasn't even come in full blown flood yet here!). But then we turned on God TV and tuned in to what was happening in the Florida Outpouring and I caught Todd Bentley saying this;

As we were watching and getting so caught up in what was happening in Florida, I noted that there is a difference to the two outpourings I have heard about in my lifetime. I stand to be corrected - but I don't remember hearing such an emphasis on global evangelism and about the fire of God covering the world in the Toronto Blessing and the Brownsville Revival. I am staggered, amazed and excited at Todd Bentley's passion to see this revival not constrained to his ministry and his locality - but to reach the uttermost parts of the ends of the earth. It's not just about the people of God having a cozy little experience time (although that's perfectly valid) - it's about the LOST hearing and seeing the power of God unveiled! In the second video clip I had to put up, Todd said something I absolutely LOVED (It reminded me of Psalm 2; "Ask of Me and I will give You the nations")!! He said;

"Where's my Middle East Countries? Bring me my Middle East Countries!".

I want to mention how I noticed Todd's ministry technique (if you can call it that) so impressed me. I know a number have mentioned discomfort with thinking they saw him push people. This clip I captured I think will make you agree that there's no pushing involved here. The weight and heaviness of the glory of God made no pushing necessary! As you will see - he literally simply touches them and they flew backwards into the floor! Just as a side-note; I wonder if people have to start trying to push people over when they sense the anointing is not quite as strong as it was?

One final thing I just witnessed. They brought a man who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease for 8 and a half years and was showing NO signs of shaking at all! Todd Bentley said something rather odd to him - he said; "Look into my eyes - look into my eyes". The camera happened to show the man's eyes and Todd said; "You demon of infirmity - I command you to GO in Jesus Name". For a split second, I am sure that the man's eyes went fixed and dilated and angry. I am pretty sure the demon was manifesting just before the man's eyes went peaceful and closed and he collapsed on the floor. Demons? Sickness? It certainly makes sense.

"Hungry I come to You for I know Your arms are open wide - I am weary but I know Your love does not run dry. So I'll wait for You - I'll wait for You. I'm falling on my knees, offering all of Me. Jesus You're ALL this heart is living for!".

Facing a Fear: Resist Legalism at ALL Costs

I mentioned yesterday that one of my fears I must face is that I have hoped and longed for revival all my life - even before I was baptised in the Spirit - Stanley Jebb built into us a theology of revival and I'm so grateful for that. It's only this year in 2008 that I've seen what certainly looks like revival! And I am scared - scared that I will miss it, or scared that once again the Church will do something to make God withdraw and see the glory move away.

Rob Rufus said this at the "Grace and Glory Conference - Sydney";

"Every revival (and I have studied many) - most of them only lasted 2 or 3 years and they were very intense but every one that I have studied came to an end because the control of man came back in and laws and rules and regulations came back in. People say; "It came to an end because sin came back in". No - it wasn't about sin. Because if sin stopped the revival, then the revival would never have started because revivals come WHILE there is sin!

Revival is the mercy of God breaking in and mercy prevents us from getting what we don't deserve but grace gives us what we don't deserve - a revival!".

Whatever the cost - whatever the price - we must, must, MUST resist legalism and the control spirit! Bob Marley said this;

"The people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness!".

There are those (and I think they're sincere) who would be happy keeping Christians controlled, miserable and life-less. It can't be tolerated. Let's not take a day off. God wants His Church back - living in glorious freedom! It was for that freedom that Christ has set us free! Let's cast off the yokes of slavery that legalism would put back on us! The world is waiting to see a Church come forth!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Look Up and See the Salvation of Your God!!

I had a really odd experience today walking home - but one that God spoke to me powerfully and taught me from. It's been a really hard, horrid two long days at work. I am becoming increasingly convinced that a children's hospice is where the most vulnerable people of the most vulnerable people group in our country come. It's my personal belief that such children deserve the utmost and highest care, respect and love and protection. What do you do when there is an individual there who resembles one of the unpleasant guards of Azkaban - seeming to get pleasure from controlling other more vulnerable people and ensuring that no fun or spontaneity happens apart from under their control? You pray. Obviously. But you hope, trust and long that the glory would so flood and fill and overflow through you that the demonic power that maybe present would be banished and those vulnerable children protected from that controlling power.

That - I hope - sets something of my horrid two days in context. It riles me beyond belief almost as much as in church when controlling spirits run rife within a children's hospice where desperate and needy people need love and protection - and simply get told to "behave" and live up to an expected standard. So I was walking home inwardly raging and trying to calm down, but at the same time listening to Ryan and Kylie Rufus's thrilling; "Impartation Meeting After Florida Trip". So to add to my stress from work came a deep pang of hunger that why oh why can't God teleport me into Hong Kong so I could receive this impartation on a foundation of grace!? (Ryan said he would be watching out for me to appear in City Church!!).

I suddenly began to get that sixth sense feeling that there were two individuals closely following me - and let me make it clear, I saw their shadows. There were a group of lads across the road on bikes so I assumed they had spotted me. I wasn't particularly keen to get mugged or jumped. Although I could always get another IPOD, I've got virtually all of City Church's sermons on it, as well as Lansdowne Evangelical Church's and Church of Christ the King's! It would be most tedious to have to re-load them! I did the typical thing of speeding up my walking but they kept up with me. I began to feel quite scared and upset as it was a dark, shadowy street.

I reached a certain point on the street and suddenly I heard God audibly speak in my spirit and He said; "Turn around". I did so and saw no-one and nothing there. The street was absolutely deserted. The fear and upset left me instantly and was replaced with peace. But this was what was weird - as I turned round, I saw the two shadows again! I looked around again and saw nothing and no one. And God paused and then said this;


Do you fear losing your friends or upsetting them? Look closely and look up! Any friends to whom I have called you to be together with, to seek Me with will stand with you in relationship whatever difficulties - for the unity I give you is an organic unity devoid of institution! Do you fear that the angel feather you saw will be the only evidence of angels that you will ever see? Look closely and look up! Two angels are following you for I have given them to you to minister to you and to guard you and to watch over you! Look further up still - legions of angels stand arrayed across the heavens singing; "Glory to God in the highest!".

Do you fear that the outpouring of My Spirit that I have given in Florida will be one that you miss? Look closely and look up! Hear what I have promised - this is a contageous, infectious, air-bourne outpouring! Even now it is catching the winds and the breezes of My Spirit and it's nectar can be smelt approaching Europe's shores! Do you fear that you will never see My face? Look closely and look up! The veil ALREADY stands torn! The way is ALREADY open! It is only your fear that keeps your head bowed, and your eyes lowered. Do you fear that you are not worthy and you should "examine yourself"? Look closely and look up! Did I ask you to examine yourself? I don't accept you on the examination of yourself - but the examination of My Son! And I - God the Just - am satisfied to look on Him and pardon you!

Why else does My Word command you to not fear again and again? Fear is the mistake of not looking properly at the object that causes the emotion. I call you eagerly - look closely and look up at your fears, your worries for they are nothing! My glory is coming! My glory is already here and among you! And it will be those who don't fear for they stand on a foundation of grace who will enjoy the full, unfettered, no limits of this great "Feast of Tabernacles" outpouring!".

I walked back weeping tears of joy but so humbled because once again God had touched the very hidden inner depths of my fears. And I HAD been fearing! Even listening to Ryan and Kylie overflowing in Hong Kong made me worry and fear again that I had "missed the moment" simply because I couldn't afford to fly to Florida. But even looking at that very fear - almost with a post-dated word of knowledge, Ryan Rufus spoke on the MP3 and answered that!

"These are hot coals of impartation that man CAN'T put out because man didn't start and man doesn't need to keep going!".

I wasn't integral in starting the Lakeland Outpouring (!!!!) and I certainly won't be integral in halting it (God forbid!) - this is a sovereign move and it is in God's sovereign hands! I guess this final word that God said to me was screened through my interpretation of the Message Bible;


Sunday, May 11, 2008

They're Back from Florida!!

The moment many of us have been waiting for! I must confess I was as excited to hear their testimony as I was to hear from Julie and Aaron getting back from Hong Kong. Here it is;

I love the giving heart from City Church International. They truly live out the truth; "Freely you have received - freely give". I haven't listened to this testimony yet and am too tired to tonight - as I have had a horrid day at work. And if I start I know I won't be able to sleep or relax! But here it is. And I will type up what I can if it's transcribable. But go hear it! Receive! The Spirit has been poured out in abundance and when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord WILL raise up a standard against him!

The Feast of Tabernacles!!

We do indeed live in amazing days!! A new friend of mine - Chris - left some extensive comments on my previous post - a transcript of Don Basham explaining why the printed word is so vital to continuing a vision of the Kingdom of God. In the midst of our conversation we mentioned "The Feast of Tabernacles". I have only ever heard this referred to briefly. The one time I heard it mentioned was by Dr Ern Baxter. He mentioned that George Warnock (for a time Ern Baxter's secretary) was interested in it. I then found out that George Warnock had written extensively on "The Feast of Tabernacles".

Was it then a coincidence that as I finished typing up last Sunday's sermon from Hong Kong that Rob Rufus himself then made reference to "The Feast of Tabernacles"? Here's what he said;

"The Feast of Tabernacles was the last feast and the greatest feast. It is the ultimate closing of the age feast. We have seen all the feasts fulfilled but we haven't seen the Feast of Tabernacles fulfilled yet. I am telling you that I believe this outpouring in Florida is a feast not of Pentecost but of Tabernacles. The Feast of Tabernacles is the single, great ingathering of the harvest in the time of the rain.

I've got about a 20 hour teaching on the Feast of Tabernacles from many years back but I want to give you in 1 minute (don't check your watches) - put John 7:2. It makes clear that this is the feast of tabernacles and in John 7:14 Jesus came during that feast and on the last day, He stood up and cried out; "If anyone thirsts let him come to Me and drink ... this He said about the Spirit whom those who believed in Him were to receive for as yet the Spirit had not yet been given for He was not yet glorified".

Now Jesus HAS been glorified! Remember John 17 - Jesus said; "Father glorify Me with the glory I had before". And He is going back to heaven - died on the Cross, raised and ascended on high and was glorified. He spoke to His disciples for 40 days and 10 days later Pentecost. 50 days after Pentecost Jesus was glorified.

The Spirit fell at Pentecost - but this is speaking of the Feast of Tabernacles, the great ingathering - the ultimate climax and consumation of the ages is about to be summed up in a Feast of Tabernacles. A greater outpouring than the Day of Pentecost! A great ingathering of billions of people into the harvest - into salvation in Jesus Christ in our time.

I feel His Presence upon me. The Feast of Tabernacles - the great ingathering. I am going to read seven things that the Old Covenant teaches that this Feast was about. I will read them and close! I can give you Scriptures for each of these seven things that all talk about the Feast of Tabernacles - the great ingathering, the great outpouring - greater than Pentecost!

1. It was a Feast that manifested unity - not institutional but organic unity. I wrote this down about the Florida Outpouring while I was watching this on streaming on Thursday morning. I felt God speak this to me and I wrote it down;

"About this anointing through the media - what God impressed me with was that this anointing is linking and joining on-fire Christians in a conciousness and awareness of global unity - a sense of desiring and standing for each other's success and for everyone's protection. The Body of Christ loving one another Because of the anointing of the Feast of Tabernacle coming on the earth".

Let's stand with the global day of prayer in the city next week - there is an anointing of organic unity. I don't like minister's fraternals -

I don't like arranged unity and organised unity and we all have to go down to the lowest denominator and agree to disagree. That's not unity! Unity is dynamic and it is powerful! It is the outpouring of God that will bring a Feast of Tabernacle unity and the power of the Spirit and not man organising it!

2. It is a Feast of Joy. It speaks of ecstatic joy in the Feast of Tabernacles! For 1900 years there has been a drought of joy. This Feast will bring ecstatic joy.

3. It is a Feast of Ingathering. A great ingathering of the harvest in the time of the rains.

4. It is a Feast of Rest. There comes a peace and a rest in the Presence of God. How many want to enter rest on a daily basis?

5. It is a Feast of Glory. The Church will pass from the realm of the natural into the realm of the supernatural.

6. It is a Feast of Restoration. The prophets are talking about God restoring all things now! Even a lost penknife - a lost wallet - a lost suitcase - things are falling from the air in front of them! "Lord I want my penknife back" - bam! There it is on the bed! Family are gathering! Natural things are being restored around the earth. But it also means that every gift and every ministry are being restored and even important are going to be positioned correctly in the Body of Christ. Evangelists are not going to try and be teachers and pastors. Everyone will be ordered - restoration of EVERYTHING! That has been lost through the years of the Dark Ages.

7. It is a Feast of His Appearing. In the middle of this Jesus will suddenly appear as He did in John 7. He started teaching - revelation from the Son of God. His manifestation will appear in the glory in the Feast of Tabernacle.

"There is coming a distinction between those who will walk under an open heaven depending on God in sincerity and integrity and genuinely depending on the supernatural and those who are intellectual, self-righteous, legalistic, and religious. The shakings that are coming and the revival that is coming will make a distinction in the Body of Christ".

Could it really be that we are about to see "The Feast of Tabernacles" come to pass in our day?! Whatever God has in store, let the prophets keep their eyes peeled for the horizon. It just may be that we are going to see the glory of God come rushing in like a flood with the sound of many waters!

Friday, May 09, 2008

"The Power of the Printed Word" by Don Basham

from New Wine Magazine - July 1982

"When God wants to communicate the gospel to men, He rarely uses angels. He uses men. In the book of Acts we read that God sent an angel to Cornelius to tell him to ask Peter to preach the gospel to him. Why didn't the angel himself just preach the gospel to Cornelius? Because that is not the way the gospel is spread. The good news is preached by men and as we men have the burden to publish the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our motivation as publishers - whether of magazines, newsletters or tapes - is to communicate God's truth.

We believe that God has entrusted us with a truly significant ministry, and because of that we want to enlist your prayers and your support. Our vision of the work we have to do can be outlined briefly by ten observations concerning the significance of the printed word in ministry.

1. The published word prepares the way for personal ministry.

As the members of the Educational Board have travelled in ministry over the years, we have discovered a greater degree of preparedness among audiences in areas where our literature has gone before us to pave the way for the spoken ministry.

2. The published word greatly extends personal ministry.

The written word can reach a much broader audience than the spoken word. I began to realize this truth 3 weeks after "Face Up with a Miracle" was published when I received a letter from a missionary in Thailand who said that the book was being used to help foster a tremendous spiritual revival there. Almost overnight, my ministry had extended halfway round the world.

3. The published word refines our personal ministry.

When we first present the word of God in a spoken setting, it is usually at the developing stage. But by the time the word is published, it has been refined, clarified, distilled and matured.

4. The published word perpetuates personal ministry.

In other words, the published word becomes permanent. We can be grateful for that because if all we had was the oral tradition of Bible times, much that God said to His people probably would have been lost. The vast volume of literature that is our heritage exists because the revelations given by God to inspired men through the years have been put in a permanent record and widely distributed.

5. The published word is extremely portable.

Books, tapes, newsletters and magazines will go into places that a person would never be able to go.

6. The published word seems non-threatening and disarming.

Often people in need of ministry may feel threatened by a church or other group setting. In such a situation, a publication can often get into a home or any other setting and bring about a revolution.

Although the published word is innocent in appearance it actually has the power to change lives.

7. The published word is comparably inexpensive.

We can distribute a great deal of significant truth over a vast area for a relatively small amount of money.

8. The published word can be distributed in tremendous quantities.

With the proper resources we can blanket an area, a nation or even the world with the truth of the gospel.

9. God anoints the published word just as He does the spoken word.

We continually recieve testimonies about how God used the things that have been written and recorded. People's lives have often been dramatically changed by what they have read - even healings have taken place when God anointed someone's use of the material. I once received a letter of testimony from a young housewife who had polio and been on crutches for six years. She had been sitting in her laundry room reading "Face Up With a Miracle". Without realizing that God had touched her as she read, she got up, walked over to the washing machine and was emptying out before she realized that she had left her crutches behind.

The Lord had healed her as she sat in the chair reading the book, God will anoint the published word just as He will anoint personal ministry.

10. Finally the published word preserves and provides a record of God's revelation to His people in our day.

Every generation has a responsibility to record it's own heritage of God's dealings with them. The published word preserves our heritage and leaves a legacy for generations to come.

We believe that by God's grace He has given us a unique ministry. The five of us - Charles Simpson, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Ern Baxter and myself - who by His design were joined together more than a decade ago, certainly don't have the only message God is speaking today. But we believe that He has given us a unique and distinct message, and we feel a deep responsibility as stewards of it. We have come to see that one way God can extend, bless and use our message is through the published word. So we ask your prayers and support to help us be faithful in the presentation of the ministry that God has entrusted to us.