Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back from a MIRACLE Weekend in Eastbourne!!

What a weekend ... what a God! I can't believe we almost missed it! Rob Rufus's ministry was, of course absolutely outstanding. But what makes him (in my eyes) an even more extraordinary man of God is that he is releasing the Church of God into it's full and complete destiny. What I experienced and encountered this weekend was all encountered without Rob's hands touching me. (I still haven't met him yet!). I am going to be posting a full report and all my sermon notes on the Rob Rufus "Grace and Glory" blog over the next few days.

PS: Can I strongly recommend the Kings Church Eastbourne website (and the church!). It really is an outstanding gathering of God's people. Graham Marsh (the senior pastor) seems strongly stirred by the glory descending this weekend and it seems the church is going to be stepping into a new realm of signs, wonders and miracles! Let it be so! They are a people of faith, vision and certainly one to watch. In a time when "glory and grace" churches are in short supply in the United Kingdom certainly - it's awesome to stand and worship the manifest glory of God and know I didn't have to leave the UK to find God is here! The website is a wonderful resource also - there's MP3's and videos to enjoy. I've downloaded John Hosier speaking from a few Sundays ago on "The Ministries God gives".

For now here's a taste of Rob preaching the Gospel on the Sunday morning at Eastbourne:

And the ministry of impartation of the Holy Spirit from the Saturday conference (particularly watch about 30 seconds in when he shouts "FIRE!!"):

Keep your eyes peeled!! Rob closed the conference by saying;

"Revival isn't coming to the United Kingdom - it's already come - it's here AMONG us!".


AmandaW said...

WOOHOO!!! So glad you got to go Dan, and thanks so much for sharing these tidbits of what you experienced. It seems like all of heaven is excited and cheering about what God is doing in the earth! Amazing days we live in...Hope you'll write more about the weekend when you have time. Lakeland continues to be a bit different each night and to show the love of Jesus for His people. I wish we could see a map with all the little fire breakouts pinpointed all over the world! Blessings

lydia joy said...

I am thrilled you got to go!!!

james b said...

Phewwwwwww ....... it makes my hair stand on end to see it!! WHAT a servant of God!! Can it really be that the impartation is coming through the video clip and the computer screen!?!? From Rob to me!?!? Wowwwwwwww!!

Peter Day said...

Having been there for the Friday evening and all day Saturday, it truly was an awesome time, the presence of God was electric, and the power of God saturated the place. On Saturday night, the whole room felt thick with the glory of God. It truly was amazing.

At church on Sunday during the music practice someone said "we don't need to ask how the conference was - just look at you!" And I'm hungry for more and more!

And, yes, James. I just watched the clip of the ministry time and the same fire in the meeting came upon me again - waves of joy!

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Dan Bowen said...

Thanks to all of you for your excitement - it means so much. Apart from credit savvy - I am not sure who you are ;)

Hey James!

"Can it really be that the impartation is coming through the video clip and the computer screen!?!? From Rob to me!?!?"

This is something that the Holy Spirit is really making me think about seriously. I would always traditionally have said "No" - coming from a revivalist tradition like Lloyd-Jones who didn't like audio tapes! But Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring is making me re-think this.

I agree 100% with Pete! Yes! You definately receive something from video clips and that's why I so wanted to take a few at Eastbourne if I could - even though I wasn't that close to Rob. I think they act as "fire-starters". I think they excite our hearts and the Holy Spirit within us begins to swell as we see fellow Christians in the global church being touched by the Presence of God.

Because God doesn't want ANYONE to miss out! And this is such an encouragement to me as I can't afford to go to Florida yet. I have received so much from God just from watching God TV.

So let's keep watching!