Monday, May 26, 2008

Believe the Unbelievable!!

Whatever our personal feelings about Todd Bentley - his tattoos, his piercings or his angels - I feel so strongly that God is divinely and sovereignly keeping attention on HIM. HE is the miracle-working God! True there may be the counterfeit - flesh or the devil - which will be revealed by their fruits - but if there is counterfeit, then there is genuine. And that genuine is called a sign and a wonder to POINT to Jesus Christ and to the glory of God.

Cessationists and cynics may say; "What's the point?". You ask someone who has received a miracle what the point is. You ask the man sitting at the Gate Beautiful what the point was. You ask this lady on this video clip what the point is! You ask the hundreds who have stepped out of wheelchairs in this Florida Outpouring what the point is! You ask the hurting and the suffering and the broken who have had their lives met by the power of God what the point is! You ask the "ALL" that Jesus healed what the point was?!

Thanks to "Heat and Light" for this;

We are truly living in miracle days and it is getting harder and harder for cynics and skeptics to explain away what God is doing. That's why I love Rob's perspective so much - this isn't about Todd Bentley or William Branham or one man. This is about God getting His Church back and finally getting us to do what we SHOULD have always been doing - the works He did and greater works!!

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