Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bob Jones in Lakeland Florida!!

I was very interested to see that the famous prophet Bob Jones went to Lakeland, Florida and was instrumental in giving an impartation to Trevor Baker. I saw more of Bob Jones's ministry to the Lakeland gathering the next night and he spent some time sitting with Todd Bentley on the platform and sharing some thoughts and visions. Here's two video clips - the first is an extract from the conversation that Bob and Todd have. The second is of a discussion between Bob Jones, Todd Bentley and Patricia King - three people that up until now I have been largely unaware of. You may not like them, agree with them - but you cannot deny all three have a passion to KNOW God experientially and go beyond a mere head academic knowledge of duty and obligation.

Here is the slightly longer video of the discussion between Bob Jones, Patricia King and Todd Bentley. Bear in mind this discussion happened prior to the outpouring in Florida. I love the vision, the passion and the desire for MORE of God. This hunger is a key element that Rob Rufus argues is essential in seeing more of God's power and Presence.

Finally I managed to get some incredible photos of a lady who was paralysed in a wheelchair and yet got up out of it and walked. Glory to God! These truly are signs and wonders!



07000intune said...

Dan thanks for doing all that. I found it so helpful. I think you may end up with half our church reading your blog if you go on like this.

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks Chris!! Well the more the merrier - they are all welcome!! I just cannot believe the days in which we live!! Mighty signs and wonders are reaching all nations!! The might of China is going to wake up and realise that the glory of God is the answer and I can see 1 billion 300 million being swept into the Kingdom!