Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Angel Feathers Appearing!!

Okay - I have debated all day whether to post this or not. Because I am ashamed to say that I want to be well thought of. I'm proud of my theological library and love it - and don't want people thinking I am becoming a charismaniac (although I am!). My elder sister commented rather ironically one of the last times I saw her that she thinks I am becoming a "God TV-fanatic". I still do believe in the principle of Word and Spirit - of reformed doctrine and charismatic experience! I still love theologians and academics - but I am not going to govern my life anymore about being well thought of. This event happened to me and it was witnessed by two non-Christians and I want to share it! These events are called "Signs and Wonders" for a reason. They are a sign because they point to the Living One who rules over all and sends angels and they are a "wonder" because they make us think ... so I will share it!

I was working a night shift at the hospice last night and about 02:00 in the morning we went in to check one of the children and turn them so they didn't get sore. As we did so, this feather fluttered down through the air and fell on the child. It didn't come from the ceiling. It just .... fluttered down. We all looked at it rather puzzled and picked it up. The hospice doesn't have goose feather duvets on the beds so it couldn't have come from there. We just couldn't figure out where it came from.

Each of us in turn picked it up and as each of us did (and bear in mind my other two collegues were both non-Christians) we all got goose-bumps and a cold shiver swept over us. My collegues decided that it was related to a child who died yesterday in the hospice and that she was "still around". I on the other hand was carrying it around and looking at it and getting continual shivers and decided I think it MUST be a sign of angelic presence in the hospice! This didn't happen in a church meeting or in a conference with a signs and wonders speaker. This happened in my place of work and during a night shift!

There could be some "rational" reason I am sure that some could think up. But you know what? I am so thrilled, touched and excited. Heaven is breaking through into the earth realm. I have always believed that there has been a strong angelic presence in the hospice. The children are the most vulnerable and special children you could hope to meet and I really fervently believe that the love of God is being poured out upon those dear children. I believe He has sent angels to guard and to protect those children. It's quite a sobering thought - to ensure I do the best job I can do as a children's nurse! Angels are walking with me. Angels are watching me and the children they are charges over. If I don't treat them with the utmost care that they as children deserve then I've got angels to answer to!

Hebrews 1:14: "Angels ... Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?".


AmandaW said...

That is just too beautiful! How could you even think of not sharing something so precious and exciting! I'm so glad you did. Again, the Lord is SO find such ways of encouraging us and communicating that He is so near. That's my favorite thing about Him,....except for all the rest of Him!
Don't know if you saw last night's revival broadcast yet...heather clark led worship and was wonderful. Different flavor than Roy Fields but very in tune with the Spirit it seemed to me. Find myself feeling so urgently hungry and thirsty for living in the Glory all the time. Never 'sobering up'. but rather, walking and moving in that realm. Perhaps you had a taste of that on your anointed night shift!

Dan Bowen said...

Wow - no I didn't see that yet! I am increasingly loving Heather Clark especially that prophetic song on You-Tube! What a sensitive and precious servant of God! Anyone who doesn't let women lead worship is missing out on so much from the most awesome gift of God!!

I bet it must be worse for you hungering and thirsting after the Glory when you have actually tasted it! Scott (my best friend) and I agreed that something is just so totally and utterly different this year!! God is breaking into planet Earth!

Thanks so much for your encouragement Amanda - it really means a lot to me!

PS: I got Scott to touch the feather and see if God would use that means to heal his eczma that I have been praying for. He didn't feel anything (although I keep getting goose bumps from it!) but was really excited by what happened!

lydia joy said...

Okay Dan, I have to share a vision or dream(think daydream perhaps) I had regarding you about 2 weeks ago or so, when I was getting so jazzed up about going to Lakeland.
I pictured a few people, but for you, I invisioned the annoiting from Lakeland getting passed to you, not sure how, and that God was going to use you right where you are in the hospice to heal the children you work with. I hestitated to share it..I also felt like regarding your decision to move, God has you right where he wants you.....this post gave me courage to share this and hopefully it encourages you.....

PS - I have been seeing feathers around my house alot lately, I am still skeptical....but I have also been asking for angels every day now to keep us goose down comforters or dead white birds here????

Don said...

Dan, remember our recent discussion about your role in the hospice? The angels are there to HELP/STRENGTHEN you as you comfort them and silently pray for them. Look on this feather as a confirmation of your godly serving-authority in that place.

Don't be reluctant to accept this!

Besides caring for them with the love and wisdom of the Spirit of Jesus pouring through you, you may one day pray for one of these children and see them healed! Haven't we all been wondering when the glory of God is going to invade the hospitals, and start emptying beds?

And, the angels are there to GUARD the little children, just as you say.

However, you don't have angels to answer to -- you and they both answer to the same loving King. (But one day, you and many others will, in Jesus Christ, judge angels from the throne of heaven.)

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks so much both Lydia and Don!! I really take all and any visions really seriously that are given to me and I am so grateful to God that He is speaking through dear and trusted friends - of which you two are. I am so SO utterly "amped" (to use a South African-ism I learnt from Fini and Isi and Rob and Ryan!!) - about even the possibility of receiving from Lakeland!!

But this sense you had that this anointing is for my job - AMEN! I am totally getting the sense that this outpouring is to change the world!! I absolutely know that it is right that I am in the hospice at the moment, building up my experience and paying off my debts.

But I just find that my heart skips a beat every time that Rob Rufus mentions planting children's hospices in China and seeing signs and wonders and miracles there. THAT'S my heart! To see the flames of revival sweep across China mainland and change that country forever!!

But until then I'm happy in Birmingham, London, Hong Kong, Canada, USA - WHEREVER God wants me trained and learning!! :D

jul said...

Hudson Taylor was trained by real life in the medical field in England before going to China...

I want a feather! Or something! I love when you share these things, who cares what certain people think anyway?

Dan Bowen said...


"I want a feather! Or something!".

I know SO what you mean! I think it was Joshua Mills and Kaye Beyer that just made me feel so desperate - its not the PHENOMENON itself that we're longing after is it!? I mean if that was the case - then I would go pluck something with feathers and set up "Angel Feathers Ministry" and send them all over the world!

What we are desperate for is a sign that God - the Living God - our beloved Abba has walked by and has been near to us. We're just so hungry to be able to say (as in the book of 1 Cor) that "GOD is in this place!!". In fact - not even say it, but like Solomon's priests, simply fall down and worship and do nothing

Gold dust?! Feathers?!! Manna!??! Gems!!? Shaking!?! Falling!?!? Rattling?!?! Rolling?!? I don't care what manifestation!! I just want God's unveiled face!!

I love how Todd Bentley distinguished between the PRESENCE of God and the GLORY of God. Moses asked for God's Presence and He promised it! BUT Moses wasn't satisfied!! He then went on to say "Show me Your glory".

Well most evangelicals would have stopped at the "Presence" question wouldn't they?! God's omnipresent so all is well. But that wasn't enough for Moses in a covenant of shadows and of fading glory!

Well how much MORE should we be pressing in boldly saying "Lord! Here we are! The price has been paid!! Show us Your glory!!".

Don said...

Dan, what an excellent point you make. It was the people who rejected a face-to-face relationship with God, and being a priesthood of all believers -- not Moses. He ended up pitching his own tent outside the camp, next to the tabernacle of meeting.

And, as you remind us, it's right there in Scripture telling us that Moses wasn't content with halfway measures -- he asked for everything God would give him! And God didn't reject or chastise him for wanting to see God's GLory!

Plus, I love what God revealed as his Glory passed in front of Moses: right after repeating his covenant name twice: the LORD, the LORD -- God revealed what I think is the innermost essence of his heart: "compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth..." (Ex 34:6). He places this character trait AHEAD of any description of his holiness.

This is why James could write: "...judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy; mercy triumphs over judgment;" and, why Jesus twice in Matthew quotes Hosea 6:6: "I desire mercy, not sacrifice".

Anonymous said...

i am collecting feathers and the first feather i found was a angel feather

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me how you can prove they are angel feathers. It is assumed that because some angels have wings that they must have chook like feathers. Flys, gnats, various insects also have wings, so do planes. Should one fall off a jet wing I guess I would be convinced even without any scriptural proof

Anonymous said...

On the third day after my grandma's funeral in April, I found a feather in my office, stuck between the two drawers. It has an extremely delicate structure, I checked with a microscope, so I doubt that it is man-made. First I threw it into the garbage, but then I started to search on Google for a meaning. Then I ran to the garbage can and retrieved it. Now it is on my desk ... a daily reminder of the higher powers...

Anonymous said...

My husband, brother, sister, mother, friend and I are all finding in the most random places and times, spiral angel feathers of all colors. And recently in my devotions tiny tiny little white feathers almost like dust particles floating down around me and stuck on my pajamas as if they fell on me while I was sleeping (no down pillows or blankets I've checked them all). I cannot find any bird on this earth with a spiral twisted feather it is truly angelic. Of the large ones we have found white, copper, green, pink, red, orange, black and grey. if anyone is finding these as well, feel free to contact me I would love to hear the report!

Cait said...

I love it! I have many feathers...they rock:) Just a sign of His Presence! Whoo!

Nattychan said...

I'm kind of scared to admit it but the same thing also happned to me. There was a period in my life when the world turned it's back on me. I was scared and didn't know what to do. A friend of mine who also was non christian came over becouse I was falling appart. But then I just had to do something.. I wrote a letter in a language that I didn't knew it was real. I just took a pen and draw a letter. Later on I grabbed a glass bowl filth with water and a kristal marble and threw the water with the kristal to some flowers... and then a white feather fell out of the sky. On that moment on my face changed from crying to smiling. Later on.. we walked further and another white feather fell but that was inside a building. A few meters there was another feather. My friend just looked at me and she was just as surpriced as I was. It was the most beautifull message I've ever recieved, becouse I knew from that day on that someone is watching over me.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english. ^^

*Fairyduster said...

A similar thing happened to me and I even created a post on this subject:

Feathers have a tendency to show up in my life at important times and I believe they are a sign of comfort especially if they are of the purest white! :-)

I found your post only today as I was preparing a lens on Squidoo.

Yesterday somebody asked to buy my picture of the feather for a budding business, after asking for further information and liking what I read, I just decided to lend my picture for free (providing a link to my website) as it was a celestial gift with no real price tag on it! Or so I though! :-)

Daisy Rogers said...

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