Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Together on a Mission 2007 Reports!

Here they are ... the reports from "Together on a Mission 2007". There's little more I can actually say about this conference. The sessions speak for themselves!

This session was famous during the conference because people were being turned away as the venue was full. It's easy to see why - the anointing upon the meeting was tangible even through the recording.

This is a first for me this year - I've gathered together all the best quotes I heard during the week and put it on our "Pentecostal/Charismatic Postit Notes" blog.

Each year Newfrontiers produce a high quality DVD showing the highlights of the conference. Thanks to You-Tube - it's available here!

During the reading of the Word of God - Rob Rufus suddenly brought this incredible prophecy - that suicide bombers will be felled by the glory of God and turned from haters to lovers.

Although there weren't as many prophecies as at TOAM 06 - those that were given were of awesome weight. I will be posting more when the full recordings are made available.

Here are the links to the other session reports:

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