Friday, August 03, 2007

New Wine Magazine Archives Online!!

Some may remember when Terry Virgo went over to speak at the Charles Simpson Leadership Conference in 2006. He came back and reported in his "Firstline" that Charles Simpson Ministries would be making the New Wine Magazine available online shortly. I am thrilled to be able to report that day has arrived!

The Charles Simpson Ministry website has had a wonderful upgrade and the Archives of the New Wine Magazine can be found here.

The Archives are not complete yet - the magazines from June 1969 to December 1976 are available - but I am sure the rest will be coming soon. Whatever one's view on the Shepherding Movement or indeed on the present ministry of Apostles and Prophets today - the New Wine Magazine is undisputedly an invaluable resource today and should not be lost.

David Moore wrote;

"...essential for an accurate history of the Shepherding movement is a complete collection of New Wine. The magazine published from 1969 through to 1986 was the principal publishing voice of the five teachers and the movement".


Mark H said...

wow! this is an awesome resource. I'll enjoy reading these

James B said...

Incredible! Thanks for keeping an eye out for these!