Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rob Rufus at Mobilise 2007!!

Rob Rufus addressed the Mobilise crowd on the last day of the conference. I SOO wanted to sneak in and pretend I was one of them! I have just listened to the session and here are the notes. Once again he was so on fire and you could tell he was impacting those 1, 600 who were listening.

Mobilise 2007 – Rob Rufus.

From the 6th June 2007 we entered a very significant period in the planet. Something very significant happened in the earth. Certain things are referenced off God’s calendar in the earth. God got ready to pour out on the next generation since 1967 a new revival – new waves of music, new things – for His people. Prior to 1967 society was relatively innocent. Instead of taking the new waves of music coming the church stuck with the organ and so the devil opened a counterfeit portal of false glory and took the sounds God was bringing and gave them to the Beetles. Something happened in what they called the “Summer of Love” in 1967. Something happened in that generation that has brought destruction on subsequent generations to come – the release of AIDS/HIV, promiscuity. It really was the “Summer of Lust”.

God has waited for years until 6th June 2007 to pour out a new portal of glory and a whole generation will get into the supernatural of God. God is raising you up – there will new sounds, different styles of music and you will be avant guarde. Some of God’s leading preachers today will be under the age of 30. This is a new generation that things will never be the same again from 6th June 2007! This is your time and your generation!

What are you putting into your heart right now? What are you building in your life so that you are fresh for Jesus in another 30 years time? No one has ever had to come and beg us and plead with us to get on fire. There is nothing cynical or sceptical in my heart. There is a heart passionate in love with Jesus and it is getting better day after day. The question is – what was established in my heart in those early years that propelled Glenda and myself to keep going? The way is scattered with millions of casualties who didn’t finish the race.

A sign of maturity is enthusiasm, boldness and passion and it sickens me that people think it is the young who are passionate and the older should get more cynical, more reserved.

Didn’t come to Jesus because I was lonely and needed friends. I was looking for the Presence of God. Didn’t want to get with a group of people just for a social reason. I was arrested and called by an encounter with God. It has only been the Presence of God that has kept me going day by day. God doesn’t need our youthful enthusiasm – He needs our humility and weakness. It is easy to be passionate at a conference with smoke machines but has the Presence of the Living God come and met you and commissioned you? Have you realised that this walk is about dying to ourselves and our future and it is all about His will alone. What are you setting in motion right now in your heart?

If divine encounters are not happening then this conference will be a sentimental fond memory in 30 years time.

God said this is a new generation and we do not need to come under a counterfeit portal of glory. It is the under 30’s who will take much in this time and lead much in this time. The apostles were called at the age of 18 or 19. Let’s believe and see pastors who can lead young and old despite their age.

Divine encounters should happen weekly to make us realise that we are but a moment – what investments, what priorities will keep you razor like focused in your call for the will of God? Did we sell out for convenience or did we come as a prophetic voice for my generation?

Find where the mountains are, find where the forests are and shut the mobile phone off and get alone with God for a divine encounter with Him!

You will not make it unless you regularly encounter God!

This conference is about mission but look at how many times God broke in during Acts. They prayed for empowering after empowering! You cannot make mission for the rest of your life on one encounter with God! You ought to hear the inward audible voice of God yourself! Somewhere we must shut out the noise of the world. Build spending time with God alone in your life! Otherwise you will simply become an eating machine passing it through your body and counting down and waiting for death.

One of the biggest deceptions of youth is that we rely on that youth.

There are many ministries in their forties and fifties that could be much more effective for God but relied on their psychic reserves in their souls that are dried up and they should be instead have been relying on divine encounters with God to refresh their souls. Enjoy youth but don’t rely on it for your spirituality! Don’t think you have got endless spirituality just because you feel like it! Don’t go to bed late every night – cut down on activities and distractions and technology. Get more rest. Get into divine encounters with God. Build fortitude into your soul now because the higher levels of encounters you go the bigger devils you will meet.

If we were going in to the land with Joshua and Caleb we should have been asking them everything we could that their generation did wrong so that we don’t make the same mistakes. Don’t get arrogant. Our generation is no better. We are just privileged to see with hindsight.

Don’t burn up youthful energy. Preserve it. We are not strong. We don’t have endless resources.

It is our constant dependence on God to have complete divine encounters with Him that will preserve you and keep you going.

The more you experience the Holy Spirit, the more you learn His address and you know how to go back to that experience and learn to encounter Him on your own.

I pray that this Joshua generation enter the land and take the land!

Suicide bombers are not trying to be liked by society – they are the counterfeit! God wants to wrap glory bombs around us and allow us to run into society and affect it by letting that glory off!

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