Saturday, August 04, 2007

Prom Praise 30th Anniversary Celebration DVD!

I've just brought a new DVD produced by the All Soul's Orchestra from All Souls, Langham Place. The wonderful conductor - Noel Tredinnick - writes (somewhat prophetically I believe);

"I sense that if there is a risk at this time, it could be of too great a polarisation between the different approaches - to see the Christian family fall into ghettos driven merely on the basis of musical taste is distressing. We are feeling now that one of the most significant contributions that we as an orchestra can offer the church is to be a bridge ... a bridge between the traditionalist and the charismatic; a bridge between the discouraged Christian and a renewed vision of God at work; a bridge between the music-loving seeker and the Gospel".

Attending Prom Praise at the Royal Albert Hall was a lifeline was it was during the years when my home church was changing and becoming functionally cessationist. I was shocked therefore to be mocked by a man I once respected at Stoneleigh Bible Week for enjoying a somewhat different style of music to contemporary charismatic music. I have written why I believe Noel Tredinnick is right and we must keep our love of music broad here on the worship blog.

Let us resist falling into "ghettos" of music during our worship!


Bev C said...

Now I wouldn't have put you in that category at ALL of like All Souls and their music! You continue to shock me Mr Bowen!!

James B said...

I think Stuart Townend was a guest at this event if I remember rightly - proof that he too wants to bridge the gap along with the All Souls Orchestra and see worship rising up from all ranks!

I am shocked that someone would scoff at the All Souls events as "not being worship". That to me is religious snobbery at it's worst. If you have been to an event, you will testify to hearty passionate singing that blows the roof off! Just because they don't raise their hands or dance maybe!!

I heard that the manager of the Royal Albert Hall was so profoundly moved by the passion from the Prom Praise event that I think he came along to an evangelistic event at All Souls, Langham Place!

Yes - let's beware the charismatic ghettos. Worship is worship from whatever strains it arises! I know some of us may not like Bambalaya or however you spell it, but it is different and it is good for us to experience another strain!!

Dan Bowen said...

Stuart was indeed there - wearing a trilby!! Thanks for comments - I am glad I'm not alone in appreciating a different blend of music. Although I do doubt the origin of Bambalaya ... can we really have to learn those actions when we are in heaven!? ;)

I don't think it would be to my particular taste to have an orchestral feel week by week at church, but that's just me. I prefer the thrill of charismatic life - what will happen, what will God do?! But that being said I love and thrill at the opportunity to bellow out grand old hymns.

My only complaint to the DVD ... they have massacred "Thine by the Glory" in FIEC "Praise!" book style. "Thine be the Glory" is now "Christ is all Glory" or something like that. Horrors! I am not pleased!