Thursday, November 01, 2007

Life on Wings Videos

One of the first Ern Baxter documents that I transcribed was "Life on Wings" - a series of interviews that Ern conducted with Pastor Dewey Friedel shortly before he died. My friend Mark Heath kindly hosted the document for me and I have been so blessed to receive many emails speaking of the interest in it. I remember the first time my senior pastor sat me down and showed me the videos and I confess the tears flowed down my face as I watched the introduction to these videos - Ern Baxter, though dead, spoke again!

I thought it would be of interest to post those two video clips. The first contains snatches of an interview with Ern's administrator Ritch Carlton who spoke of the spiritual warfare involved in Ern's life.

The second is significant because it has "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes - a homage to Ern Baxter's Scottish roots but shows clips of photos from his life and ends with Ern concluding the interviews in prayer.

I trust and hope that they bless and stir mightily!


Anonymous said...

Incredible and very interesting viewing! I must admit it really makes my hair stand on end to finally see snatches of the great man in the flesh! What a servant of God! What a man! Can you by any chance post more clips?

Dr S A J Burgess

James B said...

I agree - I think it's what Rob Rufus means when he talks about the "Timelessness of the glory!!". Yes surely Ern Baxter was a man - but his anointing - his mantle - his giftings are still needed today! Awesome - yes I agree - post more!

Peter Day said...

Both these clips are truly amazing. It is a sobering reminder about the spiritual warfare implications of being around Ern Baxter (and indeed publishing his material).

Also, I believe that his prayer in the second video is vitally important. I love the way he doesn't simply pray "come, Lord Jesus" (as important as that is), but he prayers for the ingathering of the precious souls that will precede that coming. He says "hasten the day when the sons of men turn their steps back home to the door which is Jesus Christ."

He is praying for the victory of the church! Hallelujah!

God has answered your prayer. These videos have indeed blessed and stirred mightily.