Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ern Baxter baptized in the Holy Spirit!!

One of the most important aspects to the "Life on Wings" interviews with Dr Ern Baxter that Mark Heath so kindly hosted for me was the very personal insights into one of the greatest prophetic preachers of the last century. The first video covered aspects of Ern's testimony and this video clip that I am posting was his testimony as to how he first received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. May this video clip cause many to ask "have I received?". This inheritance is a birthright of every believer as promised in the Word of God! Furthermore it is something to be SEEN and HEARD. If you've received the Holy Spirit in power then people will know.

The transcript of the interview clip is below;

In context he said just previously;

"And it was in that conference that I met God in the dimension of the Holy Spirit and had a dynamic experience on July 2nd at twenty minutes to 4 in the morning and I just had a visitation of God and in the process I clearly heard the Lord speaking in my consciousness which I have always considered to be my call and it was simply this: “I want you to preach My Word”. And that has stood me through 60 years. Because time and again when I had been tempted to go this way or that way or do something I hadn’t been called to do – I remembered the word of this calling: “I want you to preach My Word”.

Then the actual video clip;

"I don’t know maybe 200 or 300 people gathered, but people began to filter off and go off to their cottages and so on because this was a big conference complex. And I was hungry now – I had sort of a desperation because I saw that I was the odd man out. About midnight I thought; “Well I guess this wasn’t for me”.

I’d been in this prayer meeting and so I went to my cabin and it wasn’t far from the auditorium. I threw myself on the top of my bed and as I lay there I heard the sounds of joy coming from the tabernacle. I don’t know how long I lay there but I got up again and went back. There was a young man deeply involved with the Spirit some distance from me and suddenly God put a faith in my heart to get up and go and identify with him. So I got up and went and identified with him. The minute I put my arm around him, God visited me.

And I was filled with holy laughter and this may sound strange to some people but how God acts on people is different. I laughed with a laughter I had never laughed with before. It was holy – it was deep. And then I began to speak with an unknown tongue and I couldn’t stop.

That was at twenty minutes to four in the morning. And for 3 days I lived in the Presence of this life-changing, career-changing moment. I go back to it again and again in especially in times of discouragement. I go back to it and realise the sovereignty of God and the sovereignty of His actions. There I was a few months before facing probable death from tuberculosis and now here I am wrapped up in the might and power of God and not knowing where I’m going but excited and full of joy in the Holy Ghost".

In all our interest (and quite correct interest) in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and our desire to see them flood the Church today, let's not forget this promise of the Risen Christ that He is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit and stands ready and willing to give us this joy unspeakable and full of glory - this encounter with Him!

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James B said...

This is an absolutely VITAL video clip for you to post. Thanks so so much for sharing from your personal private archives of ERn. I found my spirit so stirred and motivated prophetically from hearing him speak of the Holy Spirit coming upon him. And that he got holy laughter!! Awesome! I wonder what he would have made of Toronto Blessing then? But i join you in your prayer and passion that people would see this and begin to become thirsty and hungry for their own baptism of power.

So often we don't get to see or hear these men and their own personal encounters with God mainly because I guess they don't want to seem arrogant or pushing themselves forward. But I am so glad that these video clips were made and taht you are saving them, preserving them and making them public!

We owe a great thank you to the man you got these videos off.