Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Ern Baxter Archive

*18th January 2007* - in honour of the New Year I have been busy doing some housekeeping and have updated this Archive page. I hope it still remains useful! I have added all the Ern Baxter transcripts I have done so they can be accessed. Some of my own writing I have taken off as I felt it is no longer quite so relevant in the changing times and I have added others.

As I was transcribing the previous interview with Ern Baxter, I noted that this is my 189th blog entry since I began this website, and was concious that at present, it is a bit of a long rambling sprawl! So I felt it would be a useful practice to organise the entries into classifications. It might be an interesting study - to see and assess what my real passions are, as I am sure they are what I would write. Mainly I hope it will be a useful source for accessing any articles or pieces of writing that may be of interest.

1. Dr Ern Baxter in print.

Archived Photographs of Ern Baxter along with the Discourses he held with Bishop Earl Paulk in Word format and the entire Archive of everything I have transcribed thus far - found here. This is loaded on Google Base.

"There is a generation hungry for Ern Baxter".

"The launch of Ern Baxter dot com!" - a landmark for me personally.

a) Sermons.

- "Thy Kingdom Come!" - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6. Dr Ern Baxter was closing the Kansas City Shepherds Conference in 1975 and it was quite possibly (according to many) one of the most powerful, dynamic and awesome sermons he ever preached.

- "The Spirit and the Word" - Extracts from this most significant of sermons on a theme that would dominate Ern Baxter's life.

- "Life on Wings" - one of the most famous of Ern's sermons. Part 1 and Part 2.

- "The Government of God" - Ern Baxter's keynote closing address at the Kansas City Shepherds Conference in 1977.

- "A Serious Neglect" - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Ern Baxter addresses the neglect of Resurrection in much of evangelical life. He quotes I Howard Marshall; "According to the theology expressed in the Acts of the Apostles the fundamental place in salvation history is to be assigned to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ".

- "The Land Located and Described" - A summary of the key message from the series "Where Are We Going?" given at the Dales Bible Week 1976. The complete transcript of the message is here.

- "Kadesh Barnea" - A summary of the closing message from the series "Where Are We Going?" given at the Dales Bible Week 1976. The complete transcript of the message is here.

- "Sovereign Surprises" - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 - A sermon preached at New Covenant Church, Dunstable in September 1983.

- "Baking Cakes Without a Word" - the prelude to the series; "The King, the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit".

- "How Must the Glorious Church of Christ Function?" - Restoration envisaged in practice.

- "What on Earth is God Saying About Discipling the Nations?" - a deeply Biblical study of the glorious view of the end time Church.

b) Interviews.

- "Three Discourses" between Dr Ern Baxter and Bishop Earl Paulk. A series of discussions held during the "King, Kingdom and Holy Spirit" Conference.

"Discourse 1" - Part 1 and Part 2.

"Discourse 2" - Part 1 and Part 2.

"Discourse 3" - Part 1.

- "Regarding William Branham" - An interview with Ern from the New Wine Magazine.

- "God of Surprises" - An interview with Dr Ern Baxter with particular reference to his passion for the remarriage of Word and Spirit and the belief in a God of sovereign surprises.

- An Interview with Ern Baxter - taken in August 1986 with particular reference to the issue of seeking the Lord.

- "Concerning Shepherding" - an extract from the interview series, "Life on Wings". Dr Baxter dealt with the controversies over the Shepherding Movement.

- "Before the Throne" - an extract from an interview with Baxter on worship.

- "Change" - A rare interview with Don Basham, Ern Baxter, Bob Mumford and Charles Simpson in January 1985.

- "Declaring God's Purpose" - Looking to the future and Christ will win!

c) Articles.

- An extended article by Ern Baxter reporting on his time in the United Kingdom in 1977 entitled "A Demonstration of His Glory" - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. This report included the very significant time that Ern spent at the Dales Bible Week 1977 where he taught on spiritual warfare and there was significant angelic manifestations there.

- "The Kingdom of God becomes Reality Through the Holy Spirit" Series - Part 1 and Part 2. A series designed to understand the Holy Spirit in greater depth and detail using notes from Ern Baxter's Archive.

Part 1 - "The Gift of Prophecy" - We are told to earnestly desire ... especially this gift!

Part 2 - "Sealed with the Holy Spirit" - A vital subject. Misunderstanding it is the reason the Church is in the mess that it's in according to Dr Lloyd-Jones.

Part 3 - "The Holy Spirit as Dew" - A beautiful picture of the way the Holy Spirit may fall!

Part 4 - "The Holy Spirit as a Dove" - Showing how easily He can be quenched and grieved.

Part 5 - "The Holy Spirit as Holy Anointing Oil" - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3. This most precious of substances used in the Old Testament in great mystery. Here Dr Baxter applies it to the Holy Spirit.

Part 6 - "The Holy Spirit as the Dynamic of the New Covenant" - Ern Baxter agues that we have become side-tracked on the blood.

Part 7 - "The Holy Spirit as Fire" - The Holy Spirit alone can produce spiritual fervency.

- Ern Baxter and the Word of God - the subheadings that Ern applied to each book of the Bible.

- An article by Ern Baxter on "The Charismatic Movment" - Part 1 and Part 2.

- "The Earth Is the Lord's!" - an article from the New Wine magazine - Part 1 and Part 2.

- "David's Three Anointings" - a few words from "The King and His Army" - Lakes 1975.

- "The Fear of the Lord" - an extract from "God's Agenda".

- "Our Great Lack" - a pastoral article in Ern Baxter's "Tabernacle Tidings" - Nov 1956.

- "Resisting the Holy Spirit and the Treachery of Tradition" - An Extract from the "King, Kingdom and Holy Spirit".

- "A Shepherd's Characteristics" - an extract from "The Chief Shepherd and His Sheep" by Ern Baxter.

"Good Foundations: Repentance" - an article by Ern from the New Wine Magazine.

d) Book Reviews.

- Ern Baxter on "Building a Library".

- "The Shepherding Movement" by S David Moore. A vital resource for anyone interested in what the Fort Lauderdale Five were really upto.

- A summary of "Secular Humanism" - a book in which Ern Baxter was a key contributer.

- A summary of "God's Agenda" - a book by Ern Baxter that I had just received.

- A summary of "The King, the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit" - another book by Ern, that I received as a gift from All Nations in Cardiff - Ministry Without Borders. Many thanks to them!

e) Resources.

- "Audio Ministry" - a list of the audio ministry of Dr Ern Baxter that I have at present available for copying and sending.

- "Ern Baxter Sermons Online" - Courtesy of Mark Heath.

- Ern Baxter's sermon notes on "The Two Houses".

f) Songs.

- A hymn written by Ern Baxter celebrating the dominion of our glorious God.

g) Autobiographical and Biographical Material.

- Extracts from "The Chief Shepherd and His Sheep" covering aspects of Ern Baxter's life.

Part 1 (The Trossachs Experience

Part 2 (Word and Spirit)

Part 3 (The Healing Movement and the Latter Rain Movement).

Part 4 (Why the Ebb?) concerns a vital issue as to why the charismatic anointing leaves a move of the Holy Spirit.

- And finally Part 5 (The Charismatic Movement - A Time to Grow Up) - The Spirit and the Word must come together.

2. The Church! The Passion of God's Son!

- "The 50 Most Influential Churches in the United Kingdom".

The now infamous list that I wrote and researched, provoked by the article by Time magazine for the churches in the United States. I ranked the churches as "significant" looking particularly at; the 'Antioch' status of the church - i.e how many churches it has planted, the influence of the senior pastor or leading elders and their ministry, and also (although I didn't want to) the historical significance of the building in which they meet.

Church of Christ the King, Brighton, All Souls Langham Place and Westminster Chapel made it to the top ten.

- Session Reports from "Together on a Mission 2006" - the conference was marked by Rob Rufus bringing an amazing dimension of the Holy Spirit along with the promise that God has begun a work that will change us as a people forever.

- Summary Report from "Let the Nations Be Glad!" - Brighton 2005. Scotty became a Christian and Terry Virgo told us to never forget the "coming upon of the Spirit of God!".

- Review of the April-June 2007 Newfrontiers Magazine - Theme: "Healing".

- Review of the January-March 2007 Newfrontiers Magazine - Theme: "Authority".

- Review of the October-December 2006 Newfrontiers Magazine - Theme: "The Tide is Turning!".

- "Christchurch, London is a DANGEROUS place to be!" - Scotty and I get devastated by David Stroud's new church in London.

- A personal plea (to quote Terry Virgo) that, "This is No Age To Advocate Restraint".

- "Our Message is This: The Dead are Being Raised" - An argument as to why the Resurrection must dominate our Christian lives - not just the Cross.

3. The 5-fold Ascension Gifts (formerly known as Ephesians 4 Ministries).

- An assessment of the Ascension Gifts - prompted by a discovery of an old Restoration magazine!

- "Apostolic Ministry and Apostolic Extension" - Inspired by this edition of the Newfrontiers magazine. What does it mean to be truly apostolic? Certainly more than just speaking at conferences!

- The Apostle or the Architect of the Church - with a working definition by David Holden.

- The Prophet or the Watchman of the Church - the prophet as the catalyst or designer of the NT church.

- "The Vitality of the Pastor/Teacher" - an assesment as to whether it was this ministry that was responsible for the Charismatic Movement not 'moving into the land'.

- "The Mobile Pastor and Young Men" - the absolutely essential place for a 'mobile mentality' in this ministry.

4. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and His Presence and Revival.

- "If the Tide is Turning - What Should Our Response Be?" - this question was posed by Terry Virgo here and I have sought to answer it in Part 1 and Part 2.

- "The Tide is Turning But Are We Ready For What's Coming?" - this reports my dream of a huge tidal wave sweeping towards Brighton. The turn of this tide is no gentle lapping!

- "Receiving the Baptism with the Holy Spirit" - a transcript of a seminar from Stoneleigh Bible Week 1999 by Terry Virgo. He interacts biblically with all views on this subject and dispatches the ones that don't match up with Scripture then ends powerfully by urging all to seize this most glorious of inheritance.

- "Communion with God" - Quotes from the Puritan Divine Dr John Owen.

- "Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit" - key quotes from his series of sermons on John 1:26, 33.

- "Assurance of Salvation" - Terry Virgo and Dr Lloyd-Jones unite on this result from the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

- David Devenish wrote an excellent article on the "Gift of Prophecy" in an old Newfrontiers magazine - Part 1 and Part 2.

- C H Spurgeon on the question; "Did You Receive ... When You Believed?".

- "Being Filled With the Spirit" - the Ultimate Imperative - or the Nations will not come.

- Two hindrances to Revival from Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones - "Defective Orthodoxy" and "Dead Orthodoxy".

5. Worship.

- "Worship School - CCK, Brighton" - the sessions from this rich centre of worship.

- "The Deep Bass Note of Worship" - my favourite songs from the 1970's - 80's.

- A Word about Worship - How I can love the lingering beautiful song "Draw Me Close to You" and the theological great hymn "In Him I Have Believed" at the same time.

- The Awesome "Values of Worship" by Kate Simmonds from Church of Christ the King, Brighton.

- "Draw Me Close to You under Fire Again" - Charles Colson behaves like reformed evangelicals tend to and Sam Storms responds to that rudeness.

- "What is to be Learnt from Charles Colson and Draw Me Close to You" - a few reflections.

6. Some Theological Matters Ventured ...

- "Your Eschatology will Affect Your Ecclesiology" - It DOES matter how you think the Church will wind up and it will affect how you live and more importantly carry out mission NOW!

- "A Desire for the Whole Counsel of God" - Evangelicalism has become "redemptive" obsessed to the neglect of the Providence of God. In other words we are content to call Him our "Saviour" but not our "Lord".

- "If It's New it Probably Isn't True" - A Response to C J Mahaney's View on the Song of Solomon. C J Mahaney should stick to what he's best at.

- "Grace - Overused yet Abused" - I really hate legalism, legalists and anything legalistic.

- "Whatever-Get-Up-In-Morning Clubs" are a dangerous form of legalism - however sincerely meant. Treat with caution. It's what you do with the time with God not when you get up.

- "Revive the Fire that Has Burned So Dim" - Greg Haslam and R T Kendall teach on the necessity to 'go back' to the place where you lost your cutting edge. I go back to Stoneleigh Bible Week 2000 and remember what I should have learnt.


dave skip said...

Thanks Dan, this was a very useful post indeed!
I've started reading through the Ern articles/interviews... wow! Incredible stuff! I might have read a bit too much in one sitting yesterday, my head was swimming a bit (in a very good way)!
I should now get round to reading your full Life On Wings transcript...

jul said...

It's hard to believe you've tackled so many things in such a short time. I think I started reading your stuff near the beginning so I've benefitted alot from your hard work. Thanks and keep on going!

Ols said...

Awesome ... just awesome!!

Anonymous said...

This is an extremely useful and key portal into the treasure trove of your website - things that you have gathered for us. Thanks for this. It helps to navigate where we indeed are going - and it is clear and exciting where you are going and where you want us your readers to go!

I am extremely interested in some of the articles that sneek in down the bottom as though you treat them as secondary to Dr Baxter's material. Particuarly your material on the Song of Solomon. I am astounded that this man (I hadn't heard of this Mahaney until I read this) has put forward this view and hasn't been dealt with in the international theological community. I know John MacArthur's ministry well and have been following it for many many years and it seems that Mahaney has brought himself diplomantic immunity somehow from being dealt with. Amazing.

So thank you for taking a perhaps unpopular step and speaking out and defending and investigating the view that you believe in - and indeed so much of historical Christianity believed in.

Thank you too for your material on the Holy Spirit. I have been in Reformed Evangelical Orthodoxy for so many years and it is a remarkable joy to read someone who isn't a "typical" charismatic. You have drawn on most unusual sources to defend your position of being a Reformed Charismatic. Owen! Lloyd-Jones! You are showing yourself to be quite a sneaky (and I mean that in a good way) apologist! Let me say in all candour that I am impressed.

And that's not something an octagenarian says easily and readily.

Do indeed as the lady Jul says, keep up the good work! I shall be watching with interest!

Dr S A J Burgess

APBWD said...

I'm really pleased that you're starting to add to your own collection of theological writings. While this blog is uniquely Ern Baxter's of course, it's extremely refreshing and exciting to see you burst forth every now and then - and to see the mark that Ern Baxter, Terry Virgo and your heroes have left upon you.

Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Hi its your SGM pastor's wife friend here. Gosh it's ridiculous using this anonymous thing but I know you understand. I note that you have added your piece about "Early Morning Clubs" to your index. Thank you for this.

I want you to know that I printed off that piece and carry it around with me! So that when I don't quite make the alarm, I remind myself that God's love is constant and secure. Despite not making it up when certain women do.

It's not an easy lesson. But I'm getting there. Thanks so much again from the bottom of my heart.

Pastor D Fields said...

It's great to see this Archive growing and growing. Don't ever deceive yourself that these words and the time you have spent carefully typing them out are wasted. You are bearing fruit that you couldn't have even dreamt of.

I wanted you to know that I copied and printed off some of your material on the Kingdom of God from Ern Baxter and shared it with a lady who was close to suicidal. Her gaze was lifted from herself to see the wonder of the New Covenant that we are brought into and praise God she is beginning to take slow steps towards recovery and a belief that God loves her and is for her.

Be encouraged!

Peringe Pihlström said...

As a young pastor I had the privilege to meet Ern Baxter. His person and message had tremondous influence on me. He gave me a book; Verduin "The reformers and their stepchildren" which still holds a prominent position in my book shelf (after almost 30 years). I am so impressed by you work to make all this material avaliable. Would also like to listen to some of Ern´s messages in mp3 format! He was a king among preachers.

Baxter's Boy said...

I will be shortly listing the MP3's that I have available of Dr Ern Baxter! I have finally mastered the technique to get audiotapes onto MP3 so watch this space.

At the moment I have MP3's of two sermons I recently transcribed - "Ditch Diggers Revival" and "What on Earth is God Saying?" and I have also made MP3's of the conference Ern Baxter spoke on at Bishop Earl Paulk's church entitled "The King, Kingdom and Holy Spirit". Do email me and send me contact details and I would be delighted to get these to you to encourage you in your ministry.


Steve said...

I remember hearing Ern Baxter's teaching to Maranatha Ministries on I believe 11/1980. His message to the group was to "sit at Jesus' feet" and listen to him. It sure appeared to be a message of the Lord to them. It was at least a warning to them.

Unfortunately it appears that they didn't listen to what he said. They then went and expanded very quickly which I am sure help lead to their demise.

What a shame they didn't heed what Ern Baxter shared with them.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to hear Ern Baxter's message again about being an eagle Christian. I still remember when he first spoke it. I am wondering if I can get hold of another intense message that he spoke that was put to music, probably in the early to mid eighties. I can't remember the name of it but I didn't see it in your list. Thanks for giving us a chance to hear his messages again.

Display name said...

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