Friday, January 20, 2006

Audiotapes of Dr Ern Baxter.

I have had an increasing number of email enquiries over the past few weeks as to whether I have any audiotapes of Ern Baxter's ministry and what exactly I do have. Therefore I have sorted out my boxes and compiled a temporary list for any who are interested - I hope this is helpful. Note this is temporary! At the moment my theological collection is spread between my home and my parents home so I am sure there are quite a few tapes of Ern's that I have yet to add.

Do email me with any specific or particuar request. Some people ask about cost. I take the easy route out and leave it to you - i.e give whatever you want or not! My passion is to get Ern Baxter's ministry out at any cost.

If you are based in the USA then I would recommend getting in touch with the following ministry that are recommended by Charles Simpson's Ministry website.

"Broken Bread" Tape Library
12138 Arrowwood Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70818
Lyvonne Goza (225)261-7677

They are fantastic and very helpful! And ... my New Year's Resolution (as well as to finally get to visit the Ern Baxter Memorial Library) is to get copies of ALL they have on Ern!

1. “The King and His Army” Series from the Lakes Bible Week 1975.
Note: This was the series of sermons referred to by Terry Virgo at Brighton 2004.

- The Head and Shoulders Man.
- The Decline and Death of the Head and Shoulders Man.
- Transition from One King to Another.
- The Army.
- From Hebron to Zion!

2. “Where Are We Going?” Series from the Dales Bible Week 1976.

- Session 1 – “A Crisis Beginning”.
- Session 2.
- Session 3 – “Miraculous Living”.
- Session 4.
- Session 5.
- Session 6.
- Session 7 – “The Land, Located and Described”.
- Session 8.
- Session 9 – “The Kadesh Crisis”.

3. “The Priestly Clothing” Series from the Anglia Bible Week 1983.

- Session 1 – “A Kingdom of Priests”.
- Session 2 – “The Linen Breeches”.
- Session 3 – “The Coat of Fine Linen”.
- Session 4 – “The Robe of the Ephod”.
- Session 5 – “The Ephod”.
- Session 6 – “Strange Fire”.

4. Ern Baxter Classic Sermon Collection.

a. “Thy Kingdom Come” – Kansas City Shepherds Conference 1975.

b. “The Government of God” – Kansas City Shepherds Conference 1976.
c. “The Spirit and the Word” – New Covenant Church, Dunstable 1991.
d. “Life on Wings” – Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1979.
e. “The Gospel of the Garden” - 1987.
f. “The Gospel of the Kingdom” - 1987.
g. “The Gospel of the Land” - 1987.
h. “The Hour of the 4th Watch”.
i. “Sitting at Jesus’ Feet”.
j. “The Meaning of Covenant” – Bob Mumford Recommended Tape.
k. “The Restoration of Divine Structure and Authority”.
l. Baking Cakes Without a Word.
m. “The Earth Is the Lords!”.

5. The Adam/Christ Analogy Series.

- Session 1 – “Pauline Epistles”.
- Session 2 – “Sin”.
- Session 3 – “The New Man”.
- Session 4 – “Old Man/New Man”.
- Session 5 – “Romans 6:6”.

6. The Cross Series.

- Session 1.
- Session 2.

7. “Things Most Surely Believed” Series.

- Consequences of Violating God.
- Chief Shepherd and His Sheep.
- Discipleship and God’s Kingdom.
- Satan’s First Attack on God.
- Creation Began With Authority.
- Qualifications of a Shepherd.
- Responsibilities of a Shepherd.
- When Shepherds Fail.
- Authority and Trinity.
- Christ’s Mission Is to Restore.
- Disorganisation Is Progressive.
- How the Church Must Function.
- Autobiography and Introduction.
- How Satan Attacks All Men.
- Shepherding Through the Bible.

8. Laying Church Foundation Series.

- The Prayer Life of Jesus.
- Love Not the World.
- How to Avoid a Nervous Breakdown.
- Biblical Role for Young Men.
- God’s Word is Supreme.
- Christ’s Body and the Church.
- But As For Me.
- Purity and Peculiar People.
- Approaching God.
- Restoration through Resurrection.
- The Business of Living.
- Can God Use You?
- The Glory of God’s Plan.
- Fight the Good Fight.
- The Power of the Father’s Love.
- Saved by the Law.
- Jesus’ Church – Getting In.
- Jesus’ Church – Staying In.
- The 7 Loves of John 14.
- Growing Up in Christ the Head.
- Sitting at Jesus’ Feet.
- It’s God’s Church Not Ours.
- On Communion.
- Clean Out License and Legalism.
- Saints in the Wrong Places.
- Leaders and Loyalty.
- Shrivelled Saints.
- The 7 Characteristics of Jesus.
- Cleanse Ourselves!
- Baptism is a Foundation Stone.
- A Peculiar People – The Church.

9. “The Serving Community” – Anglia Bible Week 1982 (single message only).

10. Series at New Covenant Church, Dunstable 1991.

- History Making Prayer.
- Order.

11. Series at the Life in the Spirit Conference, High Leigh 1991.

- “The Kingdom”.
- Pastoral and Prophetic Insights Part 1.
- Pastoral and Prophetic Insights Part 2.

12. "The King, the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit Conference".

- Calamitous Compromise.
- A Serious Imbalance - the Neglect of Resurrection.
- The Kingdom of God.
- A Serious Neglect.
- The World, the Kingdom and the Church.
- The Kingdom and the Trinity.
- Doer of the Word - Part 1.
- "Ye do Err because ye know now the Scriptures of the Power of God".
- Doer of the Word - Part 2.
-Revelation and the Holy Spirit.
- Three Discourses.

13. The Risen Christ's Gifts.

- Tape 1.
- Tape 2.
- Tape 3.
- Tape 4.

14. Prophecy Seminar.

- The Prophets and the Promise Past.
- The Prophets and the Promise Present.
- The Prophets and the Promise Future.

15. The Kingdom of Truth.

- Kingdom Confusion.
- Kingdom Controversy.
- Kingdom Aspects.
- Kingdom Purpose.
- Truth Defined.
- Demonstration of Truth.

16. The Power and Purpose of Praise.

- The Power and Purpose of Praise.
- Prayer in the New Order.
- Reasons for Praising the Lord.
- Saints and Celebration.
- The Church and It's Mission.

17. Preaching.

- Nature and Goal of Preaching.
- Preparation for Preaching.
- Manner of Preaching.

18. Keys of the Kingdom.

- How to Get In.
- How to Stay In.
- How to Grow In.

19. Ultimate Triumph.

- Prophesied in the Old Testament.
- Inaugurated in the Gospels and Acts.
- Consummated in the Epistles and Revelation.

20. Apostolic Church Planting - Acts 19 and 20.

- Tape 1.
- Tape 2.
- Tape 3.
- Tape 4.

21. Timothy Sessions.

- The Holy Spirit is Christ.
- The Holy Spirit is Christ - Part 2.

22. Revelation 4 and 5.

- Part 1.
- Part 2.

23. Foundations of the Faith.

- Foundations - Their Place.
- Repentance - Their Place.
- Sin and Repentance Foundations.
- Faith Foundations.
- Baptism Foundations.
- Baptism Foundations Part 2.
- Baptism Foundations Part 3.
- Laying on of Hands Foundations.
- Resurrection of the Dead.
- Resurrection of the Dead Part 2.
- Eternal Judgement.
- Eternal Judgement Part 2.

24. Individual Tapes.

- The Law of the Spirit.
- Peter's Prophetic Miracle Walk.
- What On Earth Is God Saying About Discipling the Nations?
- The Glorious Church Will Be Holy.
- "Ditch Diggers Revival".
- A Serious Imbalance.
- Restoring the Glory.
- Sitting at Jesus Feet.
- Where is God Taking Us?
- Kingdom Pressures.
- Baptized Intelligence.
- Word and Spirit.

25. The Image of God Series.

- Man and Creation - Statement of Fact.
- Man and Creation - Elaboration of Fact.
- The Corrupted Image.
- The Composition of the Image.
- The Physical Image.
- The Express Image.


Baxter's Boy said...
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james said...

The best Ern Baxter tape collection has to be the 'King, Kingdom and Holy Spirit' series he taught at the Covenant Ministries International leaders gathering in the early '90s

Baxter's Boy said...

Yep indeed! That is one collection I have and left at my parents! It's very key and very exciting.

Baxter's Boy said...

Two more that I have dug up:

Two messages that Ern gave at High Leigh in preparation for his ministry at the Dales Bible Week 1977. It was to a gathering of leaders and entitled:

"Binding the Strongman".

Some quite revolutionary teaching on spiritual warfare!!

Chris HH said...

Dan, praise God for your generous spirit, your faithful work, and your extensive collection!

I'd love a copy of "The King and His Army". My details are here

Do you have a Paypal account, I can make a donation to? Also have you considered putting some of the audio up on the web in MP3 format for download? This series in particular would be very popular, especially since Keri Jones said at the most recent Elders and Leaders conference that it was essential listening, and we should all make every effort to get a copy!

Baxter's Boy said...

Hey Chris! Thanks so much for your message and encouragements! It means a lot!

I will definately get a copy of the series on the King and His Army to you. I'm currently working with a friend who is very well versed in technology to get them on the net (that's NOT my forte!)!

If that looks like taking too long, I will get the audio collection to you, so we can be sure you get it either way!!

Every blessing!

Paul Graham said...

From Paul,

I am in a church plant at St Helens in Merseyside - we are one of 3 church plants - part of NFI in Merseyside - I first heard Ern Baxter in the 1970's - I remember his sermon 'Life on Wings' really helped me when I was a young Christian. I know that Ern's teaching would help other Christians in our fellowship - would it be possible to get a copies of 'The King and His Army' and the classic collection - I want to distribute Ern's tapes amongst other Christians in our churches - I will pay whatever costs are incurred - thanks for your blog on Ern and other related matters - my e-mail address is