Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Must-Read!

In my two postings about the Song of Solomon I made a passing reference to the evangelical dilemma in dealing properly yet compassionately, sensatively yet biblically with those in our ranks dealing with homosexual "issues" (for want of a better word). Al Mohler has posted two excellent articles on his website that take a great broader look at the whole issue. One quote in particular caught my eye ... its provocative yet thought-provoking and deserves consideration. It's by Maggie Gallagher, who bases her argument on the natural law.

"We have not always been so woefully dependent upon the sexual act itself. Two hundred years ago, for example, homosexuality did not exist. There was sodomy, of course, and buggery and fornication and adultery, and other sexual sins, but none of these forbidden acts fundamentally altered the sexual landscape. A man who committed sodomy may have lost his soul but he did not lose his gender. He did not become a homosexual--a third sex. That was the invention of the nineteenth century imagination."

Mohler goes on to warn evangelicals that:

"Our engagement with the issue of homosexuality is no longer merely at the theological or theoretical level. It is being lived out in popular culture, where the homosexual agenda now has as one of its central aims to make homoerotic images, literature, language, and relationships as acceptable as heterosexual relationships".

In other words, we have our work cut out! It is no longer acceptable to bury our collective orthodox heads in the sands of prejudice and bigotry and quote Leviticus at the problem. It's time to see some honest yet loving dealing with these things. Or as Mohler put it (far more eloquently): "We are called to confront our culture with the revolutionary message of Christian truth applied to every dimension of life".

A great entry and a great blog.

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Baxter's Boy said...

Found another v v useful resource regarding yet another taboo - that of pornography. It's a sister-topic to homosexuality I think, but not exclusive to. Here's the link:

Awesome looking blog too - he is fed up with fighting in the blog world and wants all to get along!