Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Generation Hungry For More of Ern Baxter.

After my last blog entry and re-printing Part 1 of Ern Baxter's article on "The Earth Is the Lord's", I was absolutely thrilled to meet Hugh Griffiths who has his own blog. He helps lead an incredible sounding church called 'New Covenant Church' in Swansea and are part of 'Ministries Without Borders' which I discovered are the new "Covenant Ministries International' previously fathered by Bryn Jones. So a whole host of exciting websites for me to read!

Most excitingly of all, Hugh's latest blog entry was entitled "Ern Baxter" and he noted quite rightly that Ern's available ministry is limited. In one of the comments replying to a guy in America, he prophetically said; "There is another generation hungry for Ern's ministry".

If Mark Lawrence is correct (and I firmly believe he is) that Ern Baxter far outstripped even our generation today in the vision of God and His Kingdom, then we can't help but BE hungry for Ern's ministry. So I am so grateful and excited as I write this short update. I am grateful to find these passionate men from an amazing looking prophetic faith-filled stream of churches that are so blessed to have fathers such as Bryn and Keri Jones. I am so so grateful for the encouragement and the comments that they have given me.

And I am excited because it seems that I am not wasting my time in making Ern Baxter's ministry available through whatever mediums I possibly can! Ern Baxter must continue to speak today to our generation!!!

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Jerry said...


More on Ern great! I meet Ern and have read a couple of books "God's Agenda" "The King, the Kingdom, and the Holy Spirit" I am currently going over a book Ern, possibly a set of teachings, on Romans that Ern did with his timothy class in S. Calif. but it only goes through chapter 5. Do you know of this teaching or perhaps even have it?

I set under Ern's teaching in OKC at a convention hosted by my mentor at the time George Kouri back in the 90's before Ern's death.

Great man of God I love his teaching it has impacted my life through the Kingdom teaching of Bro. Kouri for over five years. My wife and I traveled over two hundred miles round trip once or twice a week to set under George Kouri's teaching.