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600th Post!! - 3 Encounters that Changed My Life!!

I've deliberately held off posting the 600th post on this blog for a very deliberate reason. I wasn't sure what to write about and wanted it to reflect what is a significant landmark. What is the point of this blog? What am I writing for? I therefore want to sketch out a few things in the Christian world that reflect something of my vision. Greg Haslam once said;

"Until you find something worth dying for - you aren't really living".

The problem with much of Christian evangelicalism these days is that many of us don't really have much that we would die for. That may be fine at the moment but should God lift His hand and allow persecution to come back into the Western world, I wonder how many of us would be willing and able to walk to our deaths and our martyrdoms knowing what our deaths will accomplish. So if that is the case then it seems vital to explore what VISION is and what kind of vision I have or rather should be having to change my life. That vision has been affected and shaped by 3 encounters.

1. An Encounter with Ern Baxter.

Until I first came across the life and teaching of Ern Baxter some 6 years ago just after I was baptised in the Holy Spirit, I don't think I really considered the prospect of my relationship with Jesus Christ having much more to do with anything outside the context of my local church. It would not be an understatement to say I was RIVETED sitting and listening to sermon tape after sermon tape where Ern sketched out the awesome and glorious vision of the Kingdom of God - and what it should be. And then I came to hear "Thy Kingdom Come" ... never before had I heard in one single sermon such a glorious portrayal of how the world should be. Covered with the glory of the Lord. The more and more I learnt of Ern Baxter, the more and more I loved. This was no "light-weight" charismatic. Ern Baxter had a bigger theological library than many Reformed evangelical pastors around today. Yet his passionate belief in the Holy Spirit as a felt experience today kept that theological teaching and knowledge alive.

2. An Encounter with Newfrontiers.

Despite absolutely loving the vision that Ern Baxter had painted of Kingdom life, I thought that such a tension between Reformed doctrine and Charismatic Experience wasn't even possible in church life. Especially since my home church had resolutely marched towards cessationist life and doctrine. As Mark Heath put it; "But it was clear that the ghost of charismatic past had been decisively exorcised".

However a chance purchase of the "Stoneleigh 1998 Worship Video" by myself and Mark Heath made us realise that Newfrontiers was a family of churches worth investigating! Mark and a few friends went to Stoneleigh Bible Week 1999 and although I couldn't go due to my nursing degree, I visited for a day and was thrilled to hear Terry Virgo teach the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as an inheritance for saved believers here and now today. I loved the worship led by Kate Simmonds and was just in heaven worshipping with thousands. I was able to come to the whole week of Stoneleigh Bible Week 2000 and was able to absorb and take in the fact that the Newfrontiers view of Kingdom life was very similar to what Ern Baxter had taught those years ago.

Again as Mark Heath wrote; "After hearing Dave Holden, Terry Virgo, John Hosier, Greg Haslam, and Simon Pettit, I no longer believed that it was impossible to be a charismatic and retain an evangelical loyalty to the Bible".

Since Stoneleigh Bible Week closed I have been fortunate enough to observe and experience the increasing weight of glory and the real Presence of God that has been occuring at the Brighton Leadership Conference - and the now Together on a Mission 2006 and 2007. The last two conferences introduced me to a man called Rob Rufus. I had never heard of him prior to TOAM 06 but was fascinated and intrigued by the promise God had given him that the United Kingdom was not abandoned.

3. An Encounter with Rob Rufus.

The anointing on Rob Rufus is enough to make anyone who hears him preach and minister stop and listen. But what excited me immeasurably was the similarity to Ern Baxter. In his sermons Rob Rufus would refer frequently to his vision that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. In particular Rob shared Ern Baxter's view that the type of Israel going into the land carries something for us to be aware of today. For example;

"We have crossed the Jordan and we are going in! If you are legalistic and stay on the wrong side of the Jordan, your manna is drying up and it's tough! We are no longer wandering in the wilderness eating manna, going around and around mountains! We have replaced desert with vineyards we never sowed, houses we didn't build, land we didn't buy - and milk and honey is ours now!".

"If we were going in to the land with Joshua and Caleb we should have been asking them everything we could that their generation did wrong so that we don’t make the same mistakes. Don’t get arrogant. Our generation is no better. We are just privileged to see with hindsight".

I think that Rob Rufus's teaching differs only slightly from Ern Baxter's in that Rob has emphasised a greater insight into the wonderful transforming grace of God. As I have said before in listening to Rob I am learning things that I have never heard of or learnt before in my 15 or so years as a Christian! The grace of God isn't something that we use to balance out the law. The grace of God is something that sets us free to become radically dangerous in advancing the Kingdom of God. Even moreso it is ONLY the grace of God that will allow us to truly experience the cloud of glory;

"All over the world true New Covenant churches with a foundation of grace are moving into the glory. You can never see the cloud of glory while you are in the land of slavery".

Worth Dying For?

With those 3 encounters in mind - and with the possibilities they present - there is a choice to be made. Leaving a discussion of eschatological positions aside, we cannot go through life without considering the future. And the past. Those considerations help us live in the present. Firstly the past. Let me be frank. Considering Jesus Christ hanging broken and dying on the Cross does not make me want to die for my faith. Considering Jesus Christ walking as a man across the earth does not make me want to die for my faith. BUT! Considering Jesus Christ seated, exalted, glorified and reigning on high as the Supreme King of the Universe would make me ready to die for my faith because if He is the Supreme King then everything (including my death) is under His control! Secondly the future. Thinking of the Church ending up a remnant surrounded by hosts of principalities and powers doesn't really make me ready to die for my faith never mind even evangelise. BUT! Dreaming of the Church visited by the glory and Presence of the Lord changing nation after nation with millions streaming into the Kingdom of God certainly does make me ready to die for my faith especially considering what the Bible says about the blood of martyrs!

So 600 posts? Shall I keep on writing? Is it accomplishing anything? I was stirred by this quote from Joel Beeke's book; "Meet the Puritans" (p9).

"Although Puritans were barred from the pulpits and universities, the repressive measures could not silence their pens".

We in the Western world are extremely fortunate to have our freedom of speech and that just may be removed at some point especially if David Pawson's prophecy is to come true. I suspect and wonder whether the internet could prove to be crucial in continuing to get the Word of truth out. Repressive measures can silence pulpits but the internet could be crucial in years to come! Let us continue to publish what God lays on our hearts to write about! And above all let's not take blogging for granted. We just may have to give account for it before the Throne of God one day!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ern Baxter Interview from New Wine - July 1980

I was excited to find this short interview with Dr Ern Baxter in the latest New Wine Magazine I have been printing off. It contains some interesting personal information about what Ern was doing in 1980 but more interesting was some comments he made about moving to Mobile, Alabama and his relationship with Charles Simpson. Although he doesn't label the relationship, it is quite clear the relationship was an apostolic one. I find it tremendously challenging and stirring that even at his mature age, Ern Baxter was open to the prompting of the Spirit of God to move across the nation if God so said. The natural inclination of most is to settle and build a "nest". Not so in the Kingdom of God.
Hope it proves interesting as I found it. Here is the transcript of it;

New Wine: In your last Update, you shared about the tremendous improvement in your health. What further improvements have you experienced since then?

Ern Baxter: First of all, I would like to express my pleasure at the positive responses I received from New Wine Magazine readers regarding my Update in the January 1980 issue. It was exciting to see the concern among Christian men - perhaps more specifically among their wives, who were concerned about the welfare of their husbands. My wife Ruth enjoyed responding to enquiries and kept quite busy sending out bread recipes to many of the wives.

As far as my personal health is concerned, my sugar has stabilized and there is no sign of the diabetes. It is such a relief not to have to poke myself with a needle every morning for an insulin injection. Up to now I have lost forty pounds. In fact I have been without those forty pounds for several weeks now and I am keeping them off. Ruth and I are walking regularly - morning and evening.

I am also getting in some vigorous racketball. So as a result of these improved developments and activities, I am very alive and alert physically - much better than a year ago when it was difficult for me to even walk without angina pain. I don't want to give the impression that the remarkable measure of restoration I have experienced is some kind of return to youth. I have very significantly upgraded my physical condition but I am still semi-bald, the vacancies in my mouth have not sprouted new teeth and this upgrade of health has not eliminated any wrinkles. But I am praising God for my ability to age a little more gracefully than I was a year ago. Because of all this I continue to be a bit evangelistic about the necessity for taking care of your health, especially to young people.

New Wine: Could you enlarge upon the importance of paying attention to good health when you're young?

Ern Baxter: The problem is (and I experienced this myself), when you are young you can abuse your physical machinery and seem to get away with it. But it is amazing how much it catches up with you. It's like sin. Paul says that you are heaping up wrath against wrath. It piles up and then all of a sudden it hits you. This is happening to many servants of God. My concern is to find a way to get young men and women to see that now is the time in their lives to build some real life insurance into their physical bodies.

New Wine: Could you let our readers know some of your reasons for moving to Mobile?

Ern Baxter: First of all, let me say that moving is always rather painful and traumatic; but this move was made much easier by my improved physical condition. I am amazed at my physical responses as opposed to the last move we made when I was not well, which was terribly burdensome. We're in the process of getting settled and enjoying our new home.

I think that my coming to Mobile was something in the spiritual evolution of God's purpose for me. I had moved from Fort Lauderdale to Southern California a couple of years ago to do some teaching at the Morris Cerullo School of Ministry. About six months before we decided to move again, Ruth and I had been talking and we felt that a change was coming for us, and we both felt very strongly that we ought to consider Mobile as our permament home. I mentioned this to Charles Simpson, who is senior pastor of Gulf Coast Covenant Church in Mobile, while he was visiting with us during a time of ministry in California and his response was a very, very positive one.

For several years I have felt a closeness to to Brother Charles - in fact that feeling dates back to our first meeting at the Seattle Charismatic Conference in 1971. Later on when I came into covenant relationship with the other teachers, including Charles, a real warmth developed between us as our relationship continued to grow. While I am the oldest member of the teachers and Charles is the youngest, I have no problem looking to him as a pastor in my life. I don't want to sound audicious, but I also hope to be able to serve him in some way through my pastoral experience and support by moving to Mobile.

I also felt that in my latter years of life I need to be in some kind of stable situation which could serve as a base for whatever service was left in me. Through the years of covenant relationship with the teachers, I have also grown close to Don Basham, Editor of New Wine Magazine and have had an interest in the success of the New Wine Magazine. When God providentially brought Don to Mobile with New Wine's move here, I felt that there was some significance in that for me - and when the opportunity and time seemed to be right - Ruth and I made the move.

There was another factor in our decision to move. Having moved around the country and the world for so many yeasr, being responsible for establishing and strengthening churches, we often missed out on the kind of church life in which we could take refuge and find security, rather than bearing the main responsibility for the church. We felt that Mobile offered us the personal sense of spiritual and church security that we were in need of.

Since coming to Mobile I have only been confirmed in feeling that Gulf Coast Covenant Church is a most unique church. It pretty well represents what I have personally envisioned as a community of Christian people in church life through the years.

New Wine: What are the practical outworkings of your role in the ministry here in Mobile?

Ern Baxter: The brothers have graciously received me. I'm serving in the leadership of Gulf Coast Covenant Church which permits me the opportunity of sharing from my pastoral experience and the ability to lend what support I can to Brother Charles and the elders. From time to time I will be sharing with those who are part of the church in it's public meetings. I hope to become more involved in New Wine Magazine as opportunity affords, and I also hope to have the chance to do some writing.

New Wine: What subjects will you be directing your attention to in future writing and study?

Ern Baxter: As soon as I get settled from our move, I want to zero in on two things presently in my mind. The response to the January Update stirred me to the point of feeling that rather than trying to answer lettersabout my remarkably improved health on an individual basis, I would like to put something out in book form - reporting my own experience, offering some concrete suggestions and giving some counsel as to how people can upgrade their physical, spiritual and mental health.

I also carry a concern to examine biblical facts concerning nations. We are presently witnessing a great deal of interaction and conflict among the nations, and as we search for reasons for this, we wonder about itand take sides on the issue. But the Bible is very clear that behind national and international problems is one Whom the Bible calls the "God of the nations". These are the two subjects that I have assigned myself to for the year.

Also the other teachers have asked me to work on the preparation of a training curriculum - training material for men who are emerging into various aspects of Christian leadership. We don't know at this point just what form that will take.

New Wine: Do you have any upcoming speaking engagements around the country that you are particularly excited about?

Ern Baxter: My travelling has been reduced considerably due to my move and due to what I feel are more demanding priorities. However I am looking forward to spending the month of September in South America. I am also doing some travelling and speaking at leadership conferences. But at the present I would like to apply myself to getting settled here, finding more about what God wants me to do.

New Wine: What priorities do you see facing you personally on the national level with the Body of Christ?

Ern Baxter: My personal priorities probably fall into two categories. First I feel that in the beginning God called me to be a proclaimer and this is what I must be involved in. My field has been preaching and proclaiming and I'm looking to God for the kind of platform that will enable me to best proclaim the Word of God.

I especially feel it is a priority to proclaim some of the great objective truths of redemption. So often we get bogged down in the "how-tos" and lose sight of the great objective realities that give us the ground to build up the Body of Christ.

Then I feel it is a priority to prepare the people of God for whom I am responsible to face the obvious world crisis in which we find ourselves - one many Christians are ill-prepared to face.

New Wine: Do you feel a responsibility for the Church on a national level to speak to the nation in some way?

Ern Baxter: Yes but I believe that proclamation without a solid platform can sometimes be just a noise and that's why I am greatly concerned about the disunity among the people of God. It's great to be able to declare the concepts of the Kingdom and declare the sovereign purposes of God - His right and intention to reign - but if in actuality we don't form behind those concepts a solid block of unanimity then the concepts fall to the ground for a lack of a platform. I sincerely believe that God will precipitate whatever crisis is necessary to bring that kind of unity about because I believe it is His purpose to have a voice to the world through the redeemed community.

If the world is going to hear the voice of God, they're going to hear it through the people of God. It's not going to be some voice out of the clouds - it's going to come through a very real living witness and demonstration of God's people as they relate to one another under the Lordship of Christ. I believe the bankruptcy of the unregenerate community makes them a ready audience for what we have to do and teach.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Wine Magazine Reports on the Kansas City Shepherds Conference 1975!

I have made no secret of the fact that I believe Ern Baxter's message; "Thy Kingdom Come!" - which was the closing address at the Kansas City Shepherds Conference 1975 - was probably the most dramatic and powerful message that he ever preached in his life. That's not just my opinion. Charles Simpson said of that meeting;

"Many people have said that it was the single most powerful meeting that they ever attended, and that the message was the most inspiring that they had ever heard".

I have heard the audio tape of that message countless times and it never fails to stir me considerably. I was tremendously excited therefore when I was printing out the New Wine Magazine - November 1975 - to find that there was an official report of THAT night at Kansas City.

Here's what they said about it;

"The climax of the conference came Friday night at the last session. As praise and worship poured forth with increasing and deepening quality, the Presence of God filled the entire auditorium.

As the worship heightened, the Word of the Lord came forth in a scriptural exhortation from Joshua 5:13-15, the story of Joshua's encounter with the Captain of the Lord's hosts. When His command to Joshua was read; "Remove your sandals from your feet for the place where you are standing is holy", all present simultaneously removed their shoes, moving even further into worship.

Next prophecy came forth directing the men to bow down in the Presence of God. 4, 500 men went prostrate before the Lord, initiating an awesome period of deep intercession. At intervals throughout the worship, intercessory prayer was offered for God's sovereign movement in America, and for the realization of maturity in the Body of Christ throughout the world.

Against this backdrop of worship, Ern Baxter came forward to speak on the theme, "Thy Kingdom Come!". As Ern portrayed the majesty and Lordship of Christ throughout eternity and the inevitability of Jesus' victory, both now and at the end of the age, the men repeatedly came to their feet in spontaneous worship, acknowledging the King of Kings and rejoicing at the end result of Jesus' Lordship, the establishment of His Kingdom by His supreme authority.

At the close of his message Ern instructed the gathering to greet each other, embracing and praying for one another in a spirit of love. As his request was carried out all over the auditorium, the Spirit of God moved among the men, breaking down barriers, disolving suspicions and healing relationships. And that was how the conference ended. With brothers in Christ affirming and blessing one another, pledging love and faithfulness, leaving the auditorium united in the love of Jesus Christ.

Of the fellowship and openness, Ern Baxter observed, "We seemed to be witnessing God's kind of ecumenism, which is first that of the Holy Spirit and then of 'the faith".

Whatever the ultimate results, one thing is evident. God chose September 23rd through 26th in Kansas City, Missouri as His appointed time to instill in 4, 500 Christian leaders a fresh vision of the Kingdom of God and of the Body of Christ, joined together by covenant love, functioning in a balance of diversity and authority. May the same cry that was formed on the lips of the shepherds who gathered in Kansas City be transported into the hearts of all those who seek Jesus' Lordship; "Thy Kingdom Come!".

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Question of Israel and the End Times

I've reached Chapter 11 in the book of Romans in my reading of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones commentaries and have been fascinated to learn more about the whole subject of Israel. I realise it has been quite a hot topic in past times but did realise that my understanding of the issue of Israel needs expansion. The more I read about what Dr Lloyd-Jones had to expound on the subject of Israel, the more thrilled I became. I found reading Romans 11 in the presence of Dr Lloyd-Jones tremendously exciting and stirring particularly in the context of a victorious eschatology.

It seems to me that one of the key problems facing any understanding of eschatology is deciding how to interpret Scripture. Because Romans 11 makes a very clear and decisive statement in v25;

"For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery-- so that you will not be wise in your own estimation-- that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in".

That statement seems to say to me that a promise is yet to be fulfilled - Israel will come into the Kingdom of God but that promise won't be fulfilled until a particular event has happened. Namely the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. Dr Ll0yd-Jones makes some particularly valuable comments on this;

"It is part of that glorious hope that we have as children of God. I do not mean the Second Coming. I mean something that is going to be witnessed before the Lord returns. What is it? The bulk of the nation of Israel will be converted to Christ and come into the church. What will this lead to? A confirmation of our faith! A tremendous proof of the inspiration of Scripture!".

One of the tendancies in eschatological intepretation is to assign many things to occur after the Second Coming. Yet Dr Ll0yd-Jones makes it clear he does not see the ingrafting of the Jewish nation after the Second Coming - it can't! He goes on;

"Now my argument is that the Apostle is concerned in the whole of this chapter with the Jews as a "nation" and he is going to substantiate his statement that a day is coming when, as a whole, they will come in".

Yet Dr Lloyd-Jones sees a connection - a paralell between the two. He argues;

"As the fullness of the Jews means the Jews as a nation, as a whole, so the fullness of the Gentiles means exactly the same thing, the Gentiles in general. The Gentile "world" as it were will have to come in and when that has happened, the same is going to happen to the Jews".

I realise that the whole issue of Israel isn't something primary to the Gospel - some would argue. But I still stand convinced that how we view the end times does indeed affect how we live in the present. And I find this whole matter and this book of sermons by the Doctor tremendously exciting. There are so many promises that have been fulfilled in Scripture and we can rejoice in them. But let us not forget that some prophecies have yet to be fulfilled and it could be that we could be the recipients of awesome grace by being observers of the outworking of God bringing His government to rule in the earth through His Bride, the Church!

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Who IS Ern Baxter?

It occured to me that I have been running this blog for two years and there is precious little about the person of Ern Baxter. Maybe some visitors to the blog haven't heard about him. Maybe some visitors only know of him only in connection to the Shepherding/Discipleship Controversy or his friendship with William Branham. I searched through the internet and there isn't much in terms of biographical detail on Ern Baxter so I have gathered together my books and attempted a draft at one. It is destined to end up on our new and forthcoming website - Ern Baxter dot com. I have submitted it to my friend Pete and so will eventually have alterations but thought it would be of interest here and now. I have put the biography of my sources at the end of the article.

Physical Beginnings

William John Ernest Baxter was born 1914 in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was born and baptised into a Presbyterian family. His mother had some dealings with a Holiness church and following his father’s conversion they went into classical Pentecostalism. Their city was visited by a Scandinavian itinerate minister who was blessed by signs and wonders accompanying his word. While in the Baxter’s home city, he taught on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Ern Baxter’s mother was the first in those meetings to receive the baptism of power. Ern recalled seeing his father help her into the house drunk in the Spirit – an unusual event as she was so strictly tee-total! Later in his teenage years Ern went through a period of backsliding from the legalism of religion and became seriously ill from pneumonia through excess. Two events brought him back to God – a miracle of healing and the words of a friend;

“Ern, being a Christian isn’t about what you do for God, it’s about what God in Christ Jesus has done and will continue to do for you”.

On the 24th May 1932 he entered full time service for God as a musician travelling across Canada with an apostle.

Charismatic Beginnings

While travelling Ern and his companion came to a conference held in Trossachs in Canada. It was there at 3:40am on July 2nd 1932 that Ern Baxter received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Trossachs was an unusual conference for the delegates were not Pentecostal in the classic sense – they were very biblically orientated with a hunger for the experience of the Holy Spirit. This was Ern’s first exposure to what was to become a central passion in his life and ministry – Word and Spirit or Reformed Doctrine and Charismatic life and power. The morning after he had been baptised in the Holy Spirit God spoke to him and called him to the ministry; “I want you to preach My Word”.

Ministry Beginnings

Ern Baxter noticed that many following the Trossachs conference made choices to follow either the Word or the Spirit and to compromise that balance or tension. He himself initially attempted to do the same as there was no clear role model to hold Word and Spirit in proper tension before. He spent some time ministering within classic Pentecostalism but found his Reformed theology was not acceptable at that point. It was then he received an invitation to a small independent Baptist church in Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. It was here he put into practice those principles that he had experienced at Trossachs and built the largest church in the city and area.

William Branham

In 1947 Ern and his church began to hear about an unusual travelling evangelist called William Branham who was filling the largest arenas in America with dramatic displays of the power of God. God promised Ern at that time; “You will meet this man”. On the grounds of that promise he refused several arranged meetings with Branham. However it was William Branham himself who approached Ern and told him that he had been praying and had met the angel of the Lord who had appeared to him and told him to invite Ern Baxter to become his companion and manager. They worked together for seven years. While Ern saw some of the greatest miracles, signs and wonders during his time he began to become concerned at the error that was coming out from the Healing Movement. In 1957 Ern found it necessary to withdraw from ministry with Branham.

Movements of the Spirit

One of the remarkable features of Ern Baxter’s life was that he lived through no less than four major movements of the Holy Spirit in the 20th century – the Pentecostal Movement (which began in Azusa Street, Los Angeles), the Healing Movement, the Latter Rain Movement and eventually the Charismatic Movement (which began involving Dennis Bennett, a contemporary of Ern Baxter’s). The Latter Rain Movement has also been shrouded in controversy. It started in Ern’s home town of Saskatchewan, Canada and was started by men who were hungry for God and for genuine gifts of the Holy Spirit and as these men prayed and fasted God visited them sovereignly in power. Ern went to their second convocation in Canada and said;

“I never saw such a concentration of the power of God”.

However like the Healing Movement, the leaders of the Latter Rain seemed to show disregard for the disciplines of the Word of God and it too declined into obscurity. When Ern read of the beginning of the Charismatic Movement his initial reaction was one of cynicism from having seen this before but he went on to meet Dennis Bennett who had been moved up to Seattle. As the Charismatic Movement spread throughout the world Ern was privileged to be in the position of being an experienced man of God who had seen the mistakes of the past but still hungered for more of the Presence and Spirit of God.

Ritch Carlton, Ern Baxter’s Administrator wrote post-humously of Ern;

“ … A seasoned, mature man of God who laboured in Word and doctrine and who spent the majority of his life travelling in public ministry. He was involved in most of the major moves of the Spirit experienced in this century … He was a witness to Christianity’s divisions – from the inside and the outside. With disappointment he cried “Where is the Church?”. He knew that the Church is God’s instrument in the earth to declare His glory and righteousness. He loved the Church”.

Many other church leaders have become disillusioned with Pentecostal/Charismatic excess and have responded by calling for no use, effectively becoming functional cessationists. Ern Baxter did not give in to such a temptation. Rich Carlton wrote;

“Above all else Ern still believed that God had a purpose for the Church in the earth that would be realized in ultimate and complete victory”.

Maturing in the Spirit

Ern Baxter is possibly most known for being part of what was called the Shepherding/Discipleship Movement. While there is no denying that excess and harm was indeed present in this movement, the original vision and heart of the five men who led the movement were for God’s highest best and so that moves of the Spirit of God would be maintained and heightened. Don Basham, Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, Charles Simpson and Ern Baxter all came from different theological and religious viewpoints and backgrounds yet realised that there is nothing biblical or healthy in independence. In no way whatever did any of the five men support unbiblical heavy shepherding but they did call for a need for accountability and discipleship. The five men held several major key conferences at Montreat and at Kansas which attracted many thousands of men – suggesting that their message was meeting a need. The Kansas City Shepherds Conference in 1975 was especially historic – attended by some 40 to 50, 000 men. Ern Baxter closed the conference preaching possibly his most historic message – “Thy Kingdom Come!”. Many men testified to seeing angelic manifestations and signs and wonders. The sense of unity brought an awesome and heavy manifestation of the anointing of the Presence of God.

Worldwide Influence

Ern Baxter had a major influence not just in the United States but also across the world particularly in Australia and the United Kingdom. He came to the United Kingdom in 1975 and preached keynote addresses at the main charismatic conferences – the Lakes and Dales Bible Weeks. Professor Andrew Walker wrote of; “the powerful influence of an American, Ern Baxter”. The Bible Weeks were run by UK charismatic leader Bryn Jones and his team of apostolic churches. Andrew Walker wrote;

“Baxter’s influence was sensational; the audiences went wild every time he appeared … during the first Bible Week at the Great Yorkshire Showground in 1976, Baxter was the great attraction and as in the previous year excitement was at fever pitch”.

Ern’s ministry did not just affect Bryn Jones’ churches. Terry Virgo, the father of the Newfrontiers family of churches wrote;

“Ern Baxter was a powerful prophetic preacher, able to paint a huge picture of the magnificent end-time church. He was deeply rooted theologically, very widely read but also profoundly steeped in a powerful Pentecostal background … the influence of Ern Baxter and his friends was growing even greater in the USA and their monthly magazine New Wine became their radical trumpet voice was now being read all around the world”.

Ern did not limit himself to being “simply” a conference speaker. He believed deeply in the principles of discipleship and took on 12 men – pastors – to care for and to teach and support where he could. Each of these men would travel over to meet him in his home firstly in Mobile, Alabama and then in San Diego, California to spend time hearing him teach. He too travelled as much as his health would allow supporting and visiting his “sons” and their churches. He did not only teach from his experience but from a massive library of 9, 000 plus books and journals that are now housed in a Memorial Library in Mobile, Alabama under the auspices of Charles Simpson Ministries.

By the end of his life, Ern was taking an interest in imparting all that he had learned to younger men – his “Timothys”. It is surprising therefore that more of Ern Baxter’s ministry has not been published. It is our sincere hope that this website may be a small step towards this prophetic statement of Charles Simpson’s being fulfilled.

Ern has a profound preaching and teaching ministry. He is a preacher’s preacher. It is important that the taped and printed records of his ministry be preserved and propagated” – Charles Simpson, New Wine Magazine – November 1986.


“Autobiography and Introduction” – by Dr Ern Baxter – from the tape series – “Things Most Surely Believed Series” – Alethia Ministries audiotapes.

  • “A Daring Biblical Approach to God’s Agenda” – by Ern Baxter – Destiny Image, PA (1995).
  • “A Statement” by Charles Simpson – from New Wine Magazine – November 1986 – CGM Ministries.
  • “A Demonstration of His Glory – A Personal Report of Ern’s Recent Ministry in Great Britain” – by Dr Ern Baxter – from New Wine Magazine – December 1977 – CGM Ministries.
  • “Restoring the Kingdom” – by Andrew Walker – Eagle Books, Surrey (1998).
  • "Restoring the Balance between the King, the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit” – by Ern Baxter – Destiny Image, PA (1995).
  • “No Well-Worn Paths” – by Terry Virgo – Kingsway, Eastbourne (2001).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"The Centrality of the Resurrection" by Richard B Gaffin Jr

It has been a while since I have done a proper book review but this book I discovered recently demands being reviewed! The first time I actually heard this book mentioned was during Ern Baxter's memorable sermon "The Neglect of Resurrection" at Earl Paulk's conference. The quotes that Ern brought from Gaffin's book really impacted me so I was thrilled to find a copy of the book at the wonderful Geneva Books (a Reformed conservative second hand book shop) in London. I've read it and it is incredible. So;

"The Centrality of the Resurrection - A Study in Paul's Soteriology" by Richard B Gaffin Jr.

This book was actually Gaffin's doctoral thesis published by Baker Books. He begins the book by making an important point - "Biblical interpretation never takes place in a vacuum". This seems to be so true. It has always puzzled me why Arminians and Calvinists, Cessationists and Pentecostal/Charismatics, Premillenials and Postmillenials, Baptists and Paedobaptists and so on all believe and look to the one same Bible for what we all call ultimate truth. We all approach the Bible with pre-concieved ideas from whatever our backgrounds present. It is with that in mind that Gaffin presented a disturbing result from his study;

"Charles Hodge (Systematic Theology) - Volume 2 - devotes four pages to the resurrection in contrast with a lengthy treatment of the atonement (pp464-591). W G T Shedd (Dogmatic Theology) - Volume 2 - passes directly from a discussion of "Vicarious Atonement" to "Regeneration". The major writings of B B Warfield in this area concentrate exclusively upon the death of Christ understood as atonement ... The approach of Louis Berkhof (Systematic Theology) is similar to that of Hodge. After a brief discussion of the resurrection he moves on to a lengthy treatment of the atonement (pp361-399). The approaches of Abraham Kuyper (Dictaten Dogmatiek) and Herman Bavinck (Gereformeerde Dogmatiek) provide no significant exceptions to this general pattern.

This viritual equation of the accomplishment of redemption with atonement which characterises traditional Reformed dogmatics is nowhere made more clear or expressed more programmatically than in the opening sentence of John Murray (Redemption - Accomplished and Applied); 'The accomplishment of redemption is concerned with what has been generally called the atonement".

Richard Gaffin then sums up what he has studied:

"In calling attention to this preoccupation with the atonement, my purpose is not to challenge the validity and necessity of this development, far less to call into question the conclusions reached. I wish to point out that the dominating interest in the death of Christ has had assoicated with it a relative neglect of the resurrection".

Gaffin then examines the Resurrection of Christ in Paul's Soteriology in two key parts. 1. The Resurrection of Christ and the Future Resurrection of Believers and 2. The Resurrection of Christ and the Past Resurrection of the Believer. After examining the Scriptures associated with these two areas, he then moves on to examine; 1. The Activity of the Father and the Passivity of the Son and 2. The Agency of the Spirit.

"For Paul, "life" in the soteriological sense ... is grounded specifically in the resurrection of Jesus and it's manifestation is always an expression of that resurrection. Life for Paul is pointedly resurrection-life".

Just as Dr John Stott's contribution to Christian life has been helpful in restoring the aspect of the Cross of Christ to something more than a historical moment but rather usefulness in day to day life - so Richard Gaffin holds a similar view on the Resurrection;

"Resurrection with Christ involves an existential component. The believer's continuing walk in newness of life is based upon resurrection with Christ as that has taken place in his actual life history".

The recent debated issue of baptism in water most certainly carries importance in existential resurrection life. How can an infant understand the implications of this truth that Gaffin writes of?;

"Baptism signifies and seals a transition into the experience of the recipient a transition from being (existentially) apart from Christ to being (existentially) joined to Him".

There may be some arguments from some who's concern is that the Cross is the central component of redemption, that the ressurection is "naturally" included in the whole scope. Gaffin would not agree with this. He said;

"The resurrection is not an aspect or component of the death. Rather ... each has a meaning of its own which is supressed at the risk of seriously distorting Paul's Gospel".

His argument is this - if we abandon or neglect the truth of the resurrection and assume it is "all included" then we risk distorting the truth and true glory of the Gospel of grace. I am always excited to learn or read new insights into understanding the Person and work of Jesus Christ. I found Gaffin's thesis carried just such insights.

"The resurrection is the salvation of Jesus as the last Adam; it and no other event in His experience is the point of His transition from wrath to grace".

With all the recent popularisation and recent debate concerning the Cross and the atonement it is interesting that there isn't as much actual insight into the actual events of what happened on that fateful day on Calvary. It was the resurrection that marked the point of wrath to grace. Gaffin writes again;

"Strictly speaking not Christ's death but His resurrection (that is His exaltation) marks the completion of the once-for-all accomplishment of redemption".

The implications of ignoring this are note-worthy;

"In fact only by virtue of His resurrection is His death, a dying to sin. A soteriology structured so it moves directly from the death of Christ to the application to others of the benefits purchased by that death, substantially short-circuits Paul's own point of view".

Now lest Gaffin (or myself for reviewing this book so enthusiastically) be accused of attempting to down-play the importance of the Cross, Gaffin goes on to make an absolutely excellent point that fits both the Cross and the Resurrection into context.

"This does not imply that Paul compromises the absolute necessity and intrinsic efficacy of Christ's death (as an atonement). It does mean however that he does not confuse the ransom price, no matter how sublime and precious with what is secured by it's payment".

Let us make every effort to not become so overly focused on one aspect of Christ's atoning work that we miss the broader, more glorious strokes of what He did by coming to earth. Let us also not forget that He no longer lies in a crib as an infant, or walks the earth with His disciples. Let us not forget that He doesn't hang on a Cross broken and alone anymore but He has risen from the dead and triumphed over principalities and powers! He has ascended gloriously into the throne room of Heaven and has sat down at the right hand of the Father where He has been given the government of the universe - yet is daily interceding for those of us He is pleased to call sons! Let us not forget that one day He will return again in glory to receive His glorious and wonderful Bride who has been chosen from every tongue, tribe and nation for Himself!

Monday, September 10, 2007

THIS is why I'm a Paediatric Nurse!!

Wow ... sorry this has got absolutely nothing to do with my usual blogging other than to wonder at the glory of God's creation. I didn't watch the "Britain's Got Talent" tv show but I heard about Connie - the six year old girl - who wowed the audience. Tonight was the first time I have seen the clip on You-Tube and I have no shame in confessing that I had floods of tears running down my face! What an extraordinary gift! What an extraordinary girl! I so pray that she doesn't get snatched up and tarnished by the world of commerce. Enjoy ...

And here she is in the final.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Where I Am Right Now ...

I got the idea for this blog post from the Pyromaniacs. Phil Johnson runs this neat little box by the side of the blog which details what he is reading, what is on his Ipod and links that he has liked lately. I do the occasional blogspotting post every now and then but I thought for a change I would follow the Pyromaniac idea. I'm not doing it for any other reason that I thought it would be interesting to organise my hideously random reading, listening and browsing! Who knows - by the time I finish this post I might be so horrified that I never do it again! We will see.

1. What I am Reading Right Now ...

I am re-reading Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones masterful series on the Book of Romans and have just got to Chapter 9. It has been an incredible read as many evangelicals tend to focus on Romans 1-8 and the later chapters are more of an unknown territory. I posted a number of key quotes from the book on our Quotes blog. Here are two key ones that floored me;

"God forbid that any of the spirit of prejudice that was in the Jew should ever possess us and lead us to this pathetic position ... We must be orthodox but we must not be proud of it, we must not rely on it - even that. Let us realise this great lesson of the sovereignity of God, His great and glorious purpose; that it is He who calls and He calls whom He wills; He raises and He puts down".

And the second one;

"God forbid that in our desire to safeguard against certain errors, we should become guilty of quenching the Spirit. We can become so assured of ourselves and so much in control of the position that we are not giving the Spirit of God an opportunity".

Secondly I am re-reading Arthur Wallis's classic "In the Day of Thy Power". The prophetic word and the vision that I got a few nights ago has really emphasised the importance of knowing how the people of God should behave in a time of revival.

Thirdly I am reading Nigella Lawson's latest cookbook release; "Nigella Express". No I joke not. I really enjoy cooking and I have been fascinated to learn a "Nigella" tip to cook chips in a new way. You get 250g of new potatoes and put them into a freezer bag and bash them with a rolling pin and then deep fry them! How cool is that?!

Finally I have just got to the New Wine Magazine - June 1977 in my reading of those wonderful resources that are available online. I absolutely loved the front cover because they have illustrated Peter walking on the water to Jesus. Most evangelical paintings or illustrations show Peter sinking and the Lord reaching out to save him. But the New Wine team were making the point that while he did need help from the Lord, he still stepped out and walked on the water!

2. What I Am Listening To Right Now ...

I love listening to sermons - I could listen to them all day if I could. I have two main sources at the moment for my sermonic input.

Rob Rufus and City Church International, Hong Kong - I just absolutely love the blend of preaching and teaching on the grace of God - the true grace of God not just a name - and the glory and Presence of God by His Holy Spirit. I am listening to a sermon that Rob preached on the 10th June 2007 called; "Aligning Our Allegiances For The Annointing To Flow At Full Volume". It's particularly interesting because he had a Chinese translator so the sermon was 2 hours and 6 minutes! I urge any and everyone to listen to at least one sermon of Rob Rufus's. It will change your life potentially.

Church of Christ the King, Brighton - anyone who has followed this blog for a short period of time know the profound affection and love I have for this church. Like Rob Rufus, they seek to preach the "whole counsel of God" but it is infused and set alight by a passionate desire for the Holy Spirit to come down and touch their meetings, their lives. Joel Virgo is really establishing himself as the lead elder and his sermons are outstandingly prophetic.

3. What I Am Browsing Now ...

Jesse Phillips has started posing "Questions of the Week" which are excellent for posing serious issues to the church. The charismatic renewal is over 30 years old and it isn't enough to ride on the laurels of our fore-fathers. I know of at least 3 churches that call themselves "open to the Holy Spirit" but haven't had a spiritual gift or a manifestation of His Presence for over a year. It isn't enough for us to hear our fathers talk about the battles they fought and won. The devil doesn't rest or give up just because some aspects of the Holy Spirit's work has been restored to the church. He will be RELENTLESS in attempting to get that work quenched and stopped and has been extremely successful. Jesse's blog is vital. "Earnestly desire" is a command of Scripture not a secondary option.

My fellow Newfrontiers friend Luke Wood is blogging more regularly this month and it isn't to be missed! He is settling into his new church in Southampton - Life Church - which is on my list of churches I really want to visit. Waiting for an invite first though Luke ... hint, hint. ;) Like me he has learnt from the dangers of legalism creeping in on our blogging and said this. I love it! I LOVE it!

"To be living in the grace of God, diving into the Bible and lingering in His presence is pretty much what it's all about".

That is it. End of.

Finally I must draw attention again to my best friend Pete's blog. The title says it all; "The Best is Yet to Come". Pete isn't and can't be a regular blogger due to his pressurised work commitments in his church in South London but when he does blog, boy is it worth it! I plead with you to make it a point to try and check as often as you can. I will also do my best to point out when he has blogged if that will help people also. His posts are prophetic - because he prays earnestly through everything he writes and posts. His latest post is; "Who Will Speak For Us?". He ends by saying this;

"Who will speak up, who will help? Will it be us? We are to be the joy of the whole earth (Ps 48v2). Our Master set the example as He went about "doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil". We have the power and authority, and the call, to follow in His footsteps".

So there we have it - that's what I am upto in my life at the moment! I am so incredibly grateful to God for giving me a time in my life when I have regular access to the internet, to books that I can read, for eyes and a brain that can digest what I read. I pray that what's going in will be of service somehow to the extension of His glorious Kingdom.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Wine Magazine - March 1975

March 1975

"Partakers of His Holiness" - Derek Prince.

"Spiritual Holiness" - Charles Finney.

"Beyond Cheerleading" - Dean Merrill.

"Breathing Room" - Bob Mumford.

"On Offences Given and Offences Taken" - John Calvin.

"Lifes Ambitions" - John Wright Follette.

"Satan's Snare" - Don Basham and Dick Leggatt.

"Bible Study" - Holiness.

"Echoes of the Spirit" - Significant Events in the Body of Christ.

"New Wine Forum" on Holiness with Derek Prince, Don Basham and Jack Hayford.

From Restoration Magazine June 1977

I found this on the back of the Restoration Magazine - May/June 1977.

The Editorial Board of Restoration is also quite interesting. Most of the key Charismatic leaders in the UK featured at some point.

If the picture isn't totally clear, the Editor was Bryn Jones and the Copy Editor was Hugh Thompson. The Editorial Advisors were Arthur Wallis and David Mansell. The Associates were David Tomlinson, Keri Jones and Peter Parris and the Associates in Script were Philip Powell, Charles Pocock, Stanley Jebb and Harold Owen.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Wine Magazine Archive Reference List

Since the New Wine Magazine was made available online courtesy of Charles Simpson Ministries, I have been spending my book allowance on printer cartridges and paper and binding so get my own complete set of these awesome magazines! My reason for this was a quote from David Moore;

"...essential for an accurate history of the Shepherding movement is a complete collection of New Wine. The magazine published from 1969 through to 1986 was the principal publishing voice of the five teachers and the movement."

I am well on my way through the Archive of magazines available so far and I thought it would be a useful resource to catalogue each magazine so there is a quick and easy reference list to see which New Wine teachers wrote in which magazines and which topics they dealt with. Like the New Wine Magazine Archive this will be a cumulative post that I will add to as I print off more.

New Wine Magazine - June 1969 - "New Wine in New Wineskins".

New Wine Magazine - October 1969 - "Empty Tomb - Jerusalem".

New Wine Magazine - November 1969 - "A Body Thou Hast Prepared".

New Wine Magazine - December 1969 - "Baptism".

New Wine Magazine - January 1970 - "Christian Television".

New Wine Magazine - January 1971 - "A Highway for the Lord".

New Wine Magazine - January 1974 - "Morals and Ethics".

New Wine Magazine - February 1974 - "Unity".

New Wine Magazine - November 1974 - "The Holy Spirit".

New Wine Magazine - January 1975 - "And He Shall Reign".

New Wine Magazine - February 1975 - "Deception".

New Wine Magazine - March 1975 - "Holiness".

New Wine Magazine - April 1975 - "Prayer".

New Wine Magazine - September 1975 - "Becoming a Servant".

New Wine Magazine - October 1975 - "The Restoration of Manhood".

New Wine Magazine - January 1976 - "Grace".

New Wine Magazine - February 1976 - "The Body of Christ".

New Wine Magazine - June 1976 - "Yielding to Change".

New Wine Magazine - July/August 1976 - "Evangelism; Personal and Global".

New Wine Magazine - October 1976 - "Unforgiveness".

New Wine Magazine - December 1976 - "Christmas".

New Wine Magazine - January 1977 - "Prophecy".

New Wine Magazine - March 1977 - "Binding the Strongman".

New Wine Magazine - July/August 1977 - "Kansas City Conference".

New Wine Magazine - September 1977 - "Overcoming Rejection".

New Wine Magazine - October 1977 - "Jesus Exalted" - Conference Transcripts.

New Wine Magazine - January 1978 - "Balancing the Goodness and the Severity of God".

New Wine Magazine - February 1978 - "Embracing Suffering".

New Wine Magazine - March 1978 - "Overcoming Fear".

New Wine Magazine - December 1978 - "Fruit".

New Wine Magazine - February 1979 - "Secular Humanism - Part 1".

New Wine Magazine - March 1979 - "Secular Humanism - Part 2".

New Wine Magazine - January 1980 - "Preparing for the 80's".

New Wine Magazine - January 1980

January 1980

"Hit by a Greyhound Bus" - Bob Mumford.

"Foundations for the Future" - Ralph Martin.

"Syncretism; Mixing the Unmixable" - Bob Grant.

"Roots Series: The Early Church to the Reformation".

"Update: Ern Baxter".

"Declaring God's Purposes: An Interview with Ern Baxter".

New Wine Magazine - March 1979

March 1979

"The Conflict of the Ages" - Howard Carter.

"A Tale of Two Cities" - Charles Simpson.

"How Much Longer Can the Family Survive?" - Harold M Voth.

"The Ultimacy of God's Government" - Ern Baxter.

New Wine Magazine - February 1979

February 1979

"The World's Second Oldest Religion" - R J Rushdoony.

"Evil Forces at the End Time" - Derek Prince.

"Humanism: Man as Master" - Bob Sutton.

"The Decline of Twentieth-Century Man" - Francis Schaeffer.

New Wine Magazine - December 1978

December 1978

"New Wine Interviews Ern Baxter".

"The Fruit of the Kingdom" - Charles Simpson.

"Faith for Fruitfulness" - Gerrit Gustafson.

"Faith for Abundance" - Derek Prince.

"New Wine in Retrospect".

New Wine Magazine - March 1978

March 1978

"Facing Your Insecurity" - Jim Reid.

"Fear of Rejection" - Dick Williams.

"Fear of Fear" - Edith Schaeffer.

"Fear in Relationships" - Dick Key.

"Freedom from Fear" - Bob Mumford.

"A Personal Word from Ern Baxter".

"Bible Study" - Putting Fear in the Right Perspective - Jim Croft.

"Questions and Answers" - Don Basham.

New Wine Magazine - February 1978

February 1978

"The Trials of Life" - Bob Mumford.

"The Mystery of Suffering" - Francis Martin.

"The Fruit of Affliction" - Paul Billheimer.

"Bible Study" - Hardship and the Christian Life - Jim Croft.

"Victory in Praise" - Derek Prince.

"Growing Through Adversity" - Jim Croft.

"Intercessors Report" - Ern Baxter and Derek Prince.

New Wine Magazine - January 1978

January 1978

"What Makes God Angry?" - Ern Baxter.

"A Prisoner of Hope" - Jim Croft.

"Covenant Love" - Charles Simpson.

"God's Judgment in the Here and Now" - Derek Prince.

"Bible Study: New Testament Perspective on Judgement" - Jim Croft.

"Intercessors Report" - John Beckett.

New Wine Magazine - October 1977 - Kansas City Conference Transcripts

October 1977 - Jesus Exalted - Transcripts from the Conference.

"The Government of God" - Ern Baxter.

"Thus Says the Lord ... " Dick Leggatt.

"What God Wants Now" - Don Basham.

"That the World May Know" - Alan Wallace.

"Fall/Winter Catalogue".

"The Beauty of Holiness" - Bob Mumford.

"CGM at KC: The Way We Saw It" - Tom Redmond.

"What God Wants Next" - Derek Prince.

"God Can Use Anybody" - Charles Simpson.

New Wine Magazine - September 1977

September 1977

"From Rejection to Acceptance" - Derek Prince.

"The Man Christ Jesus" - Ern Baxter.

"Bible Study" - Acceptance in the Beloved.

"Spiritual Self-Acceptance" - Jim Croft.

"On the Outside Looking In" - Dick Key.

"Correction Not Rejection" - Bob Mumford.

New Wine Magazine - July/August 1977 - Kansas City Conference

July/August 1977 - Kansas City Conference

"Christ's Ministry Today" - Ern Baxter.

"Jesus, the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit" - Don Basham.

"Faith as a Fruit" - Derek Prince.

"Bible Study" - Christ's Ministry Today.

"CRCC Conference Information".

"Christ as Moral Governor" - Bob Mumford.

"Christ as Shepherd" - Charles Simpson.

"The Bookstore".

New Wine Magazine - March 1977

March 1977 - Binding the Strongman

"Waging War in the Heavenlies" - Jim Croft.

"Exposing the Accuser" - Don Basham.

"Intercessors Report" - John Beckett.

"Responding to God" - Jim Hamann.

"Aggressive Prayer" - Derek Prince.

"Bible Study" - Spiritual Weapons.

"Questions and Answers" - Spiritual Warfare with Don Basham.

New Wine Magazine - January 1977 - Prophecy

January 1977 - Prophecy

"What is a Prophet?" - Bruce Yocum.

"Levels of Prophecy" - Bob Mumford.

"Bible Study" - Prophecy.

"Breaking out of Your Shell" - Dennis Moses.

"Stepping Out in Prophecy" - Don Basham.

"Sustained by Prophecy" - Tom Redmond.

"Questions and Answers" - Prophecy with Don Basham and Ern Baxter.

New Wine Magazine - December 1976

December 1976

"A Stormy Christmas in the Holy Land" - Derek Prince.

"A Visit to CGM/New Wine".

"Bible Study" - Christmas.

"Hopes and Fears" - Bob Mumford.

"Intercessors Report" - John Beckett.

"Index of Feature Articles".

"What's a Nice Person Like You Doing off the New Wine Mailing List?" - Dick Leggatt.

"Echoes of the Spirit".

"Forum" on CGM/New Wine with Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Don Basham and Charles Simpson.

New Wine Magazine - October 1976

October 1976

"The Barrier of Unforgiveness" - Derek Prince.

"Forgive and Be Healed!" - Francis MacNutt.

"Intercessors Report".

"Bible Study" - Forgiveness.

"A Family Divided - Essay of the Month" - Mrs Dennis Ramsey.

"Examining Spiritual Authority" - Bob Mumford.

"Not Guilty" - Herb Ellingwood.

"Forum" - Forgiveness with Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, Don Basham and Ern Baxter.

New Wine Magazine - July/August 1976

July/August 1976

"God's Time is Near" - Charles Simpson.

"The Master's Plan" - Robert E Coleman.

"Person to Person" - Reprint from New Covenant Magazine.

"Bible Study" - Evangelism.

"An Unforgettable Night" - Charles W Colson.

"Echoes of the Spirit" - Significant Events.

"Intercessors Report".

"Christian Citizen's Check List" - Bill Bright.

"With Signs Following" - Morris Cerullo.

"Questions and Answers" - Ern Baxter.

New Wine Magazine - June 1976

June 1976

"Spiritual Progress" - Bob Mumford.

"Repentance" - Ern Baxter.

"Bible Study" - Change.

"Echoes of the Spirit" - Significant Events.

"Intercessors Report".

"Keeping Up with the Times" - Howard A Synder.

"Removing the Mask - Essay of the Month" - Pam Ezell.

"Abuse of Authority" - Don Basham.

"Questions and Answers" - Don Basham.

New Wine Magazine - February 1976

February 1976

"Mutual Care" - Ern Baxter.

"Joints" - Charles Simpson.

"Discipleship, Shepherding and Authority" - Derek Prince.

"Little Things" - George D Watson.

"Echoes of the Spirit" - Significant Events.

"Bible Study" - the Body of Christ.

"Destined to Rise" - Derek Prince.

"Storm Warning" - Don Basham.

"Questions and Answers" - John Poole.

New Wine Magazine - January 1976

January 1976

"The Word of His Grace" - Ern Baxter.

"How Grace Operates" - Derek Prince.

"Foreign Outreach Reports".

"Search for Grace" - Michael Hiestand.

"From Anxious to Trusting - the Essay of the Month" - Mrs Lester Cooke.

"Cheap Grace" - Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

"Bible Study" - Grace.

"Grace or Tradition" - John Poole.

"Questions and Answers" - Ern Baxter.

New Wine Magazine - October 1975

October 1975

"Behold the Man" - Derek Prince.

"Becoming a Love Slave" - Ern Baxter.

"Bible Study" - Restoration of Manhood.

"Foreign Outreach Report".

"God's Workmen" - Don Basham.

"God's Order for Husbands" - Larry Christenson.

"Questions and Answers" - Bob Mumford.

New Wine Magazine - September 1975

September 1975

"Who is the Greatest?" - Bob Mumford.

"Slaves - Choose Your Master!" - Ern Baxter.

"Pray for the Lordship of Christ" - Larry Christenson.

"Self Seeker or Servant? Essay of the Month" - Mrs Vernon Ellsworth.

"Bible Study" - Serving.

"Where Serving Begins - Essay of the Month" - Mrs Brian Banashak.

"Echoes of the Spirit" - Significant Events.

"Faithful in Natural Things" - Charles Simpson.

"Questions and Answers" - Derek Prince.

New Wine Magazine - April 1975

April 1975

"The Prayer Life of Our Lord" - W J Ern Baxter.

"Being God's People" - John Poole.

"Intercession" - Derek Prince.

"Echoes of the Spirit" - Significant Events.

"John Hyde - Apostle of Prayer" - Francis McGaw.

"Bible Study" - Prayer.

"Pray and Do Not Lose Heart" - Ralph Martin.

"New Wine Forum" on Prayer - with Bob Mumford and Charles Simpson.

New Wine Magazine - February 1975

February 1975

"Deceived? Who Me?" - Bob Mumford.

"Deception - A Testimony" - Scott Ross.

"The Deception Decision" - Ern Baxter.

"The Salt of the Covenant - Loyalty" - Charles Simpson.

"A Heart Perfect Towards God" - Derek Prince.

"Echoes of the Spirit" - Significant Events.

"Bible Study" - Deception.

"Ground Rules for Worship" - Bob Mumford.

"New Wine Forum" on Deception - with Don Basham and Charles Simpson.

New Wine Magazine - January 1975

January 1975

"Christ's Eternal Lordship" - Ern Baxter.

"Lord of the Dollar?" - Don Basham.

"A Man Who Met His Lord" - Oswald J Smith.

"A Holy Nation" - Charles Simpson.

"Swords into Plowshares" - John Poole.

"Bible Study" - Lordship.

"Maintaining a Life of Worship" - Bob Mumford.

"Echoes of the Spirit" - Significant Events.

"New Wine Forum" on Lordship - with Don Basham and Charles Simpson.

New Wine Magazine - November 1974

November 1974

"Who is the Holy Spirit?" - Ern Baxter.

"Echoes of the Spirit" - Significant Events.

"Gifts or Fruit?" - Don Basham.

"The Mighty Stream of God" - Ralph Martin.

"Avenues to Worship" - Bob Mumford.

"Expressions of Divine Life" - George D Watson.

"Bible Study" - Holy Spirit.

"Entering the Land" - Charles Simpson.

"New Wine Forum" on the Holy Spirit - with Derek Prince and Bob Mumford.