Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Mighty to Save!" - A New Song We Learnt at Brighton

I always have tremendous trouble trying to remember the awesome lyrics of new songs that we were taught at the Brighton "Together on a Mission Conference" hence (like Luke) I wait with anticipation for the live worship CD that is released sometime this month. In the meantime I was thrilled when I was at my parents home recently to hear one of the songs we learnt being sung on a Hillsongs album. It's called "Mighty to Save!" and it was just ... amazing!

I found the live clip of it on You-Tube. Here it is! I love watching the Hillsongs worshippers. What a people of passion!


James B said...

I agree. Just watching Darlene Zschech's face makes me long to be able to worship God and enter into intimacy with Him like her. Anyone who says women shouldn't lead worship are just plain stupid.

Peter Day said...

This is such an awesome clip. I have been playing it again and again since you put it up.

God spoke to me through the line "Saviour, He can move the mountains..." I started singing "Saviour, we can move the mountains."

This is an awesome song about the majesty and power of God, but He has invested His power within us! We are co-workers with Him, co-heirs with Christ, and Jesus tells us if we have faith as small as a mustard seed we can say to the mountain "be removed." Awesome - small faith in a mighty God!

Dan Bowen said...

That's a really great take on it Pete! I love that - yes, He can move the mountains but He has chosen us, His people, His Bride, His loved ones to exercise His Kingdom rule in this earth!! Let's rise up and take that truth to the nations!!

Anonymous said...

James b - are you comments ("Anyone who says women shouldn't lead worship are just plain stupid") driven by experience or Scripture? What's your ultimate plumbline in determining your stance?

James said...

Well now Anonymous seeing as you tend towards being the Word-based one then you will know like me that firstly there isn't any biblical naming of the office of "worship leader". Secondly you will know therefore that there is no biblical mandate that they should only be males. Thirdly if you are as complementarian as your earlier comments suggest, you will also know that the Bible and Wayne Grudem define the role of eldership as being exclusively male - not worship leaders who are under the authority of said elders.

So my ultimate plumbine is Scripture. What's yours? Scripture? Or your traditions? Or maybe your family of church's "apostles"?

Anonymous said...

Well argued James. Indeed, Anonymous it seems that while you are more than happy to bandy around the word "Scripturally proved" and "orthodox" (although you don't say it) we have very little to read of what you say actually being backed up by Scripture. He who stands, take heed lest he fall.

Dr S A J Burgess