Sunday, September 09, 2007

Where I Am Right Now ...

I got the idea for this blog post from the Pyromaniacs. Phil Johnson runs this neat little box by the side of the blog which details what he is reading, what is on his Ipod and links that he has liked lately. I do the occasional blogspotting post every now and then but I thought for a change I would follow the Pyromaniac idea. I'm not doing it for any other reason that I thought it would be interesting to organise my hideously random reading, listening and browsing! Who knows - by the time I finish this post I might be so horrified that I never do it again! We will see.

1. What I am Reading Right Now ...

I am re-reading Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones masterful series on the Book of Romans and have just got to Chapter 9. It has been an incredible read as many evangelicals tend to focus on Romans 1-8 and the later chapters are more of an unknown territory. I posted a number of key quotes from the book on our Quotes blog. Here are two key ones that floored me;

"God forbid that any of the spirit of prejudice that was in the Jew should ever possess us and lead us to this pathetic position ... We must be orthodox but we must not be proud of it, we must not rely on it - even that. Let us realise this great lesson of the sovereignity of God, His great and glorious purpose; that it is He who calls and He calls whom He wills; He raises and He puts down".

And the second one;

"God forbid that in our desire to safeguard against certain errors, we should become guilty of quenching the Spirit. We can become so assured of ourselves and so much in control of the position that we are not giving the Spirit of God an opportunity".

Secondly I am re-reading Arthur Wallis's classic "In the Day of Thy Power". The prophetic word and the vision that I got a few nights ago has really emphasised the importance of knowing how the people of God should behave in a time of revival.

Thirdly I am reading Nigella Lawson's latest cookbook release; "Nigella Express". No I joke not. I really enjoy cooking and I have been fascinated to learn a "Nigella" tip to cook chips in a new way. You get 250g of new potatoes and put them into a freezer bag and bash them with a rolling pin and then deep fry them! How cool is that?!

Finally I have just got to the New Wine Magazine - June 1977 in my reading of those wonderful resources that are available online. I absolutely loved the front cover because they have illustrated Peter walking on the water to Jesus. Most evangelical paintings or illustrations show Peter sinking and the Lord reaching out to save him. But the New Wine team were making the point that while he did need help from the Lord, he still stepped out and walked on the water!

2. What I Am Listening To Right Now ...

I love listening to sermons - I could listen to them all day if I could. I have two main sources at the moment for my sermonic input.

Rob Rufus and City Church International, Hong Kong - I just absolutely love the blend of preaching and teaching on the grace of God - the true grace of God not just a name - and the glory and Presence of God by His Holy Spirit. I am listening to a sermon that Rob preached on the 10th June 2007 called; "Aligning Our Allegiances For The Annointing To Flow At Full Volume". It's particularly interesting because he had a Chinese translator so the sermon was 2 hours and 6 minutes! I urge any and everyone to listen to at least one sermon of Rob Rufus's. It will change your life potentially.

Church of Christ the King, Brighton - anyone who has followed this blog for a short period of time know the profound affection and love I have for this church. Like Rob Rufus, they seek to preach the "whole counsel of God" but it is infused and set alight by a passionate desire for the Holy Spirit to come down and touch their meetings, their lives. Joel Virgo is really establishing himself as the lead elder and his sermons are outstandingly prophetic.

3. What I Am Browsing Now ...

Jesse Phillips has started posing "Questions of the Week" which are excellent for posing serious issues to the church. The charismatic renewal is over 30 years old and it isn't enough to ride on the laurels of our fore-fathers. I know of at least 3 churches that call themselves "open to the Holy Spirit" but haven't had a spiritual gift or a manifestation of His Presence for over a year. It isn't enough for us to hear our fathers talk about the battles they fought and won. The devil doesn't rest or give up just because some aspects of the Holy Spirit's work has been restored to the church. He will be RELENTLESS in attempting to get that work quenched and stopped and has been extremely successful. Jesse's blog is vital. "Earnestly desire" is a command of Scripture not a secondary option.

My fellow Newfrontiers friend Luke Wood is blogging more regularly this month and it isn't to be missed! He is settling into his new church in Southampton - Life Church - which is on my list of churches I really want to visit. Waiting for an invite first though Luke ... hint, hint. ;) Like me he has learnt from the dangers of legalism creeping in on our blogging and said this. I love it! I LOVE it!

"To be living in the grace of God, diving into the Bible and lingering in His presence is pretty much what it's all about".

That is it. End of.

Finally I must draw attention again to my best friend Pete's blog. The title says it all; "The Best is Yet to Come". Pete isn't and can't be a regular blogger due to his pressurised work commitments in his church in South London but when he does blog, boy is it worth it! I plead with you to make it a point to try and check as often as you can. I will also do my best to point out when he has blogged if that will help people also. His posts are prophetic - because he prays earnestly through everything he writes and posts. His latest post is; "Who Will Speak For Us?". He ends by saying this;

"Who will speak up, who will help? Will it be us? We are to be the joy of the whole earth (Ps 48v2). Our Master set the example as He went about "doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil". We have the power and authority, and the call, to follow in His footsteps".

So there we have it - that's what I am upto in my life at the moment! I am so incredibly grateful to God for giving me a time in my life when I have regular access to the internet, to books that I can read, for eyes and a brain that can digest what I read. I pray that what's going in will be of service somehow to the extension of His glorious Kingdom.

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