Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Together on a Mission 2006 Summary!

Like my friend Luke Wood said, writing these reviews has been enormously helpful for me however much of a blessing it has been to the readers! I hope it has been - but for me it has been like living the conference again and re-learning and re-visiting the awesome material learnt but moreever remembering the encounter with God Himself by His Spirit. It's something I never want to forget and like Luke said, I am constantly amazed that although much of what was said was a restatement of the vision and values of Newfrontiers - this year was the greatest revelation of those visions and values that I have ever experienced or been to. I am so grateful!

If I was asked to sum up what Brighton meant to me, I would say in a sentence; "Jesus and the Spirit". The empty Cross and the empty tomb mean that the Holy Spirit has been poured out on the Church today and that He has given ascension gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists and the pastor/teachers. Church will and should never be the same again!

Here are the sessions with their respective links and a short sentence summary of each.

Stephen Van Rhyn - Session 1 - Day 1.

Stephen taught us on the significant ingrediants for an apostolic advance. 1. God. 2. Courage. 3. Diversity of Gifts. 4. Multi-Coloured Expression. 5. Pressure and Hardship. 6. Grace.

David Stroud - Session 2 - Day 1.

David taught with great skill on the four names of the coming King who will change everything. 1. Wonderful Counsellor. 2. Mighty King. 3. Everlasting Father. 4. Prince of Peace.

"Draw Me Close to You".

We sung it - unashamed and unafraid.

Terry Virgo - Session 3 - Day 1.

Terry taught us in his opening address to the conference as the father of our movement - that our refusals however small can make a world of difference.

Rob Rufus - Training Track 1 - Day 2.

The first of a trinity with this incredible man of God. Sometimes to do the miraculous, you must do the ridiculous. I ended up on the floor of the Hewson Hall. Ridiculous enough?

Rob Rufus - Session 2 - Day 2.

Round two with Rob. Disappointment and Calvinists are prone to limiting theology and therefore experience. We need an encounter with God through the Holy Spirit as a living Person. We must remember the Cross is empty and the object of it all is the lost.

David Holden - Session 3 - Day 2.

The highlight for me in terms of speaking (and excluding Terry). The most amazing, empassioned teaching on ministering in the Spirit. "The reason Newfrontiers exists is because of an experience of the Holy Spirit".

Wayne Grudem - Session 4 - Day 2.

Grudem teaches with crystal clarity that Jesus Christ was and is both God and Man and therefore worthy of our worship and praise.

Rob Rufus - Training Track 2 - Day 3.

The man of the Spirit teaches on the laying on of hands.

David Devenish - Session 2 - Day 3.

'The' missional message of the conference from this mission-obsessed apostle/prophet. There are 6, 000 unreached people groups. Don't ever say Newfrontiers isn't working somewhere. We should be, we might be or we will be!

The Prayer Meeting - Day 3.

Multi-cultural celebration and prayer as we raise a million pounds for apostolic mission!

Rob Rufus - Training Track 3 - Day 4.

The final session of this conference with Rob. I got a vision of heaven and a man got exorcised of a demonic spirit of suicide! This is Kingdom life!

Terry Virgo - Final Session - Day 4.

Terry closed the conference with the most stirring, fatherly compassionate but challenging address I have yet to hear from him. Despite pressures, despite challenges let us never forget that the arm of the Lord is mighty to save! We have been brought out of Egpyt for a purpose - and we are heading towards the Promised Land - a land flowing with milk and honey. Vintage Ern Baxter if ever.


Hugh Griffiths said...

I appreciate the time and trouble you have given to provide these notes from the various sessions. As ever, your writing has been a real benefit to so many who were not at the conference. Many thanks from me - and I'm sure from many others!

Living Life Now said...

Dan you've pulled off some more fabulous blog enteries ! Even tho I was at the conference with you, its still cool to have your detailed writings on what went on, since it went by so fast !!
Well done you !!

Baxter's Boy said...

Thank you very much both for your comments! It has been such a blessing going over the material again and just being amazed at what God is wanting to say to His Church. Exciting days! The tide is turning indeed!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful work. Thank you so much. It was like living there in Brighton through the cloud of glory you have been enjoying!

Dr S A J Burgess