Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Holy Spirit Today!

A quote from "The King and His Army" - Lakes Bible Week 1975 by Dr Ern Baxter.

"I remember reading the 'British Weekly' years ago and it said that the Pentecostal people were the fantatical fringe of Protestantism. Well I've got news for you - the Pentecostal people are now the controversial centre of Christianity because God sent His Spirit not to be laughed at. God sent His Spirit not to be shoved out onto the peripheries of the Christian thing. He sent His Spirit to replace the Lord Jesus Christ at the very heart of the redeemed community.

Jesus said; "It is expedient for you that I go for I am God localised. When I go away, the Father and I are going to send the Holy Spirit and He is going to be the Trinity universalised and when He comes back, He is going to spread all over the earth and He is going to bring men and women into the redeemed community. He is going to establish the Kingdom of God among the sons of men He is going to display the glory of God! God will not allow the Holy Spirit to be shouted, shoved and pulled.

Have you thought about the sufferings of the Holy Spirit? We preachers dramatically point out the sufferings of Christ on the Cross. For 3 and a half years He suffered, and then that awful agony on Calvary. All of which is true - but have you thought that for 2, 000 years the Holy Spirit has been down here being blasphemed, neglected, rejected, confounded with para-psychology, extra-sensory perception, He has been called nasty names, denied, grieved and quenched for 2, 000 years He has suffered! But it's His hour now to come into the supremacy and prominence and the Spirit is at the heart of the thing now! He is not out there knocking to come in! He is in here directing all things! Hallelujah!".

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James B said...

Thanks for this awesome taster into the amazing "King and His Army Series". I guess and hope that this means you are still transcribing it!! Can't wait!!