Thursday, July 27, 2006

Report from Celebration Northeast (The Newfrontiers Family Weekend!).

One of my greatest blogging friends, Jul - has just got back from a Newfrontiers conference across the sea! Her very honest and stimulating account is found here.

Terry Virgo preached twice and it seems the Spirit of God is pleased to carry on the supernatural healings that He is doing. Praise God!

I remember when Stoneleigh Bible Week was being closed down, someone prophesied a field of dandelions and the seeds spreading and planting here there and everywhere. At the time I found it hard to comprehend anything that could surpass Stoneleigh so it is tremendously exciting to see the prophecy coming to pass and celebrations like these being held all over the world.

Go read her account and moreso the blog of a faithful, passionate servant of God who has taught me so much.

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