Sunday, July 09, 2006

Together on a Mission - Day 2 - Training Track 1.

I must confess a degree of suspicion when encountering men who claim a ministry in the supernatural. I guess that's partly what happens when you get John MacArthur's "Charismatic Chaos" rammed down your throat in your formative years of growing up. My acceptance of these men is often based on endorsements from men (my heroes usually) whom I trust and love. I accepted Rodney Howard-Browne's anointing and ministry because of my respect for Dr R T Kendall. I accepted William Branham's extrodinary gifts and anointings and did not discredit him because of his heresy due to my trust and love for Dr Ern Baxter. And so on. So although I did not know Rob Rufus, I was very open to what God might do through him due to Terry Virgo's endorsement of him.

There was however a degree of nervousness when Scott and I entered the Hewson Hall for the first of his training track seminars! It was a great relief to see one of the elders from my church there and also Terry himself! Terry hosted the three sessions and really set the glory-filled tone by opening with prayer and leading us in singing "Jesus, We Enthrone You". He then welcomed Rob.

I was so impressed with Rob's ministry. He is clearly a man devoted to the Word of God and has a passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ and the Gospel. His talk wasn't a classical 3 point exposition, so here is a transcript from my notes of the key elements of what he said.

"Sometimes to do the miraculous, you must do the ridiculous. We must make sure that our wineskins are good to hold the wine. There are 3 essential components to a good wineskin 1. Authority Structures. 2. Biblical Vision - "To the Nations". 3. Biblical Values. We must not throw these values away if God comes in power! You have to die to your reputation to step out in the supernatural. There is a waiting on God that is vital here. You can't earn the miraculous! We can't generate power at will. The empty cross and the empty tomb are the generators of power in the supernatural.

The anointing of God is tangible. It is transferrable. It is the manifestion of God's power everywhere. God is present everywhere but He is not manifest everywhere. (Luke 17:5) "Increase our faith". Jesus answer was unexpected. They thought of it in terms of quantity. He thought of it in terms of quality." There are six levels of faith;

1. No faith.
2. Temporary faith.
3. Little faith.
4. Weak faith.
5. Strong faith.
6. Great faith.

Where am I on these stages?

Ministry Time.
Rob then got us to stand and with very little hype simply welcomed the Spirit of God. It is hard to detail what was happening across the room and the phenomenon is of little importance anyhow. All I know is that God by His Spirit was brooding over that room in the most powerful way I have ever experienced. It was as though the air became thick like treacle. That's the best description I can come up with. I had determined that I wouldn't "do" anything just because anyone else was but neither would I resist the Spirit of God! However when Rob turned to our block of chairs and prayed over us, it was as though a tidal wave had swept me off my feet and I found myself on the floor. Not on my back - but on my side and not laughing but sobbing my heart out. During the Toronto Blessing, I have often wondered what happened to the people who "went down". My experience was quite simply to see the horror and wretchedness of my sin. My pride. And the cost was to send Jesus to the Cross. I think I kept saying "I'm sorry" but I'm not quite sure whether that was in my head or out loud.

However Rob then went on to speak of the love of God. I couldn't quite hear the words from where I was, but it was as though the love of Christ tangibly settled over me and I felt so loved it was the most amazing experience ever. When I finally made it to my feet, I saw that I was not alone - even Terry was in some sort of supine position! It was an extrodinary time. I really believe that the Spirit proved in experience what I had heard John Hosier pray - "That love constrained the Son of God to go to Calvary". During that time on the floor, I saw that my sin was the reason why there was no other way. Yet it was because of His great love that He stepped into my place and took the Father's wrath for me! Amazing love! How can it be? That Thou, My God shouldst die ... for me?!


jul said...

What can I say to that? I'm thanking God you had such a powerful and personal experience with him. Thanks for sharing it as it not only brings tears to my eyes but builds my own faith for what God wants to do in my heart and the hearts of all his people. He's the greatest!

tigger said...

Sounds like an amazing experience!

Sola Deo gloria!


thinkingriddles said...

Awesome encounter with God. It's exciting that God is beginning to do something like this again in our time!

Shash said...

We just returned from a week with Rob and Glenda in California for a lead elders time away. What an amazing time it was. Very much the same as you describe. God is wonderful and still does some pretty amazing things!!!