Sunday, July 09, 2006

Together on a Mission - Day 2 - Session 4.

The evening session was one that I was greatly looking forward to because it was Professor Wayne Grudem. It was initially very hard trying to decide between Wayne Grudem's training tracks on "The Authority and Inerrancy of the Word of God" and Rob Rufus's training tracks - but in the end I decided it had to be Rob Rufus. So therefore this was my only opportunity to hear Wayne Grudem - who is a hero of mine.

The worship was quite incredible - once again God was pleased to visit His people in a powerful way. Kate Simmonds was leading us in singing a beautiful range of songs from the didatic declarations of God to the intimate. We sang, "My First Love" - "You are the Lord (Famous One)" - "Here I am to worship" - "The Power of the Cross" and "In Christ Alone". The prophetic was powerfully manifest through John Kpipi. God spoke clearly through him about the importance of what we see. Because what we see will motivate us. He described how God had shown him a mountain - a mountain that would cover the earth! And remindd us that a mountain is a place of revelation, where God shows us things. It reminded me wonderfully of my thoughts on mountains before going to Brighton. I noticed John then went back and sat down next to Wayne Grudem who made a point of speaking to him and was clearly thanking him. What an encouragement when a New Testament scholar thanks you for your prophecy!

Terry Virgo then welcomed Wayne Grudem to the platform. His message was to be on "The Person of Christ: God and Man in One Unique Person". It is testimony to Wayne Grudem's clear gifting that it was this session that Scott enjoyed the most - bearing in mind has been a Christian for just a year! It is also a clear message to those pseudo-Evangelicals who think that the preaching of the Word has to be downgraded in some sense because our culture cannot handle preaching of that calibre. Yes Grudem's message was in essence a lecture on Christology but the tangible sense of awe and worship in the Person of Christ when he finished was just amazing! How appropriate that we sang "In Christ Alone".

Grudem had a breathtaking amount of slide projections detailing with crystal clarity his arguments. I could reproduce them as I copied them down - but Adrian Warnock has done a tremendous job of doing this - so I urge you to go and read his blog on this unforgettable message.

All I can do is just repeat Grudem's emotional conclusion to his message:

"This Jesus whom we worship is truly God and Man and will be God and Man forever. This is the most outstanding miracle in the universe!".

Tomorrow: Session 2 with Rob Rufus, David Devenish and THE PRAYER MEETING!

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