Friday, July 21, 2006

Prophecy Series by Dr Ern Baxter beginning!!

I have found a hugely exciting series of 22 study sheets on "The Gift of Prophecy" in the Ern Baxter Archive. Each study is quite short (just one page) and has some hugely stimulating study questions that would be a fantastic resource for any cell group leader who was interested in getting into this most desirable of spiritual gifts!

I couldn't quite decide where to post it, as it does concern the Spirit and His gifts but is by Ern Baxter - so in the end I decided, I am posting it over at my other website - "The Spirit of God!". It follows on nicely from the previous post by Bryn Jones on prophecy.

As I have said - there are 22 study sheets so I will try to post one each day or as often as I can manage it. I really do hope and pray that it raises the profile of this spiritual gift - that we are urged to seek most eagerly!

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