Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Mysterious Prophet of Revival.

Some may remember I referred to a speaker that Terry Virgo has invited specifically to Brighton with some awesome promises of what God may do. I have been very eager to find out more about him, so when I got the Newfrontiers magazine through - I guessed that his name was the only name I wasn't familiar with. So I did a search on "Rob Rufus" from Hong Kong and found some exciting stuff!

He has pioneered a church called 'City Church International' in Hong Kong with 'New Covenant Ministries International' (what a great name) and it seems like the favour of God is on their work indeed. There are downloadable sermons, articles - so much to be getting to know this guy before we hear him at Brighton!

Any who follow the Newfrontiers website carefully will see that they are doing a "track" system with seminars this year - so I note that Wayne Grudem is taking a track on "Biblical Scholarship" and Rob Rufus is taking a track on "Miracles". Now how on EARTH is one meant to choose between the two!?!? Bible or Miracles?!?! Grudem or Rufus!?!? I'm in quite a dilemma! Anyway ... hope the links prove useful and add to excitement about this conference!


Anonymous said...

Awesome ... WHAT a guy! You can trust Terry Virgo to only invite the very best!

SJ said...

V v interesting, I wonder what his credentials are and who knows him?

Ronald Jackson said...

I just came across your blog while doing a Google search for "Rob Rufus" having heard that he was over in the UK last week.

This blog looks quite amazing!! I'm looking forward to reading more!!