Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ern Baxter and the Word of God.

While recently doing some theological training with my pastor Dr Stanley Jebb, he impressed on me how important it is to get a wide and broad grip of the Word of God. One really helpful task was to go through each book of the Bible and assign it a sub-heading. This I did, but even more recently while pouring through my Ern Baxter Archive, I found Ern Baxter did exactly the same thing! Very tellingly after having typing it out, it can be seen that Ern's view of the Word of God was similar to C H Spurgeon's who saw Christ in ALL things.

So here it is. Ern Baxter's wide and broad grip on the Word of God:

Genesis - The Seed of the Woman.
Exodus - The Lamb for Sinners slain.
Leviticus - Our High Priest.
Numbers - The Star out of Jacob.
Deuteronomy - The Prophet like unto Moses and the Great Rock.
Joshua - The Captain of the Lord's Hosts.
Judges - The Messenger of Jehovah.
Ruth - Our Kinsman Redeemer and the Faithful Bridegroom.
1 Samuel - The Great Judge.
2 Samuel - The Princely King.
1 Kings - David's Choice.
2 Kings - The Holiest of All.
1 Chronicles - King by Birth.
2 Chronicles - King by Judgement.
Ezra - The Lord of Heaven and Earth.
Nehemiah - The Builder.
Esther - Our Mordecai.
Job - Our Daysman and our Risen Returning Redeemer.
Psalms - The Son of God and the Good Shepherd.
Proverbs - Our Wisdom.
Ecclesiastes - The One above the Sun.
Song of Solomon - The Great Church Lover, the One Altogether Lovely.
Isaiah - The Suffering and Glorified Servant.
Jeremiah - The Lord our Rightousness.
Lamentations - The Man of Sorrows.
Ezekiel - The Glorious God.
Daniel - The Smiting Stone and the Messiah.
Hosea - The Risen Son of God.
Joel - The Outpourer of the Spirit.
Amos - The Eternal Christ.
Obadiah - The Forgiving Christ.
Jonah - The Risen Prophet.
Micah - The Bethlehemite.
Nahum - The Bringer of Good Tidings.
Habbakuk - The Lord in His Holy Temple.
Zephaniah - The Merciful Christ.
Haggai - The Desire of All Nations.
Zechariah - The Branch.
Malachi - The Son of Rightousness.

Matthew - The King of the Jews.
Mark - The Servant of the Lord.
Luke - The Perfect Man.
John - The Son of God.
Acts - The Ascended Lord and Christ.
Romans - The Lord our Rightousness.
1 Corinthians - Our Resurrection.
2 Corinthians - Our Comforter.
Galatians - The End of the Law.
Ephesians - The Head of the Church.
Philippians - The Supplier of Every Need.
Colossians - The Fulness of the Godhead.
1 Thess - The Comer for His Church.
2 Thess - The Faithful Establisher.
1 Timothy - The Mediator.
2 Timothy - The Bestower of Crowns.
Titus - Our Great God and Saviour.
Philemon - The Payer of Our Debt.
Hebrews - Fulfiller of Types and the Rest of Faith.
James - The Lord Drawing Nigh.
1 Peter - The Victorious Sufferer.
2 Peter - The Lord of Glory.
1 John - The Way.
2 John - The Truth.
3 John - The Life.
Jude - Our Security.
Revelation - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Lamb of God, the Bright Morning Star and the Final Consumation of All Things.

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