Monday, November 28, 2005

Back ... With a Vengance!!

Hurrah!! After far too long, my laptop is back and working so I have my broadband connection back and I can get going okay! Very exciting!! Many thanks to PC World ... you managed it ... finally!

What am I reading at the moment?

I was up in Birmingham at the weekend and I was surprised to find that a biography has been brought out of the great teacher Derek Prince. -

It is an extrodinarily moving story and account of one of Ern Baxter's best friends. Ern himself is mentioned quite a bit during those years when they worked together in Fort Lauderdale. I am tremendously excited about this book because I've always felt a stirring that one day maybe I might write Ern Baxter's biography and the publication of this book seems to me to validate that.

What am I listening to at the moment?

Well ... many many thanks to the wonders of broadband I am back with a vengance on the Church of Christ the King, Brighton website and I'm listening to a sermon of Terry Virgo's where he preached on; "A New Day Rooted in a God Who Speaks". It's vintage Terry and amazing stuff!!

What am I watching at the moment?

I've just seen a dvd of P J Smyth: -

he was speaking at a main session at Brighton 2005 on "The Juggernaught Church". It was an interesting message and one that, no doubt, will bring a measure of criticism from those who are "cautious but open" about the militancy of Newfrontiers. I found it incredibly faithbuilding. Here's a young guy who is Newfrontiers homegrown (I presume) and is taking so seriously the Word of God and the prophecies that have been spoken. He takes the biblical examples of Jerusalem, Antioch and Ephesus - as examples of "Juggernaught" churches that attract the attention of the cities and world around them.

Interestingly enough he did a practical exercise where he got those pastors who have congregations over a thouand to stand up. I could only see Peter Brooks (CCK) and Stephen Van Rhyms (Jubilee Church, SA) stand up. Yet you could feel the ripples of faith, that it is the will of God that churches grow. Why not? The USA commands many many churches with congregations of thousands. Why is it that to us a congregation of a thousand is big - yet to the USA, it would be considered small.

Bring it on Lord ... let's see growth come!!


James 'Smiler' Farrer said...

Hello, not sure what your name is but been reading you for a while. Like the blog. [I'm from a Newfrontiers church in Loughborough]

PJ Symthe is kinda Newfrontiers homegrown but not quite. He started his first church, took it to about 300 I believe before he had even heard of Newfrontiers. He wasn't even charismatic at this point.

But knew he needed to be part of something bigger and somehow came across Simon Pettit. Baptised in the Spirit etc... and the rest is history...

If you want a more accurate version, you should get the CD of the Mobilise seminar he did, where he tells you about his history, but that is the jist of it that I can remember.

Baxter's Boy said...

Hiya, my real name aside from the alias is Dan. Great to hear from you! And many thanks for the biography on P J! What a guy! I will hunt down that CD.

D x