Saturday, November 19, 2005

I have 7, 000 Other Prophets ...

Hee hee ... or something like that. It seems I'm not the only one deep along the Lloyd-Jonesian/Puritan thread on this whole issue of life in the Holy Spirit. I found this awesome blog entry and blogger today:

He sees the key situation as: "The Major Issue: God, by the Holy Spirit, grants His children direct, conscious experiences of Himself. These relational experiences of God amount to impressions from the Holy Spirit and are good for the strengthening, comfort and edification of the believer". I quite like that summary. "Direct, concious experiences of Himself". Yes oh yes!

He goes on to list some important bloggers who are deep in the debate more from the gifts point of view. These are: (a careful and weighty critique of the Grudem thesis on the NT gift of prophecy). (he asks the fundamental question that I still wonder ... why ARE we so afraid of the Holy Spirit?) (this guy seems to be the Godfather of all things bloggerific).

The blog then gets into the nitty-gritty for me and begins to survey the issue of assurance from Lloyd-Jones in Romans, as I had been doing yesterday. And then again goes on to list the awesome list of Puritans that Lloyd-Jones presents as authorities on his position on the Holy Spirit.

It's an amazing blog entry and puts it far better than I did. I just found it so exciting to find that someone is thinking along exactly the same lines as me!!

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