Thursday, November 03, 2005

Where are we going??

It's always vital to have some sort of vision in your life, both personally and corporately. "Without vision, the people perish", and far too many churches, pastors and people don't really know exactly where they are going - other than waiting for the bus to waft them upto the Celestial City!! In all my rantings, ravings, musings, ponderings, wonderings, and sometimes bumblings on this blog, I feel that I too must take a step back and say where am I going? Why do I go on and on about my pet passions; the Holy Spirit - His baptism, His gifts, His outpourings, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and His enthronement and so on? What's it all in aid of?

These quotes that I found of Terry Virgo's in the Autumn 2000 edition of the Newfrontiers magazine demonstrate exactly where I am going - or where I want to be going!!

"Our churches must be centres of Holy Spirit activity. His Presence is to be enjoyed. Beware the danger of thoughtlessly grieving or quenching the Holy Spirit and getting used to meetings where His Presence is hardly known".

"When did you last feel the powerful sense of the Lord's Presence in your congregational meeting? When were you last genuinely built up by a prophetic utterance? We must 'covet to prophesy'".

"God is present. He is willing to scatter spiritual gifts among you and the manifestation of the Spirit is for the good of all".

"God will help us on our path if we will keep our goal in view to see glorious churches experiencing the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in all His fulness".

And again as I have quoted previously from his message on 'Saul and David' that Terry gave at Brighton 2004:

"I hate church that isn't church!".

That is it. How I long to be in a corporate body where we can truly begin to see "The Church - the Passion of God's Son" coming forth as His beautiful Bride!! And then the world will sit up and take notice!! As John Piper said, mission only exists because worship doesn't!! If the Bride of Christ - the church will learn to truly worship in an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit dwells "in ALL His fulness" then surely the world will come in and fall down and exclaim;

"God is truly among you!!".

Come soon Holy Spirit!

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