Saturday, November 19, 2005

Conferences ... Conferences ...

It's unbelievable but its already getting round to the time when we have to start deciding which conferences we are going to go to in 2006!! Oh scaredom. I got a leaflet through the door advertising Life in the Spirit. I think (if my memory serves me) I blogged a report on this early back in July. Sam Storms was the keynote speaker last year and it was quite a time. Their website is: It is quite a simple site, basically letting the Old Faithful book their en-suite rooms at next years conference (or single rooms if they are humble). Hee hee - if you want proof I was there, I've just found my photo on the website!

The theme of the conference will be "Triumph of the Crucified". The main speakers are Greg Haslem and Paul Reid. I don't know why I'm not going really ... guess the theme doesn't really grab me although it will be interesting to hear reports from my friends who are going. I've got quite a history with Life in the Spirit. My pastor Dr Stanley Jebb used to be on the conference team and brought some really key messages in the eighties. Now my old hero Peter Cockrell is on the conference team. He leads a church in Worthing:

It really is a great conference, but I guess when my annual leave and money are regulated and limited, I need a life-changing encounter with God at these holy convocations.

Which is why, I will be DEFINATELY at Brighton next year: and we are considering being really naughty and running upto CCK and seeing the amazing stuff going on at Mobilise. I think Evan Rogers is such an amazing worship leader - I've never seen such passion before!! I'm always really excited to see what guest speakers Terry Virgo will invite, but actually the highlights of the conference are always hearing Terry himself, Dave Holden and Dave Devenish. These guys are just pure gold, as well as John Hosier and John Groves!!

My family are going to go to New Wine I think in the summer!! I went to Soul Survivor which is the student version years ago when I was a student, but again like Life in the Spirit, I don't think I'll be tempted.

Darlene Zschech is coming to London in September!! I am so going to be at this conference. I have always loved the wonderful albums that Hillsongs bring out. They touch something of the pure passion and wonder and awe of God and I can't WAIT to be there!! -

I would absolutely LOVE to go to New Day - the youth conference organised by Newfrontiers. It sounds absolutely incredible. Birthed in the prophetic (I think there was a picture of a bath filling up and passing the water mark and overflowing over the sides), it just sounds pure Presence of God. Regretfully I think I'm too old :( so I am content with praying and pleading with my teenage brother and sister to go.


Luke Wood said...

Mobilise will also be my priority for 2006 in terms of conferences. It's definitely the holder of the top-spot for me in terms of the place where I know I will be blessed by God, that His Word will be taught and His Spirit present. Plus, I know I'll have a wicked time catching up with old friends and introducing some of our students in Sheffield to the "bigger picture" which is our family of churches.

Just an interesting point: Mobilise may well have moved out of the Clarendon Centre (CCK) for 2006. You see, we filled it last year, so there is genuinely zero room for growth. One suggestion I heard was that Mobilise use the Brighton Centre while the "adults" have their seminars, then we swap round! I still don't know where that leaves us in terms of plenary sessions, as we were full to capacity at least once in the evenings this year.

Sadly, I too am a little old for Newday, but fear not! Get yourself on a serving team and you should be able to get to at least half the meetings. Join the ministry team or something (the briefing/prayer sessions for these were AWESOME). I did both last year and it was definitely worth it. Of course, you will feel like you've been working for a week, not on holiday, but I would say it's worth being there to watch what happens.

Baxter's Boy said...

Serving!!! Ah hah - a cunning plan!! You have just brightened this dreary morning!!

I have to say its awesome though, as Terry V put in his Frontline - being full is a GREAT problem to have!!

Luke Wood said...

At last! Took me ages to find this post again, just to make sure you had a topic-relevant comment rather than a random one.

Just spotted that the name of next year's conference will be "Together on a Mission 06 with Mobilise", as blogged at

Thought you would want to know!