Friday, March 31, 2006

A Few Ern Baxter Bits and Pieces.

This is just a short note before I go home from work. I haven't forgotten my series that have been inspired from Ern's "Autobiographical Sketches". We looked at the Trossachs Experience and saw the importance of small groups and conferences. We then moved on to the tension between "Word and Spirit" or Reformed Doctrine and Charismatic Experience, and saw quite a conversation develop from that. We then touched on the "Healing Movement and the Latter Rain Movement" and the tremendous degree of anointing and power that was present in those unique times. But regretfully had to ask "Why the Ebb?" and again a very profitable conversation developed as to learning from the mistakes of Nadab and Abihu and ensuring that should God visit our land again in revival, we do not abandon the Word of God and His laws!

There is one more post that I have to come - it will be exciting and should not be missed! Ern Baxter on the Charismatic Movement.

I wanted to thank Gavin White again for putting me onto the glorious riches of the internet. I got hold of this unique book from Abebooks. It is the best of the New Wine articles from 1969 to 1979. Regretfully Ern Baxter only contributed 2 chapters but the other chapters more than make up for it. Don Basham, Charles Simpson and Bob Mumford are unsurprisingly the other main contributors and a huge rich area of subjects are discussed. I will be reading it as from today and will definately post anything worthy of a hearing. Charles Simpson said in the introduction that the articles and material are "timeless". That is still my conviction and just because the book has gone out of print and is rare, the material is still timeless and needs to be heard!

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