Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ern Baxter - the Prophetic Songwriter.

I promised in a previous blog that I would search out and gradually include some of the songs that Ern Baxter wrote. While many knew him as a powerful preacher and prophet, not many knew that he was an accomplished musician and songwriter. Indeed, when he was particularly anointed by the Holy Spirit he would often break into song during his sermon.

Here is a hymn that he wrote for publication in the New Wine magazine that he was a consulting editor for.

The Sovereign Son.

On Zion's Holy Hill, the God-man sits to reign;

A rightous scepter in His hand, o'er shades His vast domain.

Divine decree hath placed Him there, while mocking monarchs rage,

Inviolate His throne shall stand, supreme from age to age.

No weakling King is He, this Man on heaven's seat;

His bloody sword, His body scarred, declare His foes defeat,

The keys of conquered kings He holds, the trophies of His fight.

While round Him, 'worthy' cry His hosts, and celebrate His might.

And now from yonder throne, on men good gifts He pours,

And with the strong He gladly shares, the spoils from heaven's stores.

Not meat and drink, but peace and joy and righteousness complete;

His Kingdom gifts to all His seed, who gather at His feet.

All hail Jehovah's King! We bless Thee, David's Son!

Thy everlasting reign, shall aging worlds out-run.

Thy years shall never end, and placed at God's right hand,

Thine enemies shall each be brought, to own Thy just command.


dave skip said...


Wonder what the tune is...

Baxter's Boy said...

I thought you would like it!! Maybe we should seek Mark's advice on setting it to a tune ... I'm not very musical in that respect!

jul said...

Thanks, I look forward to seeing more of these songs.