Monday, February 06, 2006

The People of the Anointing.

I am still incredibly taken up with the call to the Nations - and this truth that we are hopeless without the power, aid, help and Presence of the Spirit. Yes - without His Presence, we are nothing but sincere! But with Him - the Nations will come. Ern Baxer was fond of saying that when the Spirit of God is moving, evangelists only have to say, "Blue Cheese" and the Nations will be crying out, "What must we do to be saved?".

Ern had an extremely powerful vision in 1963 at a Convention in Canada, that I think has yet to be fulfilled. Here is a transcript of what he said and saw:

“One night as I waited there in the Convention Centre, I felt I should get on my knees and as I got on my knees I had a vision. In the vision I saw the earth as the astronauts pictured it from the moon. It was an orb out in space and all over that orb were Quonset huts. Now many of you are too young to know what they are, but after the last world war, the army sold those aluminium, warehouse-like structures called Quonset huts which had become army surplus. At any rate, I saw Quonset huts all over the globe and they were all the same size.

I said, “God, what’s this?”.

And He replied; “I am going to have in every place a people that are known for the anointing”. Now at that time I had a permanent pastoral charge and I didn’t know then that I would be involved in a travelling ministry. But He said next; “And when you travel from place to place, you will not ask for My people by this name or that but you will say – ‘Where are the people of the anointing’?”.


MarkL said...

Ern told this story as part of his series on the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit in 1991. Two things he said then which in my mind join up some of things you have posted recently.

Firstly, that the Kingdom of God is "in the Holy Spirit" (Romans 14:17). This means that the coming of the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit are inextricably linked.

Secondly, that sometimes we can sound theologically so full of exousia but lack the dunamis to blow the fluff off a peanut!

Makes me laugh and provokes me to pray for not just a revelation of authority but an empowering of the Spirit that makes the Church a more effective agent of the Kingdom in deed and not just word.

Baxter's Boy said...


Don said...

I heard Chavda say a few years ago, "love the anointing!" He was talking about how to keep the Holy Spirit close, and wasn't being idolatrous about "the anointing" -- he was calling for us not to settle for anything less than the continuing, manifest presence of Jesus in His Spirit here on Earth. That meant having a continuing, intimate and broken walk before the Lord on a daily basis.

I can well understand why the Spirit told Baxter to seek the people of the anointing, rather than a specific group. After some practice and years of prayer and fasting (heh!), it shouldn't be too hard for a believer to identify the anointed people. The challenge is continuing to *care* that it's important to seek the anointing!