Friday, February 24, 2006

Don't Isolate One Above the Other.

Just a brief link for your interest here in light of the previous few blogs on singleness. It was an encouragement to find a sensible and mature set of sermon notes from an SGM (PDI) church in the USA called "Living Hope Church" (cool name) on; "Two Gifts: Marriage and Singleness". This is a balanced view that is worth reading. They have a detailed 4 page set of sermon notes here - with application questions if you are really serious about it, here.

In other news ... I am seriously into listening to the 9 Mark Ministries interviews courtesy of Mark Dever and Capitol Hill Baptist Church. You don't have to buy them unless you want to, but can actually listen to them online. I have to admit I found the highly acclaimed; "Cooperation in the Church" interview between the Big 4 - the two M's and the two D's - a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping for a clearly outlined, strategic discussion teasing through what the gospel essentially IS and what cooperation and unity entailed in light of that - and maybe an insight into the upcoming conference and a hint of what the atmosphere would be like (I'm allowed to be curious even though I don't want to go). But it wasn't that at all. More a light and friendly chat, with a lot of jokes at each other - you can tell they are all good friends, but with no clear direction.

Much more profitable were interviews with Dr John Piper - Part 1 and Part 2, an outstanding interview with Dr Wayne Grudem, C J Mahaney on his own tends to ask questions less and talk more, and finally a great interview with the somewhat austere Iain Murray who is a complete mine of information.

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S.J said...

Thanks so much for these interview pointers! Wow the Piper and Grudem interviews are outstanding in depth. It is incredible how one can learn so much more in a sense from hearing a great man of God in informal conversation, than from the usual method of style from the pulpit. I am not sure why that is, but I finished listening to both those interviews feeling that I somehow understood Grudem and Piper a little bit more and appreciated their ministry a little bit more.

So thank you.