Sunday, August 05, 2007

Going to Church? What is your Expectation?

Julian Adams said;

"Our Expectation is God's Invitation".

What do we think is going to happen in about an hours time when we meet together? Do we think anything is going to happen? Do we expect God to show up? Or are we hiding behind the get-out clause that God is omnipresent? Do we expect God to distribute gifts of His Spirit? If so are we prepared that He may want us to get up and bring something He wants saying? Or are we in fast-food consumer mentality? Do we just want the worship over and done with so we can get on and hear the sermon which after all is the main reason why we're here?

I love Julian Adam's latest blog post. He writes;

"Intimacy with Jesus has a spill on effect. It draws us into a radical encounter with the Father. You see He takes us into the rooms of the Father! It’s amazing the heights and depths to which we are called! This is not for those who are prophetic only; it is an invitation to all who are called sons. You can live in the place of His presence and the resource of heaven twenty-four-seven.

A place is prepared for you in the father’s house. It’s a place of intimacy and reve-lation. It’s a place of lives changed and destiny fulfilled! You can go there anytime. Jesus has gone ahead of you and made the way open. You can access heavenly realms anytime in any place. He wants to tabernacle (make a dwelling place) with you. That’s the place that revelation will flow from".

What awesome privilidge! The way has been made open - the veil has been torn in two and we can enter the Holy of Holies today, THIS morning! There is a potential for all of us to encounter God Himself this morning because He has promised that He is building us - His Church - into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit! God Almighty wants to come and tabernacle among us! Don't take His omnipresence for granted. There is a manifest Presence - a cloud of glory - that is there and that will come in response to our hunger for Him.

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