Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Terry Virgo on the Presence of God!

I have been still enjoying sorting through my archives of Newfrontiers Magazines and reading the old articles - but was floored by this quote from Terry Virgo.

"Local churches flooded with the Presence of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are the most potent weapons in God's hands for world evangelisation".

Could that be why there is such a constant battle over them? Or what about this quote - also from a Newfrontiers Magazine;

"Prophecy can come as light and love to the individual or as direction to a movement. God leads us by His Presence and His voice. Church life does not have to be reduced to democratic processes, committees and management techniques. We can know God among us, hear His voice and enter into the promises He has clearly made.

Why settle for knowing God at a distance when He has made it clear that intimacy and fellowship are not only available but His distinct preference! He urges us to covet prophetic utterances that will increasingly make us a people enjoying His Presence and captivated by His purposes".

Such quotes just make my heart long for the nearness of His touch! As the song (and book) says; "Just one touch from the King changes EVERYTHING!".

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Scott Stringer said...

Hooray Mr Bowen ! Great quote from Mr Virgo there !