Thursday, August 09, 2007

I LOVE Rob Rufus!!

I was thinking about going to bed because I have been feeling sick all day but decided to listen to Rob Rufus's sermon from last week. The radical truths that this servant of God brings are truly new to me (despite being a Christian since 1988 and baptised in the Spirit in 1998) - I am so grateful for what God is doing through his ministry. If the Church can learn these life-changing grace and glory truths and foundations - the results will be nothing short of the "restoration of all things" in all nations that will result in the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ!

By the way: I found this page of sermons online from when Rob Rufus was speaking at Reading Family Church. I believe this was the primary visit that Rob made when God spoke so clearly and told Rob that he would be invited to speak at the Brighton Conference. Truly a landmark event!

But the sermon was so good, so awesome, so spine-tingling that I had to make notes on it - here they are;

“Face to Face Intimacy with God” – Rob Rufus – Hong Kong – 5th Aug 07

Isaiah 54:9

Condemnation is often tolerated in the church world today as an unpleasant feeling of being discouraged. Condemnation is a dark, demonic thing. No condemnation comes from God therefore all condemnation comes from the devil! The most dangerous thing about condemnation is that it de-sensitises you to the Voice of God.

All the anger and righteous indignation of God was finished and poured out on the Cross. There is no anger left in God in heaven. If we say there is some anger left then we are blaspheming the Person of Jesus Christ. All condemnation is a devilish darkness and it has been so successful in the church world that most Christians have not heard the inward audible Voice of the Good Shepherd once. The diagnosis to not hearing God’s voice is a mixture of Old and New Covenant – grace and law. Even when you are feeling condemned, God’s heart is to love you and bless you. Condemnation jams the airways for usage of your supernatural consciousness.

The still small voice can often happen when you are brushing your teeth or sitting on the toilet! But if you have condemnation you won’t hear that. When condemnation is broken off your life permanently then you are poised to hear His voice and receive and experience His Presence every day. That is your inheritance – that is what Jesus died for. That teaching from last week against condemnation is geared to liberate. This teaching is designed to release an anointing to have face to face intimate fellowship with God on a day to day basis.

God has declared that He will never be angry again. If God says never – that means never. There is no condition that will change the “Never”. You have an oath from the God of integrity that He will never be angry or rebuke you again. Don’t go to a Scripture out of context that seems to indicate that in some conditions God can be angry with you. The Bible doesn’t contradict itself – God isn’t confused!

Don’t let an unclear Scripture rob you of the joy of a Scripture that is clear.

Isaiah 54 is a very clear Scripture – allow the joy of it to sink in! The symbol of God’s oath to Noah was the rainbow. The rainbow is a symbol that judgement is over. In Revelation chapter 1 – John was caught up or “wrapped up” in the Spirit. It is like a glory bubble in the Spirit. He heard a voice – in the glory you will always hear a voice. John saw a door and went into the glory realm. The first thing John saw was a throne. The second thing was a rainbow encircling the throne. Not 180 degrees but 360 degrees!

Wherever God looks from His throne He sees the symbol that judgement is over – “Peace! No judgement!”.

This rainbow resembled an emerald. Green! It is covered by a translucent green. In the Bible the colour green means new or fresh. In the Psalms David says “You have anointed me with fresh oil”. It is the first pressing of an olive oil – it is translucent pure green colour.

In the revelation of grace in the New Testament there is a place for daily fresh oil.

The anointing heals the broken hearted – gives you the garment of praise. Every day you live in a spirit of liberty. God took an oath that He would never be angry with us again! God says “I swear I will never rebuke you (or condemn you) again”. God will never speak to you in a way that will split your personality apart – in a way that will divide you or destroy you. Many Christians end up going to psychics because they are so desperate to get their personalities re-integrated. The devil comes to us and says “I am God and I am not happy with you”. Christians who don’t know the New Covenant believe that he is God and believe that he is angry with them. Their personalities begin to become dysfunctional and broken down.

The voice of the living God to a Christian will bring wholeness and peace.

All of your sin has been 100% rebuked on Christ Jesus and there is an oath – I will NEVER be angry with you again. The voice of the Father is always tender, kind, safe, and helpful. If you have sinned and hear a roar then you have heard the devil pretending to be God. Stand on Isaiah 54 and tell the devil that God has taken an oath that He will not be angry with us again. Resist the devil and rebuke him in Jesus Name. There is a difference between discipline and rebuke. The Bible says God disciplines those who He loves and the disciplines of God are the most pleasurable thing you can ever experience.

Pray: “I am addicted to Your voice and I must hear Your voice regularly. Father – don’t be silent on me!”. God sometimes hides Himself temporarily so that we will run to Him!

Better Your corrections than Your silence!

God can see things wrong in our lives and doesn’t correct them. God doesn’t have a confrontation personality. He knows that as we press in to the glory those things will change. One correction in 1979 when preached a harsh message: “If you ever lift your hand to My Bride again to hurt her you will be in trouble with Me. If you ever lift your hand to My Bride you will do it tenderly”. But even that correction came tenderly and made me realise how much God loves the Church!

The sin of the world has perverted our holy language. “A holy kiss”.

Spiritual fathers need to be a mentor. They need to be ahead of you in the faith. There comes a point when a father reaches a point when he can’t teach you anymore because the son becomes an adult. However you always will value that father and honour him as such. The son then needs to become a father.

You should never have anyone trying to correct you who are jealous of you, who want to control you or who resent you and don’t like you. The only people you need correcting you are those who you know love you unconditionally.

Many Christians are fragile, frightened and scared to be honest because they have been let down, rebuked, disciplined by people who didn’t really love them and were jealous of them.

Many men and women in the church today have an orphan spirit because they have never had fathers who disciplined them lovingly. Year after year you should be growing in grace. If there are faults and blind spots they should be pointed out in love and correction by a true spiritual father. If a corrective word comes while I am speaking publicly you must ask is Rob a manipulator or does he have my best interests at heart? If you have never had a true father or mentor then you know you have a Heavenly Father who will never split your personality apart and His corrections are tender. If this truth could get into the Christian church then there would be automatic healings. This truth should come from the pulpit not courses.

“My unfailing love for you will never be shaken”. That Hebrew word means “My favour for you – My kindness to you – My grace to you”. He is saying “My preferential treatment to you”. My unfailing favour for you will never be shaken. My desire to give you preferential treatment, to bless you, to honour you will never be shaken! In the Scriptures Mountains often refer to problems.

Whenever your life is founded on the cornerstone of grace and you face mountains of trouble – you know that God will never be angry with you again – then you have power to see the mountains of problems be removed. But if you have an idea that one day God will be angry with you and lift His favour off you then you will find those mountains a constant trauma to you. That is a lie! There are meant to be whole seasons of peace that we are meant to walk through. His unfailing love for me will never be shaken! Once you are saved – the New Covenant of peace is a covenant He has committed to bring you to wholeness and completeness.

“Shalom” means “Nothing missing – nothing broken!”.

“Compassion” is a Hebrew word that literally means “fondles”. A father fondling his child’s hair – that means gentleness and fondness. “I love you – I care for you – I have tenderness for you”. Oh that all of God’s people could live in the fullness of this and we would see the nations saved.

The more you are freed from condemnation the less you can hear the devils voice. The more the Presence of God comes in your life, the more you are freed from condemnation.

(Hebrews 10) Trances? Aren’t they New Age? No! Peter fell into a trance. Spirit to Spirit communication is faster than the speed of light. Your thought processes are not as fast as the speed of light. Christians need to learn how to understand the spirit world and we all desperately need to learn how to be prophetic. “Come up to My throne”. Had a vision of a throne and an ugly despicable demon god sitting on that throne. I said; “God! What’s this?”. He said; “When I said come up to the throne, you thought I said come up and lie at my feet – but that’s what demon gods require of their followers. I want you to come up as My beloved son and breathe My love and peace and intimacy into Your nostrils”. I said “God why can’t all Your people have this?”. “They can – it’s My will – but they haven’t been told. I’m drawing the hungry in now!”.

When every one of us get free from condemnation and come into the glory of God on a daily basis – the more we can do that – then nations will come. Our prayer that when Glenda and I are away the glory will come more powerfully and more strongly than ever before. (Hebrews 10:12). Who are God’s enemies? Demonic powers! He wants His enemies as His footstool therefore the Church must rise up and crush the demonic powers under their feet! They know his voice of condemnation and clearly know the voice of God in intimate communication so his tricks are over. We are in the Father’s eyes forever perfect. That’s why He can say that He will never be angry with us again! Forever He sees us as perfect! But I just sinned Lord! I know but I see you as perfect!

To be made holy is not about laws and keeping rules – but that your heart is captivated by Jesus Christ and you become more and more like His character and His Person. Do not think that God will relate to you on the basis of your holiness. God relates to you on the basis of Jesus Christ. If you think it’s about your holiness then God has a fluctuating relationship with you based on your success. God will always relate to you as though you are perfect forever. Never will the mountains overwhelm you. He has compassion and has taken an oath – this is your inheritance!

Only God’s glory Presence can satisfy your heart. If you don’t have His glory Presence then you will be frustrated and look for it in all weird, strange and perverse behaviour because something within you will look for more important things. You must daily encounter the glory Presence of God. Don’t be disillusioned by the lies! God is coming to your life! God will come and show you! The reason why you couldn’t connect to God wasn’t because of Him – God is in a disposition to you of perfect tenderness. He wants face to face tenderness with you. The thing that stopped you was a jamming of the heavenly airways by condemnation.

Your worst sin will not make Him pull back because that worst sin has been dealt with at the Cross. You will think He has separated Himself because those airwaves are saying that I am not good enough. God isn’t looking at you as if anything is wrong with you. He sees you as perfect forever and He wants you to come fellowship with Him perfectly and forever.

Lord I don’t want to go another week without the manifest glory appearing in my life. Faith can be seen – it is seen when people act. Faith people will do something to get into the intimate place with God.

We are now becoming more aware of the glory realm of God than of Hong Kong. Once you experience the glory realm you will go into stillness and quietness where you are positioned to hear the Father, Son and Spirit. This is how my quiet times happen – through worship like this.


James B said...

I was interested to note that there was a ten year gap between you becoming a Christian and being baptised in the Holy Spirit! Yet I thought you were raised in a Reformed Charismatic church? Why didn't you hear about the Spirit?

Dan Bowen said...

Well by the late 1980's my senior pastor wasn't teaching as much on the baptism of the Holy Spirit as he used to - and certainly not by the early 90's so indeed I didn't "even hear that the Holy Spirit had been given". I went to university in Birmingham and went to a large charismatic church called Riverside - where the pastor Nick Cuthbert preached on "Did you receive when you believed?". I clearly knew I hadn't - so went forward and received!! Wow - the awesome grace of God!!

A week later I was in the shower in my student digs and singing and then God gave me the gift of tongues! It was quite a time!! So in answer to your question I would say that we were a Reformed Charismatic church but increasingly becoming reformed as I grew up.