Friday, August 17, 2007

Apostolic Means Mobile!! (With Particular Reference to Ern Baxter)

One key aspect to the modern day ministry of apostles that many writers agree on is that the apostle will be a "mobile" person. That does not necessarily mean that he or she will be 100%itinerant but their ministry will involve a great degree of travelling. Terry Virgo for example is based at Church of Christ the King in Brighton and speaks there often but if one consults his diary - you will see that he is travelling much of his working year. A pastor/teacher on the other hand may make occasional trips abroad but just because there are commitments abroad does not make him an apostle or the trip apostolic!

The reason for this post is that I found what is called "A Personal Word from Ern Baxter" in the New Wine Magazine Archives (March 1978). Ern wrote of his travelling ministry but was speaking more in detail about how he and his wife Ruth felt called to move from Mobile, Alabama where they were based to California where some ministries were asking for his assistance. This move was done with the full support of the other brothers. I found it quite interesting in light of the conversations about apostles and prophets today or not.

Here it is;


Peter Buchanan said...

Yes that's a good point. Despite the clear biblical teaching that apostles should be the servants of all, I think that many still few the apostle as the C.E.O of the Church and the post most eagerly desired! Hence you have some pastor/teachers who are fed up of their local body dreaming of conference platforms and begin to call overseas trips "apostolic"! This is the very warning that has come out again and again in the quotes and books you have cited to us. An apostle will be appointed and anointed if he is doing the job already. He doesn't appoint himself! He is a gift given by the Ascended Christ. A useful post and a very interesting historical insight into the ministry and life of the wonderful Ern Baxter. I don't think he ever called himself an apostle did he? Would he have called himself a teacher?

Dan Bowen said...

No I think he would have seen himself as a teacher. None of the five Brothers ever called themselves apostles. Thanks for comment Peter.