Saturday, June 24, 2006

Terry Virgo's Firstline ...

I was very excited this morning to receive my copy of the Newfrontiers magazine that Luke spoke of a few days ago. The articles are absolutely excellent as is the review by John Groves of Terry's forthcoming book, "The Tide is Turning". However it was Terry's Firstline that caught my eye. He wrote the following about his attendance at the Charles Simpson Leadership Conference that I mentioned a while back:

"Another website which will soon be releasing some excellent material is that of Charles Simpson Ministries. It is their intention to make the text of the classic magazine of the 1970's and 80's "New Wine" available on line.

It was my priviledge recently to be invited to speak at Charles Simpson's pastors' conference in Tennessee, where Bob Mumford was the other guest speaker. These two remarkable men, together with Ern Baxter, Derek Prince and Don Basham, had formed a formidable team of ministries some years ago whose influence spread far and wide.

Hundreds of pastors gathered from across the USA joined by some from Europe. It was the first time that Charles Simpson and Bob Mumford had stood together on the same platform for twenty years. The title of the conference was 'Reconciliation'. Charles and Bob were open about differences formerly held but now forgotten. It was a very instructive time where I learned much, and felt honoured to be invited to speak.

Charles with characteristic humour, made several references to their advancing years and the forgetfulness that comes with age. He informed us that reconciliation is much easier when you get older - you can't remember what the problem was! he also had advice for those who admit that they might forgive but they would never forget; "Just give yourself time!".

It was good to make new friends, to enjoy personal fellowship with Charles, Bob and Ken Sumrall, who spoke at a communion service and to renew contact with some whom I had met in earlier years.".

I am sure that Newfrontiers will make this excellent magazine online soon. It's a must read!


Anonymous said...

This encourages me so greatly!! It is a thrill to see that photo of those four great charismatic leaders standing together!! They truly are together aren't they. They are together in the Spirit. Together in unity. Together in their vision of the Kingdom of God. I remember hearing Charles Simpson preach over here in the States some twenty five years ago and I was captured by his BIG vision of God. His BIG vision of what God wanted to do through His church.

And it is so thrilling to see that a mighty leader like Terry Virgo has been with them and has contributed to the conference. I pray that this isn't just a one off! It is so amazing to follow the link to see that Bob Mumford will preach again at next years conference.

Maybe you should come across Dan!?

Dr S A J Burgess

James B said...

Yere this is exciting stuff indeed. Like you said at the inital posting on this conference, history was indeed being made. I am amazed that Charles Simpson and Bob Mumford didn't minister together for 20 years! Why was this? I didn't realise that there was any particular problems? I thought that the Shepherds of Ft Lauderdale split up mutually amicably and just continued to minister seperately?

Still it is a tremendous joy and delight to see this conference having happened and I would echo what you said, that we need to see these tapes or CD's out! So we can hear this awesome unique ministry!!

Ollie said...

I can't WAIT for Charles Simpson Ministries to bring New Wine back on line!! They are truly setting the trend like you - to make sure this material doesn't get forgotten!!

Praise God!!

Andrew Kenny said...

Sadly many of the Fort Lauderdale group-Ern Baxter, Charles Simpson, Derek Prince and Bob Mumford included did a lot of damage to young disciples in the 70's and 80's which has never been addressed.

Many were spiritually abused which resulted in spiritual scars and even a loss of faith.I'm sure all the top leaders of the Shepherding Movement are doing fine. Sadly, many I know who were at the bottom of the pile then are now left on the rubbish tip, broken and wounded.

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks for your message Andrew - it was good to hear from you. I do agree that there was much damage and heartache from the results of Shepherding disciples taking to excess the principles that the top leaders of the Shepherding Movement did. I would respectfully disagree that it has "never been addressed".

There are countless articles, testimonies and websites across the internet written by "casualties" of the Shepherding Movement. It was actually the five men themselves who remained quiet and it is only recently in the excellent book; "The Shepherding Movement" by S David Moore - that the whole matter was more objectively addressed, mistakes admitted, but truths preserved.

I have experienced abuse of shepherding in my own personal church life, with a church pastor "disfellowshipping" me on a whim. But I still maintain that the principles Ern Baxter and others laid down have biblical principle.

Andrew Kenny said...

Thanks Dan for your response, unfortunately I only found it this morning! I suppose when I referred to the excesses not being addressed I meant that though they may have been address verbally, which is easy to do (I'm very sorry, and I'll now move on now -I made a mistake). There did not seem to be must done in a practical way to make things right.

The Catholic Church had to apologise in regard to their abusive priests but it was not enough. They then had to provide help for those who suffered as a consequence of their actions. As far as I am aware the shepherds have not sought out the sheep that were spiritually abused and then sought to make it right, content to brush it under the table!

I always found Ezek 34 as a definite word from God on this whole matter.

Peace and grace]