Friday, June 23, 2006

Church of Christ the King, Brighton Updated Website!

CCK, Brighton have updated their website ... finally! I visit the site regularly particularly to access their sermons and it has been 'under construction' for some time. So the new improved format looks absolutely AWESOME. I can't wait to browse through it and benefit yet more from this amazing church.

Their history page is particularly worthy of a visit. It is so inspiring to read of how God has worked among these people to make them a mighty influence among the nations. And as always the God-breathed question running through my mind as I read this is, "Why not again?". I found a possible secret to the success of CCK when I was reading a page on the much-loved Kate Simmonds. It said; "CCK has a history of giving away from among its best". Kate is an obvious example. It occured to me - maybe that's why God continues to give to them.

And of course there is the sermons that can be podcasted onto an Ipod. I'm going to buy one just for the CCK sermons alone ...

Go visit!

HT: The amazing Luke Wood!


jul said...

Yay! I've been checking back occasionally since we were in Canada and Dave Felly mentioned it would be finished soon and that is was an embarassment to have it under construction for so long. You caught it first. Well, I'm off to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! It is good to see that Church of Christ the King now have a sufficiently impressive website to reflect their position at the top of your UK's Most Influential Church List! ;)

Thanks for pointing this out. How you have time to search the web for these things and hold down a full time career as a nurse absolutely beats me.


Dr S A J Burgess

James B said...

What a great website. I love their statements on the homepage. Note they are a church that are; "Flooded with the Holy Spirit".

Thats both a challenge and a statement! It's a challenge because they will have to constantly be asking ARE they flooded with the Spirit? And it's a statement - the Holy Spirit is of the highest priority to them!!


Luke Wood said...

I see you found my post on new websites then Dan! Either you, or someone else on the NHS servers bouncing onto my site in the small hours...

See you in a week in Brighton! :-)

Baxter's Boy said...

Yes I did indeed!! Thanks so much for the pointer!! ;) Also thanks for the info on the upcoming magazine! Horray! I'm so glad I subscribe - that sounds like a must have!!

Have a fab time away and can't wait to see you in Brighton!! :)

PS: I can't believe the NHS servers gave me away! Are there really no other NHS Professionals who visit the world of Luke Wood on night shifts?! :D