Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The ESV Journal Bible.

For those who are fans of the English Standard Version (and I'm not a huge one), this new Journal Bible could be a very useful addition to their study of the Word of God. I have always been absolutely fascinated by the accounts of Jonathan Edwards study bible that he made himself and can still be found, I believe, full of his scribbled notes against every verse of the Bible.

This could be worth getting, especially if it promotes active study of the Bible.

(HT: Justin Taylor).


James B said...

Hey ... interesting looking Bible. So what's your version of choice then if the ESV is out?

Baxter's Boy said...

I was born and bred on the NASB - that was Ern Baxter's usual preference as well. I like the NKJ just as much as the NASB though.

dr annette marshall said...

Yes I'd agree actually, I'm not that overly enthusiastic about the English Standard Version. It's received high acclaim among many, but it just doesn't read easily for me. I'd be similar to Dan - I'm v keen on the NASB and the NKJ.