Monday, June 05, 2006

"The King and His Army" Update!

I've just finished Part 1 of 5 of this amazing series!!

Rationale for choosing this particular series to transcribe.

Previous Series:

"The Priestly Clothing" - Anglia Bible Week 1983.

"Life on Wings" - Interviews with Dr Ern Baxter - 1991.


Hugh Griffiths said...

Thanks for your work so far on this series - I hope we all can keep cheering you on to get this remarkable set of messages back into circulation. Please make sure you advertise on your blog for any additional expertise you may find helpful - design, proofing etc. I'd also love to help promote it and will certainly give it some blog-space and would be more than willing to write a preface if that would be helpful. Every blessing...

Gavin White said...

Great Stuff Dan - Thanks

Baxter's Boy said...

Thanks guys - just knowing there are eager readers is encouragement enough!! I will keep you posted!!