Monday, June 19, 2006

Dr Jack Deere - a Man of Word and Spirit.

I highly recommend checking out Dr Jack Deere's revamped and impressive website. Jack Deere's two books; "Surprised by the Power of the Spirit" and "Surprised by the Voice of God" have been monumental in concreting my theology of the Spirit with particular reference to the gifts of the Spirit. He is a household name to many charismatics so it was always a puzzle to me why he seemed to keep a somewhat low profile while other men of Word and Spirit such as Dr Sam Storms seemed to be raising theirs.

His website has what seems to be the beginnings of a blog but I think he comes under the same pressure that other men in full time ministry have - that of having the time to write daily. There are also some links to some of his sermons and what I hope will develop into an itinerary. I wasn't even sure where Dr Deere was based so it was fascinating to find out that he is the senior pastor of a church he founded in Texas called; "Wellspring Church". I found his reason for founding it challenging and stimulating (although I expect some will accuse him of arrogance).

"I started Wellspring because I wanted a church that was worth getting up for every Sunday and for me that means a church that is real not religious. A church that takes risks rather than plays it safe. A church that trains people rather than offers them a place to sit, and a church that is filled with laughter rather than judgement. Wellspring lets me be me, and hopefully lets you be you".

I think that's what church should be like! Worth getting up every Sunday for. I hope that this website will develop and will be worth following - because Dr Deere's ministry most certainly has benefited many and I hope will continue to do so.


James B said...

Thanks for this. You are right - after the two influential "Surprised" books, Dr Deere seemed like he faded a bit into the background. It's great to see that he is still busily active in the Lord's service and ministry.

I look forward to delving into this website and finding out more! Thanks for once again finding this kind of stuff out for us!

Anonymous said...

Dr Jack Deere is a man with doubtful doctrines and dodgy hermenutics. He has been "named and shamed" on the Deception in the Church website:

He is linked with the Latter Rain heresy that the people of God will grow greater and greater. And of course he is friends with the equally dodgy Rick Joyner and Paul Cain.

What a shame. Your website had some credibility until you named him as a man you obviously hold in esteem.

thebluefish said...

Without being a fan of Deere (I just find the books unconvincing in argument, if not conclusion - Storms is better)... Godly are such anecdotal witch-hunts, Anonymous?

Truth matters but also the way we approach others can be very telling about us - particularly since all those who cite only affect my Christian life if I search them out - i.e. they're not ministering in my local church.

Even then, shouldn't those who might be in error be corrected privately before being defamed? (I suppose publishing an erroneous book might override that - but no christian book is infallible??)

A shame, Anonymous, that you're not prepared to identify yourself as you criticise... whether rightly or wrongly. What if DeceptionInTheChurch need to write a page on you, how will they do it since you make yourself unaccountable by concealing your identity?


Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Dave's comments on both fronts. I have read both Deere and Storm's books and I find that Dr Storms is a little more convincing in hermeneutic than Deere. However it's good to revisit some of Deere's material. I forgot I had him on my library shelf until you posted! There is some useful material there - although albeit a little anecdotal. I suspect that is Dave's problem with him too maybe?

However what a disappointment to see that Anonymous has resurfaced. I respect the fact that this website allows anonymous comments and criticms for very good reasons, but it is a shame because it allows this kind of "smug content" heresy hunting.

Dr S A J Burgess

Ollie said...

I think anonymity affords a commentator a degree of security. Who can know where he is? Who can know what he does? Or where he worships? Or what he believes? I guess in some degree it frees people to be truly honest - and that is a good thing. On the other hand, as the bluefish says - anonymity doesn't allow accountability for ones comments. But maybe that is the whole point ... he doesn't want to be accountable.

james b said...

Or doesn't think he needs it. Question: Do we ever "not need" accountability?!

apwbd said...

On looking at the "deceptioninthechurch" website, I found old arguments and accusations that have been going around against Jack Deere for years. There was a little pamphlet that circulated in the 1990s entitled "John Wimber friend or Foe" - and the content of the website comes from there. Sadly among many reformed people there seems to be a need to try and discredit people (and even have witch hunts, scouring everything a person has said for a little fault to pick on). Such behaviour is ungodly and contrary to the Spirit of Christ. The truth speaks for itself and we don't need to spend our time attacking people.

Of course Jack Deere is not perfect (who is??), but I also agree with Dan - his books were monumental to me also; they brought a powerful corrective to my dodgy cessasionist theology. So I thank God for him - and I bless God that he is continuing to serve the kingdom of God.

And (in the light of the above discussion about anonimity), my name is Peter - and I am from London.


Sheila said...

Obviously Mr(s) Anonymous doesn't know Greek...doesn't understand the word "heresy", as used in NT Greek. It means to *choose* to break away from - to form your own little elite group around an opinion, in plain English.

Be careful what you call "heresy", Mr(s). Anonymous. There ARE, yes, essentials of the faith that we all better agree on - to disagree on any essential is a matter of life or death, heaven or hell, Christianity or "other".

But to squawk "heresy" over certain non-essentials, to form websites and watchdogs and witch hunts is to dabble in....(get ready)....heresy.

I cannot fully agree w/ Deere. But to call him a heretic (which by default this person has done) is too dangerously close to calling a brother a "fool" - which Jesus stated puts you in grave danger. May the fear of the Lord deliver us from this sort of relational sin!

We need more fear of the Lord in our relationships in the body of Christ. This all-fired running about shrieking "heresy" every other day, about this brother and that sister, this person and that person - THAT, friends, is borderline heresy. It is elite-ism - it is that semi- "Nicolaitin" stuff that JUST MIGHT (who wants to take this chance??) get God fighting against you with the sword of His mouth....since your mouth has indeed been a sword.

Oh, he who has ears to hear, let him hear!

Ollie said...

Dr Burgess said that this website allows anonymous comments for a very good reason ... I have to ask Dan - what is that good reason?

Many good Christian blogs don't allow them, and it just seems that this anonymous individual who keep resurfacing every now and then to "promote truth" isn't helpful at all.

Why do you allow anonymous comments?

Baxter's Boy said...

Yes that's a fair question. I allow it because I have experienced ecclesiastical attempts all through my life to squash open opinion and quite frankly I hate it. So I allow it because I write on this blog first and foremost to share the ministry of Dr Ern Baxter with anyone who will listen. But secondarily to allow this to be a safe place for any opinions to be expressed and respected.

Originally I felt that anonymous comments could be useful for people who just didn't want to make themselves known. I thought it could help them be more honest.

I don't respond to anonymous comments though because I don't really know who I'm talking to. I have a pretty fair idea of who this particular anonymous individual is, and I have no intention of interacting with him on any level because quite honestly he should know better.

I will continue to allow anonymous comments but my pastor Dr Stanley Jebb once said that comments like these show more about the person who is commenting and their character than it does about what they are writing about.

I hope that makes it clear.

Ollie said...

That's a fair way of seeing it. I guessed that you would know who the angry anonymous person was - the comment they left after your excellent posting on "Grace" suggested that they had some inside information on your life.

I respect your desire to allow freedom of opinion and statement here. I know for myself I really appreciate the respect that is given to some of my more wacky and wild beliefs and wonderings!

Keep up the good work.