Monday, June 12, 2006

Pastor Stephen Simpson asks help from Hugh!

My friend Hugh - who helps lead the New Covenant Church in Swansea - and blogs here, has had a request! Pastor Simpson wrote;

"We are interested in acquiring other messages by Brother Ern, if anyone would like to contact us".

And he wrote again,

"We would sincerely welcome visitors at the Ern Baxter Memorial Library".

So ... get contacting them if anyone has tapes! I've sent the list of mine. It's a tremendously exciting prospect - that they will be able get the ministry of Dr Baxter out far more efficiently than most. Thanks Hugh for this link!

While we're on the subject ... I would be ever so grateful to hear from someone who is a wizz at the art of getting audiotapes onto CD's and videotapes onto DVD's. This is NOT an area of my gifting and I am very keen to do this to help preserve Dr Ern Baxter's extraordinary ministry. Please do email me!

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