Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pastor Stephen Simpson Visits!

I was thrilled to find that Charles Simpson's son, Stephen has found this website and left a comment here. He said:

"I have just discovered this wonderful blog site. Brother Ern was a dear personal friend, and we are now honored to be stewards of his library. If you or any viewers would like to visit the Ern Baxter Memorial Library, you would be most welcomed. We are located on the campus of Covenant Church of Mobile (Alabama, USA) or on the web at I look forward to many hours of happy reading here".

Pastor Stephen Simpson,
EditorONE-TO-ONE Magazine

I'm so grateful for these heroes of mine who keep the vision of Ern Baxter and more importantly the God he loved alive. I will do my best not to disappoint you Pastor Simpson!

By the way if anyone gets to visit the Ern Baxter Memorial Library before me, then I want a FULL report and pictures!

Charles Simpson Leader's Conference Highlights!

By the way, I mentioned Charles Simpson's amazing sounding Leaders Conference a while back - Bob Mumford and Terry Virgo were guest speakers! There are photos on the Charles Simpson Ministry website here. There is one AMAZING photo about seven down in the archive of my three heroes - Terry, Charles Simpson and Bob Mumford together with Ken Sumrall. There is also a picture of Charles Simpson hugging Bob Mumford - apparantly this is the first time they have ministered together for 20 years! History is being made! There is also a photo of Terry praying for two young men. Just amazing!


Anonymous said...

What AWESOME AWESOME photos!! Thanks for this update and link! Truly history was being made at that event, and it looked as though the Holy Spirit was powerfully powerfully present there! Was Terry Virgo praying for healing for those men I wonder? Awesome.

Do we know yet whether CSM are going to make those CD's available? Or if not, can we have some detailed reports? There are some hungry people out here!!

Right Dan?!

James B said...

Amen!! These are exciting days!

Sheila said...

Am I the only one who sneaks furtive peeks at the libraries of those who invite me over for dinner? (I'm quite sure I'm not alone...) The reason? Both to gain insight into the person who owns the books, AND to see if there might be anything I'd like to borrow. ;-) How fascinating to see the library of Ern Baxter...that IS what is being mentioned here, right? His very own library, in Mobile Alabama? Or is it a library named after him? (I'll have to re-read the blog, won't I?) I'd LOVE to see.

Well Dan, if you make it all the way across the pond to Mobile, you have to come just a few more hours north to Tennessee, and spend a Sunday at Harvest Church, and come have some grilled "hawg" (a.k.a. pork BBQ...or just some nice grilled fish, if you're kosher. *smile*) and generally bless us with your presence.

You are welcome at our table. We'll send you on with some Holy Ghost prayer of blessing and impartation.

I'm excited for you, that your blog is getting "out there".


OH, PS! Salvation visited "the house" today, as my husband preached on (of all things) our vision to plant churches. At the close of service, we had a precious man, whom we've been "working on" for weeks now, literally sort of ask, "What must I do to be saved?" We'd already TOLD him before, but he was disinclined then, yet VERY inclined today. And the message was not "salvation by grace through faith" - but rather was on church planting! Go figure! Either way, we'll take it. Yet another - translated from the kingdom of darkness, into the Kingdom of His dear Son! WHOOOOOT WHOOOOOOOT! I am a happy camper this night!!!

Baxter's Boy said...

Yes this is the ACTUAL library of Dr Ern Baxter Sheila!! If you want more than a furvitive glance, follow the link to the Library
and you can look at the database of the whole 9,000 books in it!

I would love to come on up and visit you guys! I was actually wondering that especially after you mentioned that you were close to where they had the amazing awesome Charles Simpson Leadership Conference! As soon as I've booked the tickets, I will email you and we can maybe talk plans! How exciting!!

AWESOME to hear about the man saved at your church!! Horray!!

Ollie said...

I would second the cry for the material from the Charles Simpson Leadership Conference to be made available!! History was truly made as Dan said, and I think this is a unique conference where greats were gathered together who still believe in the Kingdom of God and His might and power!!

We need to hear it!!

By the way - I think many of us are guilty of peeking at libraries Sheila! I know I am! Sometimes I worry that I am rude, breaking off from the conversations to just stare!!

Sheila said...

Ollie, I think I might take home the "rude" trophy...because I also not only break off from conversations to just stare, but I might EVEN pipe up and say, "Ooooh. Can I read this? I promise to be careful." Meanwhile, I'd loan out my best *dress* before I'd loan out my favorite books (especially the ones now out of print). As a woman, that is saying a LOT.

So *I* mix rudeness with a touch of hypocrisy. (Asking that books be loaned to me, when I *hate* loaning out books, except to those I am extremely close to...I've had too too many never return to me.) Makes you want to get to know me better...really makes you want to be my friend, huh?

My shelves would be far too eclectic for you men. (Jul and some of the gals can probably relate...) I have Piper, Grudem, Hayford, Sproul, Matthew Henry, Watchman Nee, etc. etc. along with every book Francis and Edith Schaeffer ever wrote. Mixed in, you'll find a lot of English lit (hats off to you English - what a heritage! WAIT! Your history is mine...your heritage is mine. Nevermind.) and poetry and tattered phonics readers and math textbooks (from home schooling). I have a collection of books on the subject of "simplicity", alongside books like "The Wrinkle Cure", "Easy Beauty Recipes" and "Before the Change". (sorry...I'm laughing out loud - nearly howling, to be precise.) Then you see my collection of books on the subject of hospitality, right beside GK Chesterton's "Heretics" and "Orthodoxy", which is also beside some Peggy Noonan books - my favorite political writer...former speech writer for President Reagan. Dietrich Bonhoeffer shares space with "French Women Don't Get Fat", (is that really true???) and "Biblical Church Growth" shares space with "The Runner's Handbook". (Need to give that one away - knee and back trouble. Anybody want it? I'll send it to you, postage paid. I'm a "fast walker" now.) ;-)

Do you sense I have no system yet? But I can intuit where every book is.

Well, now that I've started my day off laughing, I'll go take my "fast" walk.

Baxter's Boy said...

You can't come to my house then Sheila. I specialise in collecting books that are out of print and are rare ;) I'd turn my back and you would be at them ... "borrowing" them!!

No, actually I have to applaud you guys from the States. One of my favourite places of all time is a bookshop in Clapham, London that would make your mouths DROOOL. It is called "Geneva Books" and it is basically a huge house packed from floor to ceiling with no less than 50, 000 Reformed books throughout the centuries.

I go there every time I visit London and I know the bookshop owner quite well and his best customers are from the USA. There is just little interest in the UK!

So while I am DEEPLY ashamed of the apathy in this country, I am so glad that some people are buying these treasure troves - these historical gold bars are being snatched up by some people who appreciate them.

Rant over ..

jul said...

You're right did you ever guess my reading habits? I have a crazy mix of books (many many cookbooks, classic lit, children's novels, theology, biographies, and a few I don't like to admit to, namely Grace Livingston Hill and Frank Peretti haha) because books are definately my weakness. I also collect old hymn books which I have spent many a happy hour thumbing through. And I would be very happy to get into any of your bookshelves any day!

Sheila said...

I *love* children's books...I have Wind in the Willows, lots of Dr. Suess, and some that the illustrations are as gorgeous as any artwork, anywhere! Jul, if you are ever in the neighborhood, you are welcome to get into my bookshelves. I have books in the bathroom, and even in the laundry room. Every room has at least one shelf of books - GAH!

I, too, have a few rare, OOP books. Mainly, I love the old embossed covers - I've been known to fall for an old book just for the cover. I have an early 1800's copy of Tennyson poetry that the cover alone is like art.

jul said...

Thanks for your hospitality! You are likewise always welcome in my home, currently in the great state of Delaware, Small Wonder (or as I like to say No Wonder...) Of course you'll have to travel farther north soon if you would like to visit. But if you ask me, Atlantic Canada makes for a much more beautiful vacation spot, and well worth the long trip.