Friday, May 05, 2006

WHAT a Conference!!!

Thanks to a comment left on an esteemed bro's blog by Charles Simpson's son - Pastor Stephen Simpson, I have just found out about this exciting sounding conference that has JUST happened! Pastor Simpson wrote:

"I have just returned last night from our annual Leadership Conference in Gatlinburg, TN. In addition to my father Charles Simpson ministering, we were privilidged to have Bob Mumford ... and Terry Virgo ministering as well".

That's got me excited as well as insanely jealous! I am desperately hoping that the ministry CD's will be available. 3 of my heroes in the same conference - all who are passionate about the Church with a big view of God! Wow! If anyone was at this conference and has testimonies, then do share! I want to hear more about it!

Travelling off to the all night prayer meeting at CCK, Brighton that I mentioned, later today. I am hugely excited and expectant of God to show up! I feel quite like Jul at the moment. A joyful hope!


James B said...

Perhaps we should set up a petition so that these 3 giants of the faith could blog together?!? ;D

michaelaj said...

May tonight be like when the priests prayed together after Solomon finished the temple and the glory of God came down and filled the place so they could not enter .... and make sure you bring the glory out from Brighton to a needy nation!

Ollie said...

Amen. Your blogging on revival has got me re-reading Leonard Ravenhill and has reminded me that without a prayer meeting, we can fully expect NOTHING. Was it him who said somewhere that the prayer meeting is the barometer of the church? I can't find that quote in "Revival Tarries".

But we all need to be having all night prayer meetings!! Not just CCK!! I am sure other churches are doing them but would it be fair to say it isn't the norm? Why else would you guys be travelling from Bristol to Brighton to go to one???!

We need to become a praying people again!!

Sheila said...

You have *****got***** to be kidding me. Terry Virgo in Gatlinburg, Tn.???? Gatlinburg is a resort town *one* hour away from my front door. My husband and I go there often to walk the streets and eat ice cream.

Terry Virgo - one (read hour) one hour away from my driveway. And I did not know.

Dan, there have been many times your blog has brightened my day. Not today. ;-)

Baxter's Boy said...

Aww Sheila ... I cannot apologise enough. But if it's any comfort - I join you in your pain. Knowing that my 3 heroes of the faith - two of whom happen to have been Ern Baxter's closest friends - were together in a conference just wounds me beyond belief!!

Shall we set up a joint blog to discuss our anguish!?!? ;)

Sheila said...

absotively, posilutely! I'm still sobbing...even as I sit here, looking like Medusa, and smelling like lighter fluid. (hair coloring day - one must be spiffed up for Sunday...)

Just crying in my decaf. Fumes from said hair chemicals are not helping much.

Yeeeesh. I'm *so* not vain. If I were, I'd not share that with a soul, much less all of blogdom.

On to read what you've got to share on the prayer meeting.

Baxter's Boy said...

Ah the pressures of looking good for Sunday .... do they write a book for pastors wives?! ;)

Sheila said...

Nope, but I intend to be the first. My philosophy? Look better than "they" do. ACK!

I'd better explain. In every church, there are the youthful nay sayers, the mean old ladies, the caustically negative middle aged woman or two. OF COURSE, the pastor and his family wear bullseyes on their behinds - so we get "shot at" when anyone is in the mood to be ugly.

I can't punch 'em out, when they treat my children like dirt. I can't slash their tires when they criticize my best friend and husband, Tim. I can't even swear at them, when they gossip about me.

But I can look better than they do.

Ah, yes. Looking reasonably good is the best revenge there is. Besides, its the only revenge I'm allowed.

Thankfully, the naysayers and ninnies are by FAR the minority in my church. But we do have one or two - - and though it isn't hard to be prettier than these gals (just SMILING gives me the upper hand) it does still, I confess, give me a morbid satisfaction to NOT be an overweight, overbearing, angry woman with bad hair and no fashion sense.

Oh dear. I give you my word, I am a praying-on-my-face, seeking God with my whole heart, God fearing woman with a certain degree of depth....though I sound like a shallow pastor's wife. ;-)))

Hey...I'm working on that meek and gentle spirit. In the meantime, fresh haircolor and my favorite blue dress keep me from behaving badly.

(I am *so* cackling to myself...)

Baxter's Boy said...

Hey ... I am SURE that the "single bloke" card trumps the "pastors wife" card ... :D

I'm single! There MUST be something wrong with me! So because I don't have dreadlocks, or tatoos or any other distinguishing features (not that there's anything wrong with them!) then I think they come to the conclusion that I must have some fatal character flaw!!

So that's my excuse for wearing designer.

Well ... they used to talk anyway. Newfrontiers has made being single VERY cool. Now the expectation is that it won't be long before I "go" to the nations. Yikes! I'm not sure what is scary!!