Monday, May 22, 2006

Audio Resources from Salt and Light Ministries.

I am always constantly on the hunt for resources that closely mirror my passions for Word and Spirit or to use Mark's words: "Pursuing faithfulness to the Word of God, and fulness of the Spirit of God". I was thrilled therefore to come across a number of conferences organised by Salt and Light Ministries with rich audio files for listening. Speakers include Terry Virgo, Philippa Stroud, Bishop N T Wright, Dave Richards (a Salt and Light apostle) and of course father of Salt and Light Barney Coombs himself. One added bonus is that they have preserved the prophetic words given at these events. It gives a powerful insight into how God is moving among Salt and Light.

The European Leaders Conference 2005 - 24th to 27th February - (Terry Virgo and Philippa Stroud).

The European Leaders Conference 2006 - (N T Wright and David Shearman).

The 28:18 Summer Event at Ashburnham Place, East Sussex.

There are also a number of papers that are worth reading.

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