Saturday, May 06, 2006

WHAT a Prayer Meeting!!

Well we went hoping to meet God - and He didn't disappoint! I have never before attended a prayer meeting quite like it. There must have been about 300-400 people there and the average age seemed to be the mid-twenties. This was something that excited me beyond belief - that God is firing up my generation to pray.

The first two hours were dedicated to worship - and WHAT worship! Again, like Sunday, it was led by a young guy that I didn't know - but his sensitivity to the Spirit was evident. He wanted to lead us to the throne and he managed it so well. The first section of the worship was dedicated solely to crying out to God that He would pour out His Spirit. One particular prophetic word summed it up. The guy read from Ezekiel and this stood out to me: "Where the river is - there is life". He then went on to say: "Don't you feel like you're coming home when you find the river? Come and receive life says your God!". It did indeed feel like coming home. How easily it can be to get used to meetings, church, and life in general without the Presence of the Holy Spirit ... I never want to get used to it again.

Word and Spirit were most definately themes that were central. Alan Rose (one of the CCK elders) reminded us that: "The fuel of the Word of God must be ignited by the fire, the Spirit of God". This wasn't just talk - Alan encouraged us to get into groups and to pray and intercede for the Spirit to fall upon us as individuals too and it was evident that was happening all over the building. It was so great to sing a blast from the past song as a prayer to that intent:

"Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me. Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on me.
Fill me anew, fill me anew. Spirit of the Lord - fall afresh on me".

The praying was split into sections. 10pm-12pm was devoted to "Turning the Tide in the City". We prayed for the councillors of Brighton, the MP's of Brighton. Most movingly we prayed about the whole issue of abortion. The outstanding work that "Alternatives" do in counselling and helping women was prayed for. Then 12pm-2am was "Increasing the Light in the City". Praying for the prodigals to come home! Praying for the Alpha Courses.

At 2am there was further worship and if it was possible, the Presence of the Spirit was even more powerfully evident - until it was almost quite hard to breathe. Then there was quite a natural flow into praying for healing. There were many words of knowledge about various problems, and the response was amaazing. Finally the prayer meeting finished on a high note - Revival! A desire for more of the Spirit in the meetings of CCK. It was so great to see the sun rise at the dawn. As though God was speaking through nature itself! We would regularly pray together and it reminded me of Revelation 14:2: "the voices of many waters".

So What? ... A meeting is all very well but what is the point if it doesn't spill over into every day? I was deeply impressed with the spirit of prayer that is imbedded in CCK. They are a praying people and seem determined to "not let Him go until He blesses". I am convinced that prayer is absolutely essential to any move of God. We got home about 10am in the morning and I couldn't sleep from the excitement so I started reading Dr Yongi-Cho's book: "Prayer - the Key to Revival". Just the chapter headings hit me like a spiritual machine gun!

"Prayer produces power ... Prayer brings brokenness ... Prayer opens the door of the Holy Spirit ... Prayer brings the Holy Spirit's manifestations ... Prayer creates spiritual sensitivity ... Prayer brings health".

My prayer? God make me an intercessor!


Ollie said...

I was fascinated reading this. While I am sure Church of Christ, the King are not a perfect church it seems like they have got their foundations spot on - and they are hungry! I was listening to this song that I think is an old Stoneleigh song but I was really struck by the power of it.

"Be still and know that I am God,
I will be glorified and praised in all the earth,
For My great Name, I will be found
And I can never be resisted,
Never be undone.
I'm never lacking power to glorify My Son,
The gates of hell are falling and the church is coming forth,
My Name will be exalted in the earth.

Be still and know that I am God,
I have poured out My Holy Spirit like a flood,
The land that cries for holy rain,
Shall be inheriting her promises and dancing like a child,
A holy monsoon deluge shall bless the barren heights (!!!)
And those who sat in silence shall speak up and shall be heard,
My Name will be exalted in the earth.

Be still and know that I am God,
My Son has asked Me for the nations of the earth,
His sprinkled blood has made a way,
For all the multitudes of India and Africa to come,
The Middle East will find its peace through Jesus Christ My Son,
From London down to Cape Town,
From L A to Bejing - My Son shall reign the undisputed King!!".

Wow ... that gives me goosebumps!

Hey - Luke Wood is doing a series on the Attributes of God. Think you could do a series on the principles of Restoration??!

Baxter's Boy said...

That's amazing you quoted that song - I've had it playing all day today! I think it's great ... the truths are just awesome! "My Son shall reign the undisputed King!".

When we were sitting in one room in CCK, I noted a painting on the wall of a map of the world. Ut caught my attention because surrounding it were Scripture verses that were promises. One of which was: "Ask of Me and I will give the nations to You - the ends of the earth for Your inheritance!". I loved it. What a reminder.

I will think about your idea of a series on restoration ... promise ;)

Anonymous said...

Can I say how absolutely staggered I am to have read of your two travels to Brighton within this last week?

Do you realise that you travelled 1000 miles ... for a church!?!??!?!

That just blows my mind somewhat! Noone can accuse you, my young brother, of not having a heart for God's glorious Church.

May God bless you for your journeys! And may He use you to bring the blessing of Brighton back to your wilderness in Bristol - while you are still there.


Ollie said...

Yere thats a good point Dr B. But I remember reading something in one of R T Kendalls books where he urged his people to go to sunday meetings at Holy Trinity Brompton where the Toronto Blessing was breaking out - and not come to the Chapel - because he longed for them to go where the fire of God was.

What an attitude!! I cant think of many pastors who would do that these days!! But how true - what are miles when we KNOW that the Presence and fire of God is going to be somewhere?!

1000 miles?! It MUST be worth it and I bet dan would agree!